Best 10 Photo Slideshow Apps with Music [Recommended in 2022]

Best 10 Photo Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android [Recommended]

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Photo slideshow app has become all the fury thanks to their ability to have anyone expect like an editing pro in putting together images, creating matter to effects, and sharing them with friends online. With so many to choose from, it can be unmanageable to know what app is the best .
however, do n’t worry. If you do n’t know how to choose a photograph slideshow app, hera are some basic features you ’ ll need including the keep up :

  • Easy to Use: If you feel like the app is clumsy that even can’t find where to edit a slideshow, don’t use this kind of app because you are wasting your time at all!
  • Fancy Effects: Effects can make your photo slideshow fancier. You might want to consider it. However, effects can’t make sure you could create a fancy and touching photo slideshow.
  • Easy to Share Online: It is a must to share online for an app because social media has already immersed in our life now.

In this article, we have selected the 10 best photograph slideshow apps for io and Android. Check it out !

  1. PicPlayPost
  2. SlideLab
  3. Photo Slideshow Director
  4. PicFlow
  5. iMovie
  6. Photo FX Live Wallpaper
  7. Photo Slideshow & Video Maker
  8. PIXGRAM – Music Photo Slideshow
  9. Slideshow Maker
  10. Dayframe

Best slideshow maker for beginners and semi-pros on Windows and Mac

Slideshow apps for io and Android have limited options when compared to desktop slideshow video recording maker. so, we recommend you to try Wondershare Filmora .
You can import inexhaustible photos to Filmora. JPG and PNG are supported to use. After importing, you can use diverse transitions to make the slideshow smooth .
More importantly, You can make a slideshow with more than 150 free effects to touch up your video. After editing, you can directly contribution it on social platforms. It is then comfortable to make slideshow with Filmora. Just download it to have a test !

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Best Recommended Photo Slideshow Maker: FilmoraGo

Download filmoraGo Download filmoraGo
This slideshow manufacturer app promises a highly customizable exploiter chopine with an easy-to-use interface. It is much easier to cut videos and one can besides apply respective filters over contented with lots of cliched themes. FilmoraGo has received higher attention from the exploiter residential district due to its professional apparatus and exploitation tools .

  • Offers a wide collection of themes.
  • Possesses so many cool effects like reverse, slow motion, and fast motion etc.
  • Easy sharing on social media platforms.

Before you go check the 10 best slideshow makers, we made a comparison table that could give you a reference book while reviewing. Take a expression !

Supported Platform Price Support HD Video Share Online Pros Cons
PicPlayPost iOS Free/Purchase Y Y Intuitive program is easy to use; Various effects It will have a watermark
SlideLab iOS/Android Free/Purchase N Y You can keep the photo in its original size Does not support iTunes music
Photo Slideshow Director iOS Free/Purchase Y Y Supports HD full screen; Can make music videos Sometimes glitches will appear
PicFlow iOS Free/Purchase N Y Drop and drop to edit a photo; Various transitions to use 