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The things that Arenas did not check for or discover cost us not only his charge of $ 269.38 but an extra $ 4627.78 and 10 days of suffering in extreme inflame of 100+ degrees, until able Refrigeration was able to to replace the and quot ; unhappy compressorand quot ;. My conserve and I could not leave our home because we have vulnerable livestock, so we kept wet towels hang everywhere and fans blowing, and kept ourselves, the dogs, carpet, furniture, and walls soaking wet with spray bottles of water. We reported his incompetence to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. They subsequently declined to issue a citation because the contractor was not provided an opportunity to inspect the employment within 15 days of receiving written notice from the Registrar, and that the contractor ‘s employment has been discipline to modification. ( successor of the compressor ) This was a barbarous joke on us, while suffering in extreme heat during a inflame roll with checkup conditions. We had no choice but to replace the compressor angstrom soon as we possibly could !

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On June 22 I contacted our usual HVAC contractile organ, very early, as our air stipulate had leave office work, but did n’t get any answer. I then called Ron Arenas at Picture Rocks Cooling & Heating. I left a message that our vent conditioner is blowing blistering air. The atmosphere inside our dwelling was approaching 100 degrees, there was a heat wave and we have checkup conditions, ampere well as house pets. He came out and added freon, charged $ 269.38, and left. Within 25 minutes our AC was blowing hot air out again ! I called him immediately, and when he came back he said “ Due to senesce and stipulate, your compressor is not happy ”. When asked if the “ unhappy compressor ” could be replaced he said “ No, it is besides dangerous, as the debris and bits of metal from the erstwhile compressor can damage the new whole, and a new compressor costs $ 2400- $ 2800, so you may angstrom well get a newfangled A/C software. I can get you a new 5-ton Rheem for between $ 5800 and 6200 and have it installed by Tuesday ”. I replied that is quite expensive. Arenas said that GE has a credit plan and brought an application in, telling me of the interest rates. He did not bring the proposal in that we had requested. He said he ‘d wait while we filled out the application. Warnings went off in my read/write head, as I was thinking of the entree to our personal information which we ‘d be giving him, and I alternatively called our former HVAC contractor and he came out immediately to rescue us. He found that Arenas had added freon without testing the lines before charing the unit. He besides did not check for and remove the non-compressables in the lines before charging them. And he did not discover and replace the 2 leaking Schrader valves, frankincense allowing Freon to escape. When asked about this Arenas said “ there were no leaks because I did n’t find any greasy remainder on the lines ”. And Arenas besides did not discover and replace the plug liquid-line dry before charging the unit with the 5 pound. of Freon.

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