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How to make a simple photo memory quilt

one have be try on to make quilt for my niece ( and nephew when they get old enough ) when they graduate from high educate and head off to college. one wish the mind of angstrom quilt with photograph of their family back home on information technology, to keep them warm if they get homesick while away.

after make the previous quilt, one decide one should simplify the pattern vitamin a bit. This one be identical bare, make up of wholly 9″ square of fabric .
i pick the fabric establish on the color of my niece ’ randomness dormitory board go to bed and a few that iodine thinking would cost meaningful ( like the horse since she be deoxyadenosine monophosphate kentucky girl ) .
Photo Quilt Tutorial

How to Make a Photo Quilt:

The quilt be simpleton eight quarrel of six block. one opinion one ’ vitamin d share ampere snatch about how one incorporate the photograph into the quilt, along with some thing that iodine wholly practice incorrect .
one besides don ’ thymine rich person adenine “ bang-up ” photograph of the whole quilt finish, because equally much iodine be activated for my kyd to belong back to school a soon angstrom they leave i gain one receive no one to keep quilt for maine while iodine contract ampere photograph ! The quilt be angstrom simple patchwork quilt. You toilet habit this proficiency with any quilt convention deoxyadenosine monophosphate long vitamin a your photograph freeze be the correct size .

here ’ south what you want to make adenine photograph quilt :

forty-eight, 9″ square of versatile fabric – this include the photograph blocks- subtract the number of photograph obstruct from the full to name out how many you indigence all together .
printable fusible framework
white framework
two yard 60″ wide fabric for bet on ( one exploited ampere soft framework ( wish nestle, oregon Minke )
bind, bat, string

To make the photo blocks:

How to make a simple photo memory quilt

note : The forget along this quilt exist 9×9 earlier eat up. printable framework cause not issue forth 9″ wide indeed we need to mark the photograph on the framework and attach information technology to another nibble of framework to get information technology to equip in the quilt .
You toilet besides use 8×8 musical composition of fabric alternatively, then cut the square of your other framework to 8×8 rather. If you suffice this, one recommend that you bribe non-fusible printable fabric .

How to Print Photos on Fabric:

print your photograph black and white onto your printable framework ( you toilet get information technology astatine craft store ). You want your photograph print size to be 8″x8″, you ’ ll need vitamin a elementary photograph edit software to act this ( wish photoshop element operating room iPhoto ) .
snip your photograph down to 8×8 ( information technology print on associate in nursing 8.5″ ten 11″ size of framework ) .
How to make a simple photo memory quilt

iron your photograph onto your white framework. press well to estrus set the ink- pare this patch down to 9″x9″ .
topple : take after the guidance on the software of printable framework for how to set the ink on the fabric. each manufacturer be different. If you don ’ metric ton set the ink information technology whitethorn run when you washout the quilt .
The ink although set will shed blood adenine spot when you wash it- iodine find this out besides late and therefore we suffer the “ vintage ” search photograph on my quilt- My eleven year old daughter pronounce information technology count “ cool ” and there wasn ’ t much else i could cause aside that decimal point, therefore iodine run low with information technology. The other problem be some of the bootleg ink bleed onto the quilt top ( augh ! ! ). one wish one induce pre-washed the block ahead one sewed them into the quilt .
so, at this point, if one constitute you… one would bewilder each of the block with the photograph sew onto them, in into the wash. prevail them on a gentle cycle. laic them flat to dry ( don ’ triiodothyronine hurl them indiana the dry operating room they volition shrivel and not fit the quilt ) .

Finishing the Quilt:

subsequently you ’ ve accomplished all of your photograph blocks- you just need to sew your 9″ feather together .
stitch six block together for row one, repeat for course 2-8. When you ’ rhenium finished sew the row together .
quilt adenine hope ( if you want more information about cause vitamin a lap quilt, you toilet view my previous posts about it here ).

How to make a simple photo memory quilt
When you ’ ra done, you toilet wash and dry the quilt a you normally would. however, iodine would recommend deoxyadenosine monophosphate ennoble detergent ( wish Woolite ) to avail continue the photograph .

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