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Standard Postcard Size UK

Standard Postcard Size USA

picture postcards have been in universe since the 1800s, however the overall appearance and size of a postcard has hardly changed in that time. Postcards are still identical popular in the UK and USA and to this day the size of a standard postcard is distillery based upon the original 6 edge ten 4 edge format .

Postcard Size UK & Europe

The standard postcard size in the UK is 148mm ten 105mm ( 14.8 centimeter x 10.5cm ) which is the equivalent of A6. The postcard size in inches is 5.8 inches x 4.2 inches .
This is the size of a postcard typically found in seaside vacation resorts and sent home to syndicate and friends. This is the standard postcard size in other european countries besides. Some retail outlets besides sell large postcards measuring 210mm x 148mm which is the equivalent of A5 .
When it comes to posting, Royal Mail advise that a stamp for a postcard costs the same as a letter. This means that Royal Mail will mail postcards with dimensions up to 240mm x 165mm and a thickness of no more than 5mm. The weight of the postcard should not exceed 100g. Standard postcards of 148mm x 105mm easily fall into this class as practice large postcards up to A5 size ( 210mm ten 148mm ) .
The monetary value of mailing a postcard in the UK is presently 76p for 1st Class mail and 65p for second class mail ( as of October 2020. ) If you ’ ra looking for more information on the cost of a postcard stamp, you can read our article on postcard postage rates .
Postcard Size UK

Postcard Size USA

The standard postcard size in the US is 5.8 ten 4.2 inches, which is the equivalent of A6 and is broadly based on the traditional 6 column inch ten 4 edge standard postcard format. The postcard size in centimetres 14.8 x 10.5 curium .
The traditional postcard comprises of a century-old postcard template of a photograph on the front and a message and address on the back. The first postcards went on sale in the US in 1873, as a promptly and low-cost way to communicate, and they remain that way until this day.

Postcards are mailed in the US for angstrom little vitamin a 35c angstrom retentive as the postcard meets certain size and weight criteria as set out by USPS. The minimum and utmost dimensions of a postcard are defined as 5 inches ten 3-1/2 inches to 6 inches ten 4-1/4 inches. In addition, a postcard must be between 0.007 edge – 0.016 edge thick .
Postcard Size US

Standard Postcard Dimensions

The table below sets out dimensions of a standard postcard .
Standard Postcard Dimensions

Postcard Apps

The mental picture postcard possibly an age-old custom, however it is a custom which has evolved with the holocene insertion of postcard apps which let users turn digital photos into real number print postcards .
With the PostSnap ’ s postcard apps and on-line postcard maker you can turn your own photograph into postcards. PostSnap ’ second apps are easy to use and available on Android and io. PostSnap will print and mail 6 edge ten 4 column inch post cards worldwide from precisely £2.49 or $ 2.75 including postage .

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