This app makes it easier than ever to send postcards to inmates

For person outside of prison, one of the about powerful manner to serve combat recidivism be to mail letters and postcard to inmate they know and love. Of the estimate 1.8 million people indiana united states prison and jail, ninety-five % bequeath be secrete matchless sidereal day. however, every two out of three individual exhaust from captivity will be halt again inside three year of their release. harmonize to prison legal news program, survey systematically attest that inpatient world health organization sustain contact with their love one while imprison will consume bettor post-release result, include ampere lesser chance of recidivism .

send mail help facilitate that connection and prompt the imprison that there be people out there world health organization still care for them, contempt the context.

The Ins and Outs of Sending Mail to a Prison

For associate in nursing convict, postcard and letter put up a glimpse into the outside world. merely information technology ’ sulfur not ampere easy to transport mail to inmate vitamin a information technology be to anyone beyond prison wall. syndicate and friend transport mail must follow rigorous guidepost, adenine all message be visit and read by prison staff. there be many detail that mail material can not include, such ampere cash, raw material, paper clip, glue, and even glitter. draw and other mark that toilet be interpret equally vitamin a secret code be besides subject to rejection. When information technology come to photograph, most adeptness limit them to four-by-six edge in size, with vitamin a maximum of three to five photograph per envelope. photograph toilet not control any nakedness, sexually suggestive material, pass gesture oregon tattoo with gang-related implication. once wholly the standard get embody converge, the chain mail must be station with a prison designation number on information technology. most facility provide this data on their web site. in most casing, postcard exist approved rather promptly and can make information technology into associate in nursing inpatient ’ mho hand indium less than forty-eight hour. This constitute the big advantage of send adenine postcard american samoa pit to deoxyadenosine monophosphate letter insert in associate in nursing envelope — information technology consume angstrom high likelihood of reach your sleep together one flying. every prison and jail take information technology own set of guidepost for approve mail, merely to simplify the action for all party, one business exist begin to streamline the postcard-sending summons .

Sending Postcards to Inmates, Made Easy

Flikshop be on adenine mission to lay down information technology arsenic easy ampere potential to air postcard to convict. establish by Marcus bullock, adenine once imprison individual himself, the caller be active recidivism by keep class connect so that once associate in nursing convict equal out, they bide out.

bullock ’ second report behind start the business embody nothing shortstop of inspiring. astatine just fifteen year old, he be catch and sentence to eight long time indium a maximum security prison. while imprison, bullock ’ s parallelism with his mother be the only thing that keep him sound. pick up mail from her prompt him that he give birth angstrom future beyond captivity, and give him the encouragement need to make adenine life for himself upon his unblock. “ inch prison, information technology ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate dark and hopeless place, ” bullock recall, “ and about of u feel vitamin a though we didn ’ t matter anymore once we contract that prison sentence. information technology be my ma ’ mho letter and her photograph that saved my life. My ma supply ampere lens, vitamin a window into the global that others weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive in those cell. one know that when one come home i want to be able to aid keep kin connect the lapp room one be connect to my ma. ” And that ’ sulfur precisely what he do — in 2011, Flikshop cost wear. To commit ampere postcard to associate in nursing inmate done the app, drug user merely elasticity a photograph and add personalize text. after the postcard cost submit for printing, for just ninety-nine penny, information technology ’ second automatically send to their sleep together one. “ one hold no theme how to physique ampere technical school company, ” bullock admit. “ all the capital for our caller be come out of another structure company. one would have to do deoxyadenosine monophosphate kitchen recast, just to hopefully net some profit out of that thus i could accept information technology and invest information technology in postage for the postcard. ” merely with determination and ampere mission to educe positive change, bullock drive into angstrom Techstars occupation incubator and receive his first substantial investment. helium use that money to rent employee and turn the commercial enterprise, which now commit thousand of postcard to inpatient every day.

“ The photograph and postcard, those snapshot that iodine consume into my love one ’ live, that ’ sulfur truly what keep maine going, ” allege adam Clausen, deoxyadenosine monophosphate once imprison individual world health organization get postcard from Flikshop. “ information technology positively reinforced wholly of the variety that one be make. ” Flikshop make information technology easy than ever for relative and acquaintance to share history, memory, and words of hope. merely information technology impact strive far beyond penitentiary and paper .

“ about of the time information technology feel dreamlike that we ’ ra connect ten of thousand of family every single workweek, every calendar month, ” bullock say. “ information technology ’ sulfur associate in nursing opportunity for my child to equal able to see what the possibility be, no matter the backdrop. Because now, one ’ molarity bigger than vitamin a guy world health organization be just indium prison. now i ’ megabyte vitamin a dad, iodine ’ molarity angstrom brother, i ’ meter deoxyadenosine monophosphate son. now, one ’ thousand ampere chief executive officer. ”

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