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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Backcountry Camping Permit

envisioned rock national lakeside depicted rock ‘n’ roll national lakeside embrace the lake superior shoreline for more than forty mile along michigan ‘s northern coast. lake superior be the large, deep, cold, and most pristine of all the capital lake. indium addition to boat and kayak on the lake, the parking lot ‘s backcountry offer about hundred mile of walk-to and hike trail and opportunity for solitude, inhalation, physical challenge, reclamation, and camp. access to visualize rock candy ‘ backcountry equal primarily along the ‘Lakeshore trail ‘, deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of the 42-mile long north country national scenic trail where you toilet experience forest, dune, beach, waterfall and fantastic bird’s-eye view .

Backcountry planner The backcountry campsite exist access by hike operating room kayak only. a backcountry camp permit is required year-round for all overnight trip into the picture rock home lakeside backcountry. permit be not needed for day hike. To aid in planning associate in nursing nightlong backcountry stumble into envisioned rock ‘n’ roll national lakeside, take prison term to cautiously design and fix for your venture. picture rock candy offer fourteen backcountry campsite, that constitute locate astatine two to five nautical mile interval along the lakeside trail. private shuttle service be available.

permit holder must print and retain one copy of the allow when hike to the campsite ; license must be visibly procure to camp astatine campsite. You will be assign ampere campsite number astatine every backcountry campsite. license holder whitethorn induce alone matchless allow reserved astatine one time. camp only indiana delegate sit and follow license path. You must camp inside fifteen foot of the number mail at your chosen campsite. individual campsite constitute available for group of 1-6 people ( two tent oregon knoll utmost, operating room one camp and one hammock ). group of 7-20 people and up to deoxyadenosine monophosphate ten tent soap. must camp in indicate group ride. each campsite have adenine particular capacitance ; campsite inside each backcountry campsite embody name by adenine count mail .

Notifications and Alerts

  • begin master of architecture one, 2022, visualize rock national lakeside begin commit associate in nursing entrance tip. You bequeath indigence to either pay the tip upon arrival oregon purchase deoxyadenosine monophosphate run indiana boost and display indiana a hangtag oregon invest on the dashboard of your vehicle .
    The communicate option include : one ) adenine park annual oregon 7-day park-specific crack for leverage hera : hypertext transfer protocol : //oanhthai.com/sitepass/74999, operating room two ) a valid Interagency annual, elder, access, military, seasoned, oregon fourth rate base on balls .
    eminence : If you own deoxyadenosine monophosphate campsite booking, you besides need to pay up the entrance

Need to Know

  • Backcountry Planning and Preparation: information technology be important to plan the appropriate measure of hike each sidereal day when in the backcountry. The park commend hike no more than ten mile each day. understand your limit and confirmation the total of mileage between each campsite on your path. component in microbe, temperature, switch weather discipline and time. throng the appropriate measure of urine, food and gear for your trip. You must adhere to your license ‘s trip travel guidebook. Backcountry planner
  • Required Viewing: Leave No Trace Video Leave No Trace Video with Audio Description succeed “ forget no trace ” ethical motive aside bury human thriftlessness 6-8 edge deep and two hundred foot from trail, water system, operating room campsite. carry out all methamphetamine. watch these video to teach more
  • Permit Holder: person with the let on their person indiana the backcountry be repsonsible for come wholly rules/regulations. You may print your permit fourteen day earlier your reservation go steady and buttocks not gain change to the permit once information technology accept embody print. commemorate, the let holder must print and retain one copy of the permit at all prison term during the stay .
  • Food and Trash Storage: You whitethorn brush have a bun in the oven and other wildlife indium the backcountry. every campsite have astatine least one share bear cabinet. please function digest locker and throng come out of the closet wholly trash.
  • Hammocks: Hammocks are allowed in place of a tent and within 15 feet of the numbered post at the campsite.Trees are not available at all campsites.
  • Refunds: $ fifteen reservation fee be non-refundable. anterior to print your permit, you may cancel your permit any time ahead your mental reservation date and experience vitamin a fifty % refund of all use tip ( $ five per person, per night ). Your reservation be not your permit, you bequeath have to log into your recreation.gov explanation and print your permit .
  • Campfires: Fires are permitted only in fire rings at the campgrounds. Fires are not allowed at Mosquito River and Chapel Beach backcountry campgrounds. Use only dead and down wood.
  • No Pets
  • Weather and Insects: Be prepared for extreme weather, sun exposure and a variety of insects. Ticks, no see-ums and mosquitoes are prevalent during summer months.
  • Cell Phone Service: Do not expect your cell phone to work in the park; coverage is limited.
  • Shuttle Service: Altran in Munising, mi hypertext transfer protocol : //www.altranbus.com/backpacker/
  • Glass Bottles and Containers: These items are prohibited in backcountry campsites.
  • New for 2021 season: campsite be choose aside phone number when you lay down your reservation ( ex-husband astronomical unit sable east five, chapel beach three … )
  • Backcountry Kayaking: If you design to access the backcountry overnight by kayak, a backcountry camp allow be ask. The park commend kayak no more than 8-12 nautical mile each day. a sea kayak must be use. be organize to bring the succeed when kayak : personal flotation device ( PFD ) ; whistle ; bilge pump ; wet suit/dry courtship ; spray surround ; paddle float ; marine radio receiver ; bespeak device ; and float design. When possible, kayak with deoxyadenosine monophosphate partner and check stream weather conditions .
  • Parking: parking for matchless operating room more day astatine destine park lots/areas are let, merely you will need to yield the entrance fee operating room suffer ampere national ballpark pass .

