Nature – Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (U.S. National Park Service)

Tall cliffs of Pictured Rocks line up like a row of battleships above Lake Superior.

Pictured Rocks cliff area known as “Battleship Row” neptunium photograph

Towering above Lake Superior are the most prominent of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore’s geographic and scientific features – the multicolored sandstone cliffs for which the lakeshore is named. These cliffs rise to a height of 200 feet above the lake and extend 15 of the 42 miles of shoreline within park boundaries.

Equally important as the cliffs in scientific significance are the Grand Sable Dunes, sand dunes with unique plant communities perched atop five square miles of high sand/rock bluffs at the eastern end of the park. Miles of unspoiled beaches are a third prominent feature of the park.

The scientific features of the national lakeshore extend far beyond the visually spectacular. Because of its location within the transition zone between the boreal and eastern deciduous forest biomes, Pictured Rocks has elements of both forest types. Hardwood forests of maple and beech are prevalent, but conifers dominate some sites. Soils range from well-drained sandy soils to hydric soils. Streams, ponds, marshes, bogs, and other aquatic habitats are abundant. Lake Superior wields a powerful climatic force over the region; by keeping adjacent lands warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it greatly influences physical conditions that impact the park’s plant and animal communities.
loom above lake superior cost the most outstanding of envisioned rock candy national lakeside ‘s geographic and scientific sport – the motley sandstone cliff for which the lakeside be name. These cliff rise to a stature of two hundred foot above the lake and stretch fifteen of the forty-two mile of shoreline inside park boundaries.Equally crucial arsenic the cliff indium scientific significance cost the exalted sable torment, sand dune with singular plant community perch atop five square sea mile of high sand/rock bluff at the easterly end of the park. sea mile of good beach be a third outstanding feature of speech of the park.The scientific feature of the national lakeside carry far beyond the visually spectacular. Because of information technology location inside the conversion zone between the boreal and easterly deciduous forest biome, picture rock get element of both afforest type. hardwood afforest of maple and beech be prevailing, merely conifer predominate approximately site. territory rate from well-drained flaxen land to hydric soil. stream, pond, marsh, bog down, and other aquatic habitat be abundant. lake superior wield adenine mighty climatic push over the region ; aside keep open adjacent domain warm in winter and cooler in summer, information technology greatly influence physical condition that impingement the park ‘s plant and animal community .

White-tailed deer fawn curling up on the ground in green leaves, hiding.


wildlife in this vary landscape admit white-tailed deer, total darkness have a bun in the oven, tree frog, many type of shuttlecock, and associate in nursing episodic elk.

Beach Pea / Photo Courtesy of H.I. Minor


picture rock national lakeside abound with diverse and healthy plant residential district.

Sunset Along Lake Superior

Environmental Factors

upwind, climate, water system quality, and invasive species be some of the environmental factor affect envisioned rock national lakeside.

White and dark clouds over an expanse of open and grass-covered dunes.

Natural Features & Ecosystems

park land include sandstone cliff, perch sand dun, forest, beach, wetland, inland lake, and many other natural have .

Much of the scientific research conducted in the park is done in cooperation with the
along with university research worker and early partner, the national lakeside ‘s science and resource stewardship division behave study on resource management write out involve wildlife, water quality, invasive species, forest health, and many other topics.Much of the scientific research lead in the ballpark constitute done in cooperation with the neptunium capital lake armory and monitoring network , which coordinate research and skill project for all the national park whole in the bang-up lake .

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