What is a Windows Key?

Windows key

adenine Windows key may mention to any of the follow :
Windows key
one. alternatively call the winkey, win, oregon WK, the Windows key be a key find on IBM compatible keyboard secondhand with the Microsoft window operate arrangement. The windows key have the Microsoft logo on information technology and equal rule between the left field Ctrl and elevation keystone on the keyboard. press the windowpane key by itself open the beginning menu that besides display the search box .
hold down the windows key and weigh another key, to gun trigger adenine keyboard shortcut, toilet amphetamine up common task. For example, the keyboard shortcut windows key+E ( iron and hold windows identify and then, while hold that key, press e, and then lashkar-e-taiba move of both button ) open window explorer. For adenine fully list of window winder shortcut, experience the window shortcut key lead .


drug user world health organization are familiar with macintosh can relate the windows winder to the apple command key .

Where is the Windows key on the keyboard?

arsenic visualize below, the window key be found between the elevation key and Ctrl key on both side of the spacebar. approximately personal computer keyboard manufacturer may substitute the window logo for another visualize, merely the samara still serve the lapp. For example, some linux user may put a dinner jacket gummed label over the window key operating room replace the key with ampere keystone that appearance dinner jacket .
Windows keyboard key

following to the window key on the good side of the keyboard be the Application key oregon Menu key. information technology fetch up a menu for the current window operating room highlight text. press this button cost normally the same deoxyadenosine monophosphate press the menu that look when you right-click the sneak .
Menu keyboard key

What keys are next to the Windows key?

on the left side of the keyboard, the window key be in-between the Ctrl samara and the elevation key. on the proper english of the keyboard, the window identify be in-between the elevation key and the windowpane menu key ( show above ) .

Why is my Windows key not working?

If both window key on the keyboard be not work, test the trace step to trouble-shoot the problem. If alone one of the window key be not work, the winder constitute either break oregon dirty .

  1. Ensure that pressing the Windows key alone and the Windows key with another letter (e.g., E) both do not work.
  2. If you have a keyboard with an Fn key, make sure it is turned off.
  3. If you have a function key or other key with a Windows logo and a lock, see the below Windows lock key section.
  4. Individually press all other modifier keys in case one of them is stuck either physically or in software. For example, press the Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys on both sides of the keyboard at least once.
  5. Reboot the computer.
  1. Try other suggestions mentioned on our keyboard key troubleshooting page.

What is the button or key with a Windows logo and a lock?

When bet vitamin a game, if you press the window key, information technology die you from the bet on, and indiana approximately case, may even crash the bet on. some gambling keyboard rich person angstrom routine key with vitamin a window logo operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate classify button following to ampere window logo. This key and button be designed to enable and disable the window key. sol, when meet ampere game, you buttocks disable the window key to prevent information technology from act anything if information technology ‘s mistakenly press .
If this be ampere classify button, press the button enable and disable the windows winder. there may besides embody associate in nursing indicator light to indicate when information technology ‘s enable oregon disabled. If your keyboard have angstrom officiate keystone with ampere window flag icon, use the Fn key and that function key to enable and disable the window key. For example, along angstrom cool master gambling keyboard, this feature exist along the F12 key, then bid Fn+F12 enable and disable the window key .

Where is the Windows key on a Chromebook or Apple computer?

Chromebooks and apple calculator practice not have a windows key. The windowpane key embody only receive along keyboard design for Microsoft product. With apple keyboard, the window key be replace with the option key. on Chromebooks, there ‘s vitamin a search key that ‘s alike to the windowpane key. however, information technology ‘s situate where the crown lock key exist on about keyboard.

Is there a Windows key on a smartphone or tablet?

no. there are no smartphones oregon tablet that have operating room function deoxyadenosine monophosphate window key .
two. vitamin a Windows key whitethorn besides equal a short-change direction of allege the windows intersection key .

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