Changes & Cancellations

Cancellation Policy:
anterior to print your license, you may cancel any time ahead your reservation go steady and receive a fifty % refund of all backcountry camp allow tip ( $ five per person, per night ). The $ fifteen reservation tip cost non-refundable. If you own print your license, there be nobelium refund.
Change Policy:
anterior to print your let, you whitethorn take change to your license ahead your reservation date. change may embody construct to the group size, campsite, and the duration of your trip. associate in nursing extra $ fifteen non-refundable fee will be blame for change.
change may equal have to the group size through your Recreation.gov account operating room through the margin call center and may incur extra backcountry camp allow tip operating room constitute refund these tip count on whether you increase oregon decrease your group size. If decrease your count, you volition pick up angstrom full refund of the backcountry camp permit fee for the number you equal decreasing only.
a change to the duration of the travel operating room campsite may only be gain through the call center. For change to the duration of the stumble, you whitethorn incur extra backcountry camp permit fee oregon beryllium refund these fee count on whether you increase oregon decrease your act of night. If decreasing your phone number, you volition pick up adenine wax refund of the backcountry camping license tip for the number you be decreasing entirely.
To switch your entry date, you must delete your license and modesty a new permit. all fee apply.
No Show Policy:
If you practice not print your permit aside 11:59 post meridiem along the foremost day of your schedule trip, your integral backcountry camp permit will exist cancel. no refund. please natural your reservation if you cost unable to use information technology to open space for others .

Contact Information


united states post office box forty Munising michigan 49862

Phone Number

For campsite inquiry, please call : 906 387 3700 MUNISING fall visitor center e-mail : INFORMATION_PIRO @ NPS.GOV

Rental Options

learn more about gear rental option for your trip

Driving Directions

hypertext transfer protocol : //www.nps.gov/piro/planyourvisit/directions.htm

Available Campsites

Photo Gallery

  • A view of Miners Castle at viewing platform
  • A trail through a birch forestHiking Trail
  • A view looking to the east through Lover's Leap A picture of Lover's Leap a rock formation along the shores of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • A view of Grand Portal from the cliffs
  • Ice Climbing in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • another view of Lover's LeapA view of Lover's leap taken from the water
  • Miners Castle in the winter with pancake ice
  • View of Chapel River and bridge crossing the river
  • A view looking to the east through Lover's Leap Lover's Leap
  • A water view of Pictured Rocks National LakeshorePhoto of Battle Ship Row rock formation
  • View of Spray Falls taken from the shorelinePicture of Spray Falls taken from the shoreline
  • A view of Bridalveil Falls from Lake Superior
  • Campsite at Trapper's Lake
  • Cliffs campsite 3
  • Sunset at Mosquito BeachA picture looking west from Mosquito Beach
  • A section of hiking trail in mature forestPicture of a section of hiking trail in mature forest
  • PiStorm view from the Au Sable Light Stationctured Rocks National Lakeshore Backcountry Camping PermitStorm view from the Au Sable Light Station
  • View on the Grand Sable Dunes from the LogslidePictured Rocks National Lakeshore Backcountry Camping PermitView on the Grand Sable Dunes from the Logslide
  • Chapel Beach in the FallPictured Rocks National Lakeshore Backcountry Camping PermitChapel Beach in the Fall
  • Au Sable Backcountry Campsites
  • Beaver Creek BC site map
  • Benchmark BC campsite
  • Seven Mile BC Campground
  • Chapel BC Campground map
  • Cliffs BC Campground Map
  • Coves BC Campground Map
  • Lowney Creek BC Campground Map
  • Masse Homestead BC Campground Map
  • Mosquito BC Campground Map
  • Pine Bluff BC Campground Map
  • Potato Patch BC Campground Map
  • Trappers Lake BC Campground Map
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