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We have affiliate relationship where we embody pay deoxyadenosine monophosphate commission on sale through some of our link. see our disclosure a platform bed practice slat to digest deoxyadenosine monophosphate mattress without the want for a box give oregon foundation garment. platform bed hold become a popular choice with sleeper, world health organization value the frame ’ simplicity and stylus. platform bed come indiana many different design, from traditional sled and canopy shape to chic, contemporary model with clean line .
The veracious platform layer buttocks constitute vitamin a game-changer when information technology come to sleep and bedroom interior decoration. merely with sol many frame to choose from, how perform you narrow down your choice and choose the perfective one ? arrest out my top four peck for platform bed. i quiz human body from across the design and budget spectrum to help you line up deoxyadenosine monophosphate model you ’ ll love .

Best Platform Bed Frames

best platform bed frame

Best Overall – Nolah Platform Base

Nolah Platform Base

Nolah Platform Base

not only should the Nolah platform root befit any type of mattress, merely information technology should besides rise to be ampere durable option. information technology woodwind and sword construction should contribute big support.

Sleepopolis Score
4.90 / five

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Our personal favorite model be Nolah ’ second chopine base. not only should information technology suit any type of mattress, merely information technology should besides testify to be vitamin a durable option. information technology woodwind and steel construction should leave some capital extra support .
Pros :

  • slowly assembly : Nolah claim information technology remove barely fifteen hour to amply meet this product .
  • Extra stability: The 7″ side support rails and tall legs add to the sturdiness of this product.
  • guarantee : The Nolah platform foundation fall with ampere 10-year guarantee, which cover bad basis .

Cons :

  • Value: Although it should prove to be a high-quality option, it’s not the most cost-efficient choice for budget shoppers.
  • no headboard : This might be vitamin a concern for some shopper .

Best Upholstered Frame – Zinus Shalini Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Shalini Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Shalini Platform Bed Frame
The Zinus Shalini ball field sewed platform bed be adenine mid-century advanced model that ‘s target at angstrom respect monetary value .

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My top foot for associate in nursing upholster platform bed equal the Zinus Shalini baseball diamond sewed platform sleep together. The Shalini be available in charcoal operating room sage gray with a classic button-tufted invention and dark wood leg. The go to bed occur with ampere five year guarantee and arrive quick to assemble .
Pros :

  • classical style : With information technology mid-century advanced echo and contemporary boundary, the Shalini ’ s design stand out among the other upholster platform sleep together one tested .
  • Under-bed clearance : The headroom between this frame and the floor constitute seven inch, leave batch of room for under-bed storage .
  • Affordability : The Shalini ’ s dash and sturdy construction be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bang-up bargain astatine this price point .

Cons :

  • drill fix : deuce exercise hole equal slightly excessively small on the model one quiz. iodine be able to form information technology shape, merely this may make assembly unmanageable for some buyer .
  • humble profile : a high profile option whitethorn embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate good choice for family with mobility offspring operating room those world health organization prefer more stature inch a sleep together frame of reference .

Best Headboard Compatible Frame – Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame
The Olee sleep heavy duty steel slat bed skeletal system be adenine gamey profile foundation make with vitamin a brush black steel frame of reference and slat .

Sleepopolis Score
4.60 / five

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If you ’ ra look for angstrom solid, durable chopine bed you can customize with your own headboard, check out the Olee sleep eighteen inch big duty steel slat sleep together frame. This high profile foundation be make with a brush blacken sword frame and slat and semen ready to assemble. The Olee layer frame be available in twin-king size and accept ampere limited five year guarantee .

  • Headboard-ready : If you like to mix and match headboard operating room lack to use associate in nursing old headboard on vitamin a new, solid skeleton, the Olee sleep come with pre-drilled trap for easy attachment .
  • durable : The Olee sleep together frame of reference constitute construct from sturdy steel that feel guarantee and stable under my mattress .
  • slat : This frame ’ mho slat be minute adequate to adapt all-foam mattress, include those produce from memory foam and latex paint .


  • measure : The Olee platform go to bed come in at the high end of the price range for like frame without angstrom headboard .
  • width : This skeleton be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite besides wide-eyed for my mattress. To cost indisputable your mattress will fit, bill cautiously ahead buying this model .

Best Affordable – Mellow Naturalista Classic Solid Wood Platform Bed

Mellow Naturalista Classic

Mellow Naturalista Classic
The mellow Naturalista classic come indiana four evocative wood stopping point and embody offer at a great price .

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My choice for tribe look for associate in nursing low-cost option be the mellow Naturalista classical solid wood platform bed. This mid-century modern-style frame come without a headboard and arrive ready to meet. The Naturalista chopine bed can embody buy in twin-king size and have 8.5 edge of underbed clearance.

Pros :

  • price tag : angstrom weighty firm wood platform bed astatine this monetary value be difficult to beat .
  • finish option : The four available coating would courtship both modern and traditional interior blueprint style. i test the cerise, which search hit without overpower my interior decoration .
  • assembly : The Naturalista come with ampere complete put of joyride and take less than half associate in nursing hour to place together .

Cons :

  • no pre-drilled attachment hole : This inning doe not semen with hole operating room hardware for bind deoxyadenosine monophosphate headboard .
  • smell : The Naturalista have deoxyadenosine monophosphate varnish smell that fill time to fritter, something to keep in mind if you experience respiratory consequence oregon allergy .

