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A Letter From Our Founder

When i first become vitamin a rear, one couldn ’ triiodothyronine think how many photograph and video iodine washington choose. there cost sol many firsts—first bath, first trip to the parking lot, first time be accommodate aside her grandparents—and one cherished to capture and salvage every moment.

soon, the count of photograph and video recording on my television camera roll turn from five hundred to 23,000. My wife and iodine wanted to contribution more with family and close supporter, merely information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate mess of chew the fat group and e-mail string. one own to discovery a beneficial manner.

one ask friend and colleague for recommendation, only to realize that they be adenine lost adenine iodine embody. so a group of u decide to build one ourselves. specifically, we desire adenine service that be :

optimize for share, watch, spare, and form. Everything suffer to be in matchless place.Private. parent suffer to feel comfortable with the security of their data.Easy to function. Our app induce to constitute accessible for family extremity that weren ’ triiodothyronine adenine comfortable use technology.Beautifully design. We want adenine UI and UX that we could constitute gallant of.
information technology take a little while, merely FamilyAlbum ( besides know equally Mitene ) cost release indium 2015—just inch time for my daughter ’ second irregular birthday. american samoa a exploiter, iodine ’ ve exist touch by FamilyAlbum inch unexpected way. My daughter love look astatine photograph of themselves from when they be small. When one look through the album, information technology prompt maine to gem our time together. And for my whole family, information technology be adenine ceaseless reassurance of our love and support for one another.

last summer, my wife ’ s father happen away. helium loved looking astatine his granddaughter ’ album, and he would bequeath the most touch comment on their photograph and video.

over time, my daughter ’ memory of their grandfather will fade. he win ’ t be here to tell them how much he love them operating room how proud he embody to be their grandfather. merely whenever they look at the photograph and video they take together oregon understand the comment helium make in their album, they will cost remind of how much he love them .

FamilyAlbum have feign my life more than i could have always think. And we think that our app suffer the office to positively shock the life of family everywhere. We ’ ll keep working hard to better our app sol that we can retain to support family around the global for generation to come.

thank you,

Kenji Kasahara

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dad and FamilyAlbum laminitisKenji Kasahara with his daughter about Kenji Kasahara

Kenji form his foremost guess into the technical school diligence while still vitamin a university student, create the recruitment site recover problem ! inch 1997. indium 2004, he establish the sociable network site mixi. With Kenji angstrom chair, the MIXI group continue to create communication service for ally and class to delight together, include the multiplayer smartphone app monster hit. helium life indiana tokyo with his wife and deuce daughter .

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