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here you ’ ll find the best picture settings for Samsung’s series 6 LED TVs .
Of course, there are differences between the assorted models and every year there are new television releases, but the best calibration settings for Samsung ’ s LED TVs are following a distinct blueprint .
We ’ ra providing picture settings for most 6 series Samsung TVs individually, but if you can ’ thyroxine find your demand model on our web site, you can use the settings provided below .
Samsung 6 series calibration and settings

General Settings

  • Picture Mode: Movie
  • Backlight: 3 (this setting gives you a deeper black)
  • Brightness: 45 (with the brightness just turned down a little bit, you’ll achieve a lot more contrast)
  • Contrast: 100
  • Sharpness: 0 (on native 1080p or 4K content you don’t need any post-processing sharpening)
  • Color: 50 (default setting)
  • Tint(G/R): G50/R50 (default setting)
  • Digital Clean View: Off (this won’t improve your image quality)
  • Auto Motion Plus: Off
  • Dynamic Contrast: Off (you don’t need dynamic contrast if you set it to 100)
  • Color Tone: Warm2 (this sets the white balance to 6500k)
  • Gamma: -1 (your image will look a lot smoother and sharper without any post-processing settings)

Samsung TV menu
Samsung TV menu
Samsung TV menu

Optional settings

Eco Sensor: Off ( if you don ’ metric ton want to adjust your brightness manually, turn it on )

Energy Saving Mode: Off ( modern LED TVs don ’ thymine use that much energy, so it ’ s not worth sacrificing any word picture quality )
Auto Power Off: Off ( if you prefer )

Samsung TV menu

My TV does not have these options!

If your television has more ( or less ) options than the above ones, always try to avoid any post-processing .
Most post-processing options are for retail storehouse displays and “ justify ” a higher price than the low-end models .
besides, very important is to set your television to a color temperature of 6500k, a space sheet of composition helps .
just hold it close to the panel and compare the “ white ” of the newspaper with the white expose on the shield. This proficiency is besides very useful to understand why the white in normal mood is not white. With these settings, you ’ ll be able to achieve the best mental picture settings for your Samsung LED TV Series 6 .
If you have any tricks or tips please leave them in the comments below to help other readers 🙂

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