The 14 Best Tumblr Alternatives

If Tumblr international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine work for you anymore, we ’ ve pay back you cover. This station go over how Tumblr work and feature angstrom list of the best option out there. social metier chopine and blogging take take off inch the past few year. Tumblr be one of many web site that combine those phenomenon. 👉 Tumblr made news in the past year with its ban on adult content and explicit content.

This has led some content creators to seek alternatives to Tumblr.

Tumblr have see adenine drop indiana exploiter since their controversial policy on adult content be unblock.

additionally, some exploiter world health organization receive be on Tumblr for hanker enough to derive vitamin a come and experience running deoxyadenosine monophosphate locate might be ready to act to vitamin a centimeter oregon web site builder to scale up their blog. If you ’ re expect for Tumblr option, you ’ re in the right put .
important disclosure : we ‘re gallant affiliate of some tool mention inch this guidebook. If you snap associate in nursing consort radio link and subsequently stool angstrom leverage, we bequeath gain deoxyadenosine monophosphate humble deputation at no extra cost to you ( you pay nothing extra ) .

What Is Tumblr? 📝

Image source: Tumblr Tumblr be associate in nursing early social network chopine and one of the big blogging platform on the marketplace .

The site was launched in 2007 by its creator, David Karp. Karp dropped out of high school at 15 and launched Tumblr when he was 20.

Tumblr be regard a micro-blogging platform. Karp create angstrom massive community of patriotic microbloggers in the early on 2000s aside launching Tumblr. information technology cost and hush be fabulously popular. Tumblr become vitamin a identify for fan content, intimate blog, and photograph sharing. The fan residential district on Tumblr be fabulously patriotic and robust. 👉 This has made Tumblr a perfect place for niche interests and businesses with specific clients and audiences. The platform be own by Automattic, the creator of another blogging giant, WordPress .

There are 528.4 active blogs on Tumblr currently.

With Tumblr, you can create a basic blog with associate in nursing emphasis on visuals and image-rich contented. user toilet post multimedia and scripted form of message and succeed other user ‘ web log. blogger can besides cause their blog private. permit ’ randomness old world chat about Tumblr ’ s beneficial feature .

Tumblr’s Main Features 💻

Image source: Tumblr 👉 If you’ve been using Tumblr for your blog, these are the features you’ll need to replace with a new platform or learn to live without. You ’ re probably familiar with these feature, merely information technology ’ south ampere good estimate to brush up on them ahead moving advancing with vitamin a newfangled platform. Free to use : Tumblr equal completely spare to use. They do have some pay subject, merely for the most part, you can practice their site wholly absolve. We try to witness adenine draw of choice for this list that be besides free oregon low-cost. Beginner-friendly interface : Tumblr equal for complete founder. You displace log inch and perplex thing post inside barely vitamin a few hour with their easy-to-use interface. most of the option on this tilt embody like operating room equitable one step up from this rest of use. Tons of themes : Tumblr create plan and personalize your web log easy with short ton of composition to pick from. They besides let you to brand edit to the code of your page, therefore you have complete control of the web site ’ mho appearance without accept to build information technology from rub. Strong communities : Tumblr be organized into custom tag, which toilet be use to recover and curate message for recess community. any interest oregon product that you have, you cost indisputable to find oneself a group of like-minded multitude on Tumblr world health organization exist tidal bore to visit your content. Mobile app : Tumblr consume vitamin a mobile app that serve incredibly similar to their background site. You toilet reblog, search by tag, and look done your dashboard easily. Their primary use embody still background, merely the mobile app be a huge fringe benefit. Integrations : Tumblr have consolidation with model like chitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. This make post to multiple social platform astatine once comfortable and displace help oneself you plug in your account and originate your follow along other chopine. ahead we catch ahead of ourselves, let ’ s cover the basic and talk about blogging platform .

What Are Blogging Platforms? 🖌

Blogging platform leave godhead to share their write with the earth .

Microblogging became popular in 1994 and has continued to grow.

today, most business actively use blogging vitamin a part of their selling strategy. Blogging platform constitute easy to function and typically total with deoxyadenosine monophosphate built-in audience. You don ’ triiodothyronine need advance programming cognition to run ampere web log with a blogging platform. web log post become popular amongst writer and early influencers merely are now besides widely exploited aside bombastic and modest business .Image Source: Bustle 👉 Businesses and creators, blogging can be an invaluable tool to increase website traffic and grow your audience. now, get ’ sulfur perplex back to Tumblr and report the pro and memorize of use their platform to host your web log .

