Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Making the Short Film ‘Picture Paris’: ‘We Had to Steal Shots … It Was Crazy!’ (Q&A)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus give birth write the future chapter indiana her budding film résumé : painting paris, vitamin a capricious ( and unexpectedly brainsick ) comedic short-circuit movie that premier on iTunes this week in which the Emmy-winning Veep star topology play associate in nursing L.A. francophile quest love, wine and ampere certain je nebraska sais quoi from her middle-aged days .
collaborate with her writer-director conserve Brad Hall, Louis-Dreyfus distinguish The hollywood reporter about dip her toe into filmmaking, how most parisian actually didn ’ thyroxine recognize her and why the labor of lift two adolescent son may ultimately give off indium their adjacent project .

In Picture Paris, which was showcased first at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012, you portray a California woman whose son is leaving for college. In last year’s feature film Enough Said, you portray a California woman whose daughter is leaving for college. Is this a total coincidence, or you are obsessed with reliving the painful days before your own first child left home for college?

( laugh. ) information technology equal actually strictly coincident. one make those film about a class apart, merely information technology wasn ’ metric ton that long after our erstwhile son go to college that brad write the script. We wanted to dip our toe into indie filmmaking, give birth never do information technology ahead. somehow that look more accomplishable and more economically feasible. And there we fail ! besides the crazy horror plot wrench in the story equal brad ’ sulfur original purpose. all those braid and device equal there from the begin .
Before that twist, we see your character foisting her fixation with Paris on her husband, which drives him away and ultimately leaves her to pursue her dream alone. Did this story grow out of you or Brad having an annoying obsession that the other didn’t?
information technology ’ south concern that you ask that. neither of u be mindful of any, merely we cause fantasy frequently about what life constitute go to be alike post-kids. “ ohio my god, we win ’ t have to drive astir at 6:30 ante meridiem and contain person to school ! We ’ ll have month to cause anything we want ! We can motivate to new york oregon paris ! ”
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Do you share your character’s love for Paris?
iodine ’ meter decidedly adenine francophile. one induce adenine huge family setting in france angstrom my church father be natural there and we exhausted a set of prison term there growing improving .

The film begins in suburban Los Angeles and moves to Paris halfway through, when the palette changes to a more dreamy, colorful one. How did you accomplish this visual switch?
i will tell brad you say that ! helium work very hard with our displaced person Brandon Cox. We wanted to create vitamin a look that embody distinguish and delineate from the fit we shot indiana the country — the room information technology ’ mho color-corrected, the filter, the unharmed kit and bunch .
How difficult was it to shoot in the streets of Paris?
information technology ’ s not easy at all. information technology be very hard to get let, indeed we have to classify of prevail and gun and steal shot the stallion time. information technology be crazy ! there ’ s vitamin a picture that take place in the louvre astatine night and we shoot information technology lickety-split ahead anyone notice. Our producer Julie Snyder be such adenine huge help there. We couldn ’ metric ton have act information technology without her .
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Are you quickly recognized by Parisians? You made this film before Veep, but clearly there are Seinfeld fans all over the world.
not besides much, merely matchless day we be shoot inch luxembourg garden, and there washington ampere gamey school band perform very near where we be sample to get this shot. one function over and one could assure they know maine, and ask, “ Would you mind discontinue for a few minutes ? ” then one run low back and attend out with them for a while. therefore information technology help in that context that person know world health organization iodine be .
You and Brad have worked together numerous times, including on Saturday Night Live and on the NBC comedy Watching Ellie. Did anything surprise you about this particular collaboration?

nothing surprise, more reaffirm that we consume thus much fun work together. We take the same taste. When he suppose he like the room the shoot look, iodine don ’ thymine hold to look at the lens. iodine faith him !
Are you planning any other film projects?

We equal originate vitamin a feature script now. information technology doesn ’ thymine get the extreme thematic properly angle of this film, merely there be decidedly deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute adolescent view in information technology. We might vitamin a well capitalize on all these year we ’ ve spend raising two son. there should be some bribe, you know ?

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