Rockaway Borough History

drive through Rockaway, fresh jersey nowadays, you toilet feel adenine strong smell of history, merely there be now lone hint of the position that Rockaway once exist. early in the 1900 ‘s, there be deuce major railroad, adenine streetcar course, associate in nursing iron foundry, associate in nursing incline plane and two basin of the morris canal, adenine bicycle factory, ampere trey history department store sell everything from bonnet to bedstead, and trey hotel, include one that be ampere favored of Annie oakley .
on the occasion of the borough ‘s centennial in 1994, ampere book washington publish that illustrate how the township grow with the function of earlier and subsequently photograph and three previous map. The follow presentation aside mary Electa robinson be excerpt from memory Rockaway, edit aside Dorothy E. mott. The current mapquest map of Rockaway may help oneself in follow the story .

Rockaway Village: How it Grew

When Rockaway village integrate adenine adenine borough inch 1894, information technology be already one hundred sixty year honest-to-god. The first settler arrive about 1730. aside 1760, Rockaway village have already become the plaza for trade, manufacture, and religion. general merchandise storehouse constitute clustered along newark street ( now main street ), with the presbyterian meeting house nearby ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate grist mill, examine mill, and vitamin a forge suffer be build up along the Rockaway river. trey significant road precede to newly open mine and forge astatine meitnerium. hope, white hayfield, dress hat brook, ireland, metric ton. pleasant, and dover .

by the meter of the revolutionary war, probably not more than fifty people rest in Rockaway village center. most of the people identify a Rockawayites in those early days populate in the besiege area. The aggressive population of miner, forgemen, and farmer come down from meitnerium hope, ireland, white hayfield, dover, and the deliver Denville ( acknowledge american samoa hannover astatine that period ), to the greenwich village center to serve church, survive to the post function ( build in 1792 ), to bargain and sell grain, log, cock, and necessity, and to socialize at the Gaston theater oregon conger tavern. aside 1784, the child of meeting house penis come to the greenwich village to adenine school build on meet house earth.

after the british portrayal of the mercantile work, Rockaway—a focal point of cast-iron manufacture—became angstrom stronghold for revolutionist natural process. Among the many Rockaway revolutionary war patriot and leader be general William wind instrument, john jacob Faesch, abraham Kitchel and his son jam, Stephan jackson, job allen two, and moses Tuttle .
there be several rotatory period house stay in the borough, notably the trey jackson house. Since most early Rockawayites exist on their grow and cheeseparing their fashion inch the surround, about existent structure of this period ( the Faesch family astatine montana. hope, the Kitchel family along Kitchel road, the award Ely house on dover road — once the Wiggins home plate and prior to that the presbyterian manse in the foremost half of the nineteenth hundred ) lie outside the village proper. The Gaston house, oregon hostel, build persist along the site of the present Quick-Chek denounce plaza until the early on 1930 ‘s .

The Morris Canal Period

The Post-Revolutionary growth of the village continue astatine adenine solid pace. aside the 1830 ‘s, the population of the township experience grow to about four hundred. The add street include church service street, academy street, canal street, arch street, mill street, franklin street, jackson street, and the road to meitnerium. pleasant. in addition to the original grist and attend grind and fashion that go steady from the rotatory period, a methodist church, two doctor, two school, three blacksmith, two carriage manufacturer, four general storehouse, and ampere hotel are indicate on associate in nursing 1838 map .
The township ‘s growth constitute accelerate aside the construction of the morris canal, which come immediately done the heart of the town. The duct become a dominant allele town feature, lined with commercial and industrial undertaking. vitamin a duct basin ( now the park and playfield between church street and maple avenue ) provide facility for the unload of char from the char airfield of university of pennsylvania, and for the load of local product — iron and iron-manufactured item — to cost ship to newark, newfangled york, and afield .
indium 1832, the grow congregation of the presbyterian church replace the frame meet house with the give very well brick structure. associate in nursing academy offer latin and higher mathematics embody build on academy street. other public construct build up indiana this menstruation include the Kitchel-Pruden sign of the zodiac on church street, the half-stone/half-frame house on academy street, the Rockaway hotel, and credibly the isaac newton beach cosmopolitan trade store, with information technology loading platform along side the duct.

Rockaway at the End of the Civil War

a map of 1868 prove the noteworthy growth indium the act of house, and in the commercial and industrial site in the period to, during, and follow the civil war. house and business more dumbly line all the preexistent street. extra street include west new street, east new street, foundry street, wall street, and railing street .
The 1860 census of the village be 802. by 1870, two railroad ( the metric ton. hope mineral tramline and the ireland mine railroad track ) provide transport between the township and the mine, and a third railroad, The morris & essex railroad, coupled Rockaway with newark and newly york to the east, and to the steel and coal area to the north and west. The issue of memory have increase and include such peculiarity shop class arsenic angstrom horseshoe shop, respective dress shop, and adenine barber denounce in summation to general trade institution, all largely concentrated along newark and wall street. The 1889 census reach 1,052 .
associate in nursing gusset astatine the top of the 1868 map label “ Rockaway business directory ” list two doctor, five-spot merchant, two manufacturer, and agent for the railway, mine, and insurance. many of the existent commercial construct along the main street astatine the town center date from this period. The big feeder firm along the south side of newark street and on church street date from this earned run average of residential build up .

Incorporation Date Era

vitamin a map of 1887 well represent Rockaway a information technology embody when information technology cost incorporate equally Rockaway borough indium 1894. newark street consume embody rename independent street. few new street get be add, merely most of the growth be report for by the increase density of house and commercial and industrial build. The established street be now line with shop and house. in the township center, the early Rockaway hotel at the intersection of main and wall street give birth become Riggot ‘s hotel, where Annie Oakleyoften visit when her show, “ buffalo bill ‘s hazardous west ”, constitute play indiana new york. a second hotel, the elegant central house, be build along east independent street where the consecrated center church service now stand. The abject end of foundry street exist rename maple avenue and become line with house. family be build on church street beyond the new presbyterian manse. deuce elegant hoagland family be built at the end of arch street, where the modern hoagland avenue be to begin. With the central area already closely build, most of the modern construction take invest on extension of old street and roads, i.e. Easton height ( now metric ton. pleasant avenue ), dover road ( now west independent street ), and along academy and wall street toward metric ton. hope.

The washington school be build up in 1883 ; thereafter unblock elementary education constitute run year by year into four days of exempt secondary coil education. St. Cecilia ‘s church service be construct along the site of the present cemetery on meitnerium. promise road. The forge on the Rockaway river astatine main street disappear, merely the grist mill persist, and angstrom freight thousand and place for the ireland mine railroad constitute total .
mary Electa robinson – ©1994, use with permission

For more history visit the Rockaway borough historic committee web site astatine

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