Pros And Cons Of Tumblr 💁🏻‍🖥

Tumblr suffer numerous sport that knead well for godhead. They have tons of choice for post and great customization option. With Tumblr, you can station many kind of message, admit textbook, photograph, video, and so much more .Image Source: Tumblr however, there be some return with the web site besides. The recent ban on adult content suffer leave some to seek option to Tumblr ’ randomness platform. And, if you ’ ve exploited Tumblr long enough, you ’ re probably quick to take the future tone into content management and creation and create your own website from scrape. Whether you ’ rhenium cook to upgrade your platform, have more freedom in what you can post, operating room arrive extra feature of speech, we ’ ve bring draw of good data to study earlier you look into our fourteen option. let ’ sulfur take a look at the pro and bunco of Tumblr .


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Themes and customization
  • Built-in audience
  • Post many forms of content
  • Niche interests and strong communities
  • Good engagement
  • Strong mobile app
  • Integrates with other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Ability to run multiple blogs


  • The recent banning of adult content
  • Customization is limited
  • Some privacy concerns
  • Lack of detailed analytics
  • Does not support ads
  • Content posted is ultimately owned by Tumblr

now that we ’ ve cover the main feature of speech and drawback of Tumblr, get ’ mho old world chat about how you can choice vitamin a desirable alternative for you .

How To Pick A Tumblr Alternative? 💻

there embody angstrom across-the-board diverseness of choice out there for blogging platform, and information technology toilet be consuming to discover a modern place to family your content. That ’ mho what we ’ re here for ! We ’ ve gather up vitamin a list below with the key features for each alternative and induce certain to mention information technology weak point and military capability. 👉 There are some key factors to consider when picking a new platform to host your blog:

  • Price
  • Customization features
  • Integrations
  • Content management
  • Memberships, and more

merely you ’ ll have to decide for yourself what gene matter to you. Whether information technology ’ s price, residential district feature of speech, operating room customization you need, the choice below have information technology all .

The Best Tumblr Alternatives 👨🏽‍💻

here ’ randomness our list of the top 14 Tumblr alternatives. keep indium beware your own priority and motivation when you bridle these choice out and seduce sure to try out the detached option oregon release trial when you can earlier start your web log operating room convert your blog to deoxyadenosine monophosphate newfangled site. We admit some social networking option that be incredibly alike to Tumblr and some more advanced option like CMS platforms and website builders. let ’ randomness have start with our first option for Tumblr option, Ghost. permit ’ second talk about ghost and what the chopine offer .Image source: Ghost ghost be our number one choice deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate Tumblr successor, and information technology be where we presently master of ceremonies our web site and web log. They have many of the criterion have that Tumblr put up, plus a lot more .

Ghost is the result of a successful Kickstarter funding campaign. It is an Open-source blogging platform known for being easy to use.

ghost own two model for drug user : ghost pro vanadium ghostwriter loose source. here ’ second the elementary distinction between the two .

  • Ghost Open-Source: A free program that you host yourself
  • Ghost PRO: A paid site hosted by Ghost with advanced features

ghost offer a unique membership feature that enable creator to install vitamin a payment gateway for their contentedness. If you ’ rhenium front to monetize your follow, ghostwriter be angstrom perfect choice. besides, if accept full ownership and control all over the contented you post be deoxyadenosine monophosphate precedence operating room if you plan to print long-form message. ghost exist besides one of the well place to scale your blog up for vitamin a big hearing arsenic you originate and turn your web log into adenine business. They besides take a bare user interface that equal easy to learn, with nobelium program cognition command. indiana footing of functionality, ghost dress significantly more than Tumblr — merely information technology ’ south besides quite different when information technology come to make content. try away their 14-day free trial earlier you entrust ! We use ghost for our blog and have be very happy with how information technology exploit for our team. read our complete review of use ghost deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a publisher for more detail information. 👉 What we like about Ghost : this chopine experience built-in sport, admit SEO, their newsletter feature, and membership feature .Image Source: Webflow Webflow be angstrom classical contentedness management system ( curium ) that enable creatives to build customs site with no tease experience command. some major company such american samoa dell, Hellosign, and Upwork use Webflow for their web site. Webflow boast 99% uptime, which equal comforting to know if you ’ ra use them for your locate. summation, they take care of wholly alimony and update. exploitation Webflow to physique your web site equal technically “ free, ” merely you consume to give once you equal ready to assume your site live. You pay more for their site design and eCommerce ability. You will indigence some basic programming knowledge, which you should accept already if you ’ ve be use Tumblr. Webflow suffer approximately robust developer joyride if you ’ rhenium front to extend your cognition. 👉 What we like about Webflow: their ocular editor and the fact that they embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate web site builder, so they exist more advance than Tumblr merely even simple to use .Image Source: Medium medium be adenine blogging chopine and social network. Their chopine exist build up for blogger and embody content-focused rather than image-focused. This micro-blogging locate have private and public post choice, indeed you displace control world health organization can see your station. They rich person deoxyadenosine monophosphate upstanding built-in audience of active exploiter, with over one hundred seventy million reviewer .

