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– Unique and wonderful –
PicturePeople has been voted the most family-friendly photo studio. Family is always in the center of our attention and you can see that in our specially train photographers, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as in the fantastic neonate pictures that are taken every day in our photograph studios. We take a draw of meter for every newborn shoot to be able to make you and your baby feel particularly comfortable. We try everything to amply capture this unique moment and make the photograph shoot a real experience for you and your baby.

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Perfect: The ideal shooting for babies up to the 12th week after birth.

Our team of photographers is particularly trained for baby and neonate photography, so that you can take not only take home fantastic pictures at the end of the photograph fritter but besides memories that will survive a life.
Peace and prison term are the most important things during a pamper or newborn photograph shoot, that ‘s why we only offer 45 or 60 minute versions of the newborn film. Our years of experience in baby photography have shown that the extra time is needed to ensure a loosen shoot experience while besides allowing adequate clock for diaper changes or breastfeeding breaks.
In each photograph studio apartment, we have cute accessories such as cuddlesome blankets, warm fur or petals for neonate photograph shoots. Of course, we pay close attention to hygiene rules to ensure a safe space for you and your baby. extra accessories such as cuddlesome toys, a cuddle blanket or name tags are constantly welcome and you are welcome to bring them to the photograph shoot – we constantly make certain to incorporate your wishes and ideas into the photograph fritter.
once your baby is older than three months, we recommend our exciting baby photograph shoot with great accessories like confetti or the democratic cake crush .

Always near you

You can find our photograph studios in all major cities in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, for model in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg or Frankfurt. We work with the latest digital photograph and print engineering.
To guarantee your privacy and comfort, all our studios have break rooms.
We offer you a very especial experience in the Ruhr area and in Cologne – PicturePeople Baby, the unique photograph studio concept specially for the photography of newborns and babies.

The ideal gift for moms and dads

You are not just giving away a simpleton photograph shoot, but a unique experience that captures the beginning months of a baby ‘s liveliness everlastingly. With a PicturePeople give security you will put a smile on everyone ‘s boldness, whether as a giving for parturition, Christmas or a particular day in your life.

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