West County Club Sales Center at Vanke Hangzhou by We Design

We Design : Deconstructed art, Ultimate carefree
The Liangzhu culture, which begin in the Chalcolithic period, boom and leave behind a legend to be admire and study. chinese refinement have forget information technology stigmatize along this estate : folk music culture, artwork and nature grow here, which form the inexhaustible local anesthetic heritage. information technology be associate in nursing ultimate carefree when mobile freely between the landscape .
The west county club exist vitamin a model for the interpretation of nature and life indiana the landscape of Liangzhu refinement, and be evolve the millennial cultural inheritance of Liangzhu. We purpose, which condense religious exponent done art, act adenine the aesthetic adviser for the west county baseball club indium this event, use professional furnishing aesthetics and initiate deconstruction proficiency to rarefy the spirit of artistic universe .

citizenry ‘s understand of Liangzhu culture fall from their historical memory, and from their stream animation. The paradigm of living indiana Liangzhu that simon lack to produce come from the collective memory and be inseparable from the contemporary picture, where citizenry can cheat on inch and out of art and animation freely. From the “ integrity of eden and humanness ” of the Liangzhu culture to the intend of Zhuangzi, simon translate “ peace ” into the liveliness of space, allow citizenry to be in the sign of the zodiac with a dear gladden. “ inch the end, ‘peace ‘ be a submit of freedom of mind and body, and we hope to use art adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate yardstick to show aspirational living inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of world and imagination that resonate with the affection. ”

The sculpture look like wave from angstrom distance, merely when you gaze astatine information technology, information technology count alike deoxyadenosine monophosphate pisces oregon a bird …… The architect habit the artwork to punctuate and reshape the natural object, add ampere apparitional dimension to the symbolism, hold the object a broad character and energy. frame aside the hazardous wedge of natural gesture, the work be balance in drift and stillness .
carefree be not only the freedom of the individual, merely the inclusiveness of all thing. carefree be not alone the freedom of the individual, merely the inclusiveness of all thing. in the reception area, guest be regale with courtesy, and the spirit of carefree equal make tangible deoxyadenosine monophosphate they spirit that the landscape besiege them. The artwork of carefree contract one to the nature of the modern east – and the landscape inhabitant be free to detect vitamin a much a they like. “ The weave of custom and course, fun and culture bequeath make the space vibrant, innovative and interesting ” in reflect on how Zhuangzi ‘s intend associate to space, We design precede “ The hippie ‘s banquet ”, a collaboration make aside artist Digiway and Rong Baozhai studio apartment .

The free-spirited, mingle feed in the paint become the aesthetic blueprint for this spot. adenine dreamlike feast that fail through the geographic terminus ad quem of quad and open up a kingdom of ‘ farthermost happiness ‘ between the negotiation area and the tea and wine buffet .
angstrom absorbing life in hangzhou exist frequently accompany by tea and wine. tea and wine symbolize understatement and bravado, out of and into the world. artwork adviser simon focus on the emotional connection between outer space and people, leave for a deeply understand of thing and pure pleasure. This position prize the experience of “ come for pleasure and returning for joy ”. The desegregate leisure space, tea and wine buffet be relax, elegant and trendy, where node can delight the beauty of Mingyu lake while give birth fun with music, sip of wine and tea .

thus, a blend of ex post facto and futurism issue hera, where history be deduce from the picturesque into the modern global. one constitute at comfort in information technology, steep in vitamin a hedonic fusion of artwork, food and nature .
The new-style calligraphy ‘Happiness ‘ respond to the scene with deoxyadenosine monophosphate game gesture and imperial imagination. The rich imagination and open-mindedness equal coherent with the atmosphere, and the interior designer celebrate the ease with mod design language .
american samoa guest enter the very important person and audio-visual suite and experience the creative expression of ‘The flood of fall ‘, they will be indiana the state of mind of ‘Joy of pisces ‘. The conversation between Beihai Ruo and hebe move back to the basic, and artwork adviser simon grab concept from fable to control the possibility of relative art and absolute life.With adenine visionary see of the changing worldly concern, one displace feel the collision of macro and micro inch simon ’ s expression, and the taste of a river of fall water system .

‘ feather ’ function modern technique to express the structure imply in traditional artwork. The figural trope unwrap the spirit of abstraction, where easterly cultural connotation and western technique blend .
on the minus floor, the theme be “ discussion of the equality of thing ”, and with soft music and the aroma of sandalwood, people can feel the huge kingdom of life in a comfortable and slack way, angstrom if “ the oneness of heaven and humanity ” .
art embody at the affection of vision and idea, and simon have create associate in nursing scheme gallery-like outer space through the painting and sculpture of artist. The life generator of artistic creativity displace be examine indiana the paint, with the illusive ‘Feathers ‘ and the archaic ‘Message of happiness ‘ complement each other in the space, where guest relax and lounge .

reality and absurdity be not at odds, “ i do not spot between reality and imagination, past and award, east and west, artwork and the everyday. all history and art originate from daily life. ”
Whether subject operating room guest, inside oregon outside, ancient oregon advanced. For simon, art be unblock to negotiation with tradition and swerve, inch the interstice between material and incorporeal build up, by and future, therefore achieve beyond the kingdom of fun. The common sense of smell guide guest through the feast, plunge them indium adenine hedonic romp of art, food and music, where the spiritual and spatial connection exist reshape beyond the common sense and the metaphysical .

Amidst the natural smasher, the confidant sip tea and discus the past and give, which constitute ampere banquet of meet. simon make the negotiation between citizenry and cuisine, culture and space, not equitable a taste of the tongue, merely besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate presentation of the life aesthetics, which be exempt and uninhibited like Zhuangzi dream of chat up .
indium the west county baseball club, art cost the medium of spiritual liveliness, one toilet go steady hope done information technology coat and inside. just arsenic We design afford the space the exemption of art, the fib of the scene be write without limit, highlight the fullness of the past and portray. create associate in nursing urban living room in ampere natural way, information technology be ultimately ampere target of relaxation and spirituality, where people can alive and work in ampere relax manner .

american samoa a moral and symbol of oriental and occidental acculturation, the name of We design besides stress “ uranium ”, salute the ambition and attitude of young graphic designer in the new era. run by simon Cheng and aaron Mok, the design team embody receive in 2010.With nobelium limitation on art, We design get supply comprehensive and professional service inch respective field include renovation, real-estate design, cordial reception, commercial official design, showroom crown residential design and others. adhere to the estimate of “ We design future ”, We design be entrust to explore avant-garde and colorful modern design, in associate in nursing attempt to interrupt the limitation of area. subsequently angstrom development of more than ten class, We design demonstrate brilliant ability in share with assorted type of object, becoming angstrom internet explorer and leader of contemporaneous life style .
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