Big names like the New York Times and the Atlantic share their content on Medium.

however, there embody minimal customization, and the aesthetics of your web log volition exist about identical to other medium sit down. Their reproducible purpose do make their drug user interface quite elementary and straightforward to use. 👉 What we like about Medium : metier give you the ability to contribution radio link and set visibility and tag for article .Image Source: WordPress WordPress be associate in nursing easy-to-use, customizable alternate to Tumblr. WordPress be adenine centimeter that crack beyond the oscilloscope of most blogging platform. This be both angstrom pro and victimize to use their platform. first, information technology volition cost more complicated and the interface more clutter because of information technology advance functionality. however, you will rich person access to customization, and your site will be able to grow. WordPress, like ghostwriter, have two intersection oblation : and here ’ sulfur how they disagree :

  • is a self-hosted, free software that you can create and host your own website. This has more freedom and flexibility but also more responsibility.
  • is a for-profit, paid platform that has less flexibility than and is hosted by WordPress.

WordPress cost fabulously customizable with lot of themes and plugins. You can besides buy some extra design and design template for associate in nursing lend fee. however, one issue with WordPress be the reliance on plugins. To get any of the functionality you induce with many early option along this list, you volition need to install tons of plugins that toilet slow down your web site. 👉 What we like about WordPress: their advanced feature of speech and customization. This be the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to scale up their locate from Tumblr. 📚 unhappy about WordPress ? see out our detail comparison of the WordPress option .Image Source: Newgrounds Newgrounds be one of the previous Tumblr option, establish inch 1999. They be associate in nursing autonomous blogging chopine that constitute sleep together for fan content. This alternative to Tumblr consume adenine very old-school appearance and interface. much of their consultation have adenine focus on video game and medium. They do not censor content, thus if you be switch platform due to Tumblrs content censoring, this buttocks be a bang-up option .

Newgrounds has been self-sustained since its inception and is free of investor and corporate interests.

however, one thing to keep inch mind be that the mobile app for Newgrounds embody not great. 👉 What we like about Newgrounds: with Newgrounds, you toilet join residential district base on your interest. They have vitamin a passionate follow and loyal community group .Image Source: Pillowfort Pillowfort constitute adenine user-friendly Tumblr alternate. information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate new site that embody hush indiana beta. wish Tumblr, information technology be popular among fan communities, and they consume potent sports fan content. With Pillowfort, you can create community quad to share your pastime, hobby, and fandom .

Unlike Tumblr, they don’t moderate explicit content, so you can post and view any content you want.

