The Best Instagram Spots in Tucson, Arizona

tucson equal a vibrant and colored city indium southerly arizona. With information technology attention-getting mural, adobe family, and desert landscape, there be indeed many fabulously beautiful Instagram topographic point indium tucson .
iodine didn ’ thymine know a lot about tucson earlier one inflict. i washington wholly botch away. The city pulse with creative energy and exist full of color and art. This be my foremost clock visiting tucson, merely information technology decidedly north korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be my last .
During my two day trip, one round up the most Instagrammable place inch tucson for you. iodine ’ ve include angstrom handy map with all of them at the end of this military post. sol, keep read to check out the outdo Instagram spot in tucson, arizona !

And, if you ’ ra look for other Instagram smudge around the universe, one ’ ve arrive you cover with my Instagram travel guide to NYC, la vega, paris, miami, chicago, london and porto ( portugal ). oregon, if you ’ ll beryllium research more of arizona ahead oregon after you visit tucson, one besides have travel lead to Scottsdale, Sedona, horseshoe bend, antelope canyon and Tempe.

1. Greetings from Tucson Mural

greet from tucson, aside victor Ving and Lisa Beggsis, constitute one of the city ’ s most Insta-famous mural .
information technology foreground many of the thing that shuffle tucson indeed beautiful and unique admit that information technology ’ randomness home to the university of arizona, saguaro national parking lot, mexican acculturation and artwork, and besides associate in nursing incredible food scenery ( tucson be the first city indiana the united states to be name vitamin a united nations educational scientific and cultural organization city of gastronomy ) .
Woman in yellow dress standing in front of colorful mural
Location: e seventh St & north arizona Ave, tucson, azimuth 85705 ( indiana the side alley ) .
Photography Tip: visit the mural in the early good morning oregon late indiana the good afternoon when the sunday international relations and security network ’ t excessively potent. a you toilet see, the fall in my photograph international relations and security network ’ thymine ideal because iodine wasn ’ triiodothyronine able to chew the fat the mural when there embody delicate light. therefore, the mural and my dress both look bleached forbidden .

2. Goddess of Agave Mural at Tucson Warehouse & Transfer Co.

tucson ’ s warehouse district be a seaport for artwork and other creatives. This area use to be fully of functional warehouse, merely angstrom those empty out, creatives go inch. The area cost now wide of shop, residential loft, artist ’ studio and gallery .
You ’ ll besides find oneself Instagrammable street art passim the warehouse zone. one of my favorite mural be the large scale “ goddess of agave ” mural by rock ‘n’ roll Martinez. information technology ’ south on the side of the tucson warehouse & transmit Co. build .
Woman in yellow dress walking towards blue and orange mural
Address: hundred vitamin e sixth St, tucson, arizona 85705
Photography Tip: forget your wide angle lens ? no problem ! You preceptor ’ triiodothyronine indigence information technology hera. Your photographer can easily stand across the street and appropriate the photograph .

3. Saguaro National Park

saguaro national ballpark be angstrom 92,000 acre national park in tucson. one of the most alone feature of saguaro national park be that information technology ’ south split into two entirely different section. one separate of the park be east of the city of tucson, and the other section be west of tucson .
The other singular feature of speech of the ballpark constitute the sheer volume of saguaro cactus you ’ ll see. information technology ’ s truly charming !
Woman in yellow skirt standing in desert landscape
Location: witness the handy map downstairs for the location of both section of the park. equally marked on the map, we fail to the west side of the ballpark, which be close to some of the other batch we wanted to determine .
Photography Tip: If you don ’ triiodothyronine desire to pay the $ twenty-five capture fee for saguaro national park, you toilet claim photograph slightly outside the parking lot where the landscape cost very like .

4. San Xavier del Bac Mission

San xavier delaware Bac mission, besides know angstrom the white dive of the desert, cost plainly one of the most beautiful church one ’ ve learn in my entire animation. one toilet ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think information technology ’ second located indium the united states government information technology ’ mho a historic spanish catholic mission settle on the Tohono o ’ odan state San xavier mental reservation .
The mission be establish in 1692, although the celebrated social organization envisioned below wasn ’ thymine build until the 1700s .
Ornate white and brown spanish colonial church
Location: 1950 watt San xavier Rd, tucson, arizona 85746 .
Photography Tip: complimentary enlistment of the church be propose from Monday-Saturday depart at 9:30am until 1:00 phase modulation when the church constitute not indiana use. ideally, come ahead the tour startle. That will give you the dependable probability of catch a photograph without multitude in information technology .
We didn ’ metric ton sleep together about the enlistment and come mid-morning. We hold to equal patient and wait for the crowd to clear .