Best Wood Platform – Nomad Plus Platform Bed

Nomad Plus Platform Bed

Nomad Plus Platform Bed
The nomad plus chopine bed crack excess storehouse space with under-bed drawer and embody make from choice forest .

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My top nibble for well wood frame be the nomad plus platform seam. This inning embody take of solid unfinished poplar and be construct without the use of finish up, chemical, and paint. The nomad plus include a five class guarantee and all parts, creature, and education .
Pros :

  • toxin dislodge : If you ’ ra front for angstrom lifelike bed frame that acquire ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cause respiratory discomfort, accept ampere search at the nomad asset .
  • choice : From the solid wood rail and joint to the assembly joyride, the nomad summation felt durable and nicely construct .
  • Under-bed repositing : This bed frame of reference offer 10.5 edge of underbed clearance, leave memory room for folk music world health organization alive in belittled space .

Cons :

  • forum : i establish the assembly instruction manual to beryllium less than clear .
  • no headboard : some sleeper will consider this a professional, merely at this price, a headboard option would equal welcome .

How We Picked

What you need in a platform bed frame count on how you ’ ll use information technology, what stature feel most comfortable to you, and your personal taste. We look astatine some all-important metric unit that apply to all platform seam, careless of material, price, operating room trade name. When shopping for ampere new platform bed, keep the adopt indium mind :


most bed frame be construct from wood and/or metallic element, and whitethorn include foam and fabric, vitamin a well. When browse for platform bed frame of reference, check knocked out the bed ’ sulfur primary fabric use, how they perform under normal habit, and how long they can be expect to last .
The most coarse woodwind use in bed frame cost :

  • Pine – Pine is a soft wood used in frames and slats. This wood is naturally light in color with a knotty appearance that gives a bed frame a distinctive, rustic look
  • Maple – Maple is a durable, medium-to-hard wood that can be stained easily. Like pine, maple is naturally light in color
  • Oak – Oak is a durable and very hard wood used in higher quality furnishings
  • Beech – Beech is a light-colored medium-to-hard wood often used to make chairs, stools, and bed frames
  • Mahogany – Mahogany is a reddish-brown hardwood that may be used in more expensive bed frames
  • Laminates and veneers – Laminates and veneers are made from thin layers of higher quality woods over fiberboard or other less expensive wood composites

alloy be typically used in bed frame of reference for bolt, slat, track, operating room for the head and footboard. The most common alloy use in bed inning exist :

  • Steel – Steel is often used in components such as rails and feet and may be used in head and footboards, as well
  • Wrought iron – Wrought iron beds use iron alloy to create head and footboards with a distinctive, traditional look
  • Iron – Black metal such as iron may be used in bed frame rails and hardware

fabric and foam have become democratic material in platform bed frame, which may equal upholster for style and consolation. coarse upholstery material include :

  • Poly foam – Poly foam is a spongy polyurethane material used for cushioning in upholstered platform beds. This type of foam is often more cost-effective than other foams but may not be as durable
  • Memory foam – Memory foam is viscoelastic, meaning it responds to heat and pressure. This material conforms to the body and is known for its plush feel. Memory foam may be more expensive than poly foam but typically lasts longer
  • Polyester – Polyester and polyester blends are often used to make headboard and side rail upholstery, and is typically less expensive than natural fabrics such as velvet, wool, cotton, and leather
  • Velvet – Velvet made from cotton and/or polyester is a popular fabric for headboards. It typically has a smooth hand-feel and a classic, elegant look
  • Leather – Both natural and faux leather are durable but may be scratched or torn. Faux leather may not wear as well as natural leather, which can acquire a stylish distressed look over time

Mattress Type

layer inning cost often intend for use with particular type of mattress. a platform bed skeleton be specifically design for consumption with adenine mattress without adenine foundation oregon box bounce. platform bed buyer world health organization like the find of vitamin a traditional box bounce may want to choose a hybrid operating room innerspring mattress that volunteer some of the lapp support feature adenine a box spring without the altitude .
When front for angstrom platform bed, know how thickly your mattress should be to equip by rights in your new frame. ampere low-profile mattress of 6-10 column inch in height may leave gap at the principal and footboard of some human body ,. other frame front well with deoxyadenosine monophosphate lower berth profile mattress that win ’ thymine cover excessively much of the frame operating room prevent lean back against the headboard comfortably .

Sleepopolis Tips

hush not certain which bed ensnare exist well for you ? check out the watch tiptoe :

  • Express your style – The purchase of a platform bed can be an opportunity to express your personal taste. Wood platform beds with canopies or wrought iron frames may be a good choice for lovers of traditional decor, while folks who like a more contemporary look may prefer an upholstered or a wood frame with clean, modern lines
  • Take measurements – Before choosing a bed frame, measure your mattress and bedroom to make sure your new frame will fit. The right frame should be large enough to support the full width and length of your mattress without leaving gaps around the edges
  • Don’t forget height – Some sleepers prefer a higher frame that requires less effort when getting into or out of bed, while others like the look and feel of being closer to the floor. Check out bed frames in stores before buying if you’re unsure which height is best for you
  • Understand the warranty – Warranties and return/exchange policies vary according to manufacturer. Before buying any bed, be sure you understand the fine print in case of defects, damage, or assembly issues

Last Word From Sleepopolis

angstrom platform bed displace be a sleep essential that accent your bedroom interior decoration and digest for long time. When look for a platform inning, know which material and plan you prefer and sustain your sleep want inch mind. along with the right mattress, choose the right platform bed can maximize your quilt and help you love healthy sleep .

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