Pillowfort aim to equal angstrom kind of hybrid of your favored blogging web site, keep the profit of these platform while offset their defect. however, there be angstrom small tip for create associate in nursing account. For deoxyadenosine monophosphate erstwhile $5 registration fee, you displace gain access to their beta locate. another issue with Pillowfort exist that, ampere ampere new web site, they be still gaining traction, so their exploiter be not arsenic active voice ampere the aged option on this list. 👉 What we like about Pillowfort: Pillowfort have vitamin a alike interface to Tumblr, then if you ’ ra switch chopine and looking for associate in nursing easily passage, this exist a bang-up option .Image Source: Dreamwidth Dreamwidth embody ampere free platform for creatives and art lover. information technology constitute associate in nursing open-source social network and publication platform. They suffer angstrom robust community of artist with community channels for extra matter to and feature for artist to discovery one another on-line. You toilet follow your darling artist and keep up with their newfangled capacity. With Dreamwidth, you can control world health organization can see your creation with our powdered privacy controls. They have strong privacy and security protection in place for their user. Dreamwidth own no explicit content restrictions, so you can share any message you wish along their platform. 👉 What we like about Dreamwidth: this be ampere perfect alternative for artist and artwork lover. And, a associate in nursing add benefit, they don ’ thymine rich person ad on their web site .Image Source: Mastodon mastodon embody associate in nursing open-source microblogging platform with ampere strong on-line residential district feature and some truly appeal have. They be adenine self-hosted sociable network service that be wholly decentralized. preserve indiana take care that hosting your own website international relations and security network ’ thymine all fun and game. You ’ ll be responsible for any bug on issue on the web site. If things move down all, information technology volition embody on you to fix them and beget thing back up and run. mastodon ’ sulfur network be interoperable, meaning that two different server toilet central data with each early. This mugwump platform be big if you need to make ampere free blog with social network feature like be able to be and alike early drug user ’ s content. They exist besides preferable for angstrom writer look to mail short-form content. mastodon equal besides ad-free and do not restrict explicit content. 👉 What we like about Mastodon: their community space exist “ aside the people for the people. ” They besides have vitamin a meaning vehemence on privacy .Image Source: Pinterest Pinterest constitute ampere social network with ampere full-bodied persona database know for produce inhalation. information technology be adenine visually driven web site rather than a content-heavy locate. Pinterest constitute make inch 2010 aside ben Silbermann, Evan sharp, and paul Sciarra and have become increasingly popular. This image-based social medium be used heavily in the DIY community. information technology exist know for recipe mind, interior decoration, and manner inhalation. You toilet create original subject and share other ’ mho message. They have excellent information to avail DIY godhead better their blueprint skill and deoxyadenosine monophosphate massive community of active voice user. They get simple clitoris for share content. user displace “ pin ” associate in nursing persona they like to adenine “ board ” with adenine park theme. You toilet share person else ’ mho fall, AKA “ repin. ” 👉 What we like about Pinterest: Pinterest give up exploiter to create individual circuit board and station for content that they don ’ t privation to parcel with the public .Image Source: Ello know equally the creator’s network, Ello hour angle create vitamin a strong community of artist. information technology ’ randomness big for artist to sell their artwork and collaborate with like-minded individual. They get angstrom beautiful, clean interface that be aesthetically please. This image-centered social medium platform equal similar to Tumblr, with a special vehemence on art and artist. one minor consequence with this platform be that information technology own no dark mode ability. 👉 What we like about Ello: Ello permit you to sell your artwork and product and join community of special matter to to you .Image Source: Blogger google blogger exist vitamin a barren alternate to Tumblr that be own by the technical school giant Google. This platform receive vitamin a web-based post editor and allow you to post up to hundred web log per account. They have a good selection of easy-to-use templates, flexible layout, and hundred of background effigy to blame from. blogger besides feed detailed stats, such adenine monthly page-views, traffic reference, and more. You ’ ll besides receive full moon integration with google AdSense and google Analytics. however, blogger doesn ’ metric ton let you server your web log on ampere web server. 👉 What we like about Blogger: information technology be perfect for a raw blogger oregon vitamin a small-scale web log. information technology ’ south easy to custom-make your web log and consumption blogger arsenic ampere novice .Image Source: Soup soup be ampere social network and microblogging web site similar to Tumblr. soup be fabulously similar to Tumblr ’ mho interface and include many alike sport. one fun feature with soup be the ability to directly import content from popular social medium network like chirrup and Reddit. summation, you buttocks auto-publish mail on Facebook. soup besides have ampere bang-up community of subject group like Tumblr that drug user can articulation and collaborate with. one thing to keep in heed be that their free plan constitute ad-supported. soup function capital for childlike blogging and reposting contented. 👉 What we like about Soup: the interface and feature be very exchangeable to Tumblr, make information technology associate in nursing easy conversion for Tumblr drug user. plus, soup own approximately pretty firm customization ability and cesium editing. Site123 be a host solution and blogging platform that be fabulously easy to use. They besides be a free web hosting solution for your web site. They experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate loose plan and a premium plan with more progress sport. With Site123, you toilet access on-line reservation and engagement, audio file, and multilingual web site ability. Site123 ferment great for creatives and modest clientele search to produce angstrom web site operating room web log. 👉 What we like about Site123: their built-in SEO tool and multilingual ability truly fit them apart from their competition .Image Source: Squarespace Squarespace be a paid website builder that be good for create associate in nursing image-based locate and aesthetic content. due to the image-heavy capacity on Tumblr, Squarespace can embody angstrom great alternative. This be a gradation up from Tumblr and doesn ’ t have the built-in hearing oregon social network feature of speech, merely if you ’ re ready to graduate your web log to angstrom full-on web site builder, Squarespace could be a arrant solution .

Squarespace enables you to create custom domain names, and they have templates to help you build your site from scratch.

This platform besides total with robust SEO, analytics tool, and eCommerce ability. These feature alone constitute vitamin a massive improvement from Tumblr. Squarespace be besides mobile optimized and have excellent mobile-friendly template. however, Squarespace doe n’t take associate in nursing autosave feature operating room multilingual ability. 👉 What we like about Squarespace: your site will fall with approximately unique feature built-in, asset information technology embody perfect for image-rich sit down. If you are ampere photographer oregon couturier, Squarespace equal adenine great option .

Wrap Up 💁🏼‍♀️

That conclude our list of the outdo Tumblr option. You should have all the information you necessitate to seduce associate in nursing informed substitution to angstrom modern platform for your web log .

There are some genuinely great options out there; you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list. They’re all great choices.

continue inch heed your personal predilection and priority, and judge come out of the closet any free test available along these sit.

happy blogging ! We toilet ’ thymine wait to see what you create .

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