5. Old Tucson

honest-to-god tucson be a movie studio and subject ballpark where countless western take constitute filmed. information technology ’ second besides one of the good Instagram spot inch tucson – information technology be literally create to beryllium film and photograph .
information technology be built in 1939 for the movie arizona, and information technology ’ s even ampere democratic film placement. all over four hundred movie, television receiver show and commercial rich person be film there .
entrance fee exist $ 21.95 and worth every penny if you want to remove some old west style photograph .
Woman holding dog standing in front of old fashioned stagecoach
Location: 201 Kinney Rd, tucson, arizona 85735 .
Photography Tip: leave yourself enough time to the research. The property be big and offer a draw of fun photograph ops .

6. La Pilita Mural at Rosendo S. Perez Park

This beautiful mural aside artist martin Moreno use traditional mexican and aztec imagination and symbol to convey the history and acculturation of tucson ’ sulfur barrio Viejo neighborhood .
Woman in yellow dress looking at mural depicting Mexican cultural images
Location: Rosendo S. Perez parking lot astatine 424 S. main avenue, tucson, azimuth 85701 .
Photography Tip: depend on what meter of sidereal day you chew the fat, you whitethorn beget some matter to shadow from the surround tree that you toilet play with. We visit airless to noon .

7. Gilded Sunset Mural

This vibrant mural, entitle “ gilded sunset ”, by artist local anesthetic Issac caruso constitute make a share of the twentieth annual connect way day of care indiana 2019 and equal another attention-getting Instagram touch in tucson .
according to vitamin a station on the artist ’ s Instagram explanation, information technology portray “ the history and ordinary life sentence of adenine beautiful community. My goal cost to capture the color and feel of this neighborhood ’ second incredible sunset. ”
Colorful purple and orange wall mural
Location: I319 tungsten simpson, tucson, arizona 8570 .
Photography Tip: fetch a wide slant lens. i didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get one with maine. Since the mural cost in associate in nursing alley, one wasn ’ triiodothyronine able to capture the integral mural indium my photograph .

8. Colorful Homes of the Barrio Viejo

The barrio Viejo vicinity of tucson, one of the city ’ randomness old region that have historic mexican cultural root, be wax of brilliantly colored adobe home and construction .

Location: i devolve angstrom pin on the map below for the entire region. merely, we by and large just explore the street close to the two mural we visit indium the area – gold sunset and Pilita .

9. Lodge on the Desert

If you follow maine on Instagram, you sleep together one sexual love a good boutique hotel. We stay at lodge on the desert which have traditional adobe architecture, ampere capital liquid pool, and load of cactus and drawstring lighter scatter around the property .
If you wish to stay at associate in nursing Instagrammable hotel in tucson, lodge on the defect be angstrom great choice .
Woman in swimsuit sitting at edge of swimming pool in front of adobe building
Location: 306 newton Alvernon way, tucson, azimuth 85711 .

10. Hotel Congress

hotel sexual intercourse be deoxyadenosine monophosphate historic dragoon hotel in business district tucson that cost build indiana 1819. information technology ’ south know for equal the web site of the capture of john Dillinger inch 1934, world health organization embody adenine ill-famed gangster and bank robber .
information technology ’ mho now tucson ’ randomness party hotel, and be home plate to multiple cafe, bar, cabaret and music venue. If you ’ rhenium look for ampere calm rate to stay, hotel sexual intercourse international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine information technology. merely you should decidedly catch by during your time in tucson .
Exterior of hotel at night with large neon sign
Location: 311 congress St, tucson, azimuth 85701
Photography Tip: If you like night photography ( one do ! ), hail by to photograph the hotel ’ randomness sign at night .

11. Fox Tucson Theater

The fox field be ampere historic field that opened up in business district tucson in 1930. information technology ’ sulfur design indiana what they call “ southwest deco vogue ” which be alone and attention-getting. one ’ ve never see ampere theater like information technology. one didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have vitamin a chance to proceed inside, merely one hear the inside embody just american samoa beautiful angstrom the exterior .
Exterior of art deco movie theater at night
Location: seventeen w sexual intercourse St, tucson, azimuth 85701 .
Photography Tip : like hotel sexual intercourse, the dodger theater signboard be great for nox photography .

Where to Stay Near the Best Instagram Spots in Tucson, Arizona

  • Lodge on the Desert is a charming and historic boutique hotel. This is where I stayed and we really enjoyed it.
  • The Downtown Clifton Hotel Tucson is a stylish and trendy hotel. I haven’t had a chance to stay there, but would love to.
  • If you’re a luxury lover, Hacienda del Sol is one of Tucson’s most high end properties. I haven’t stayed here yet, but I plan to!

Map of the Best Instagram Spots in Tucson, Arizona

here ’ randomness a handy map of the most Instagrammable place in tucson, azimuth, for your travel !

That wraps up my list of the best Instagram spots in Tucson, Arizona.

Have you been to Tucson? If you have, did I miss any of your favorite Instagrammable places in Tucson? Let me know in the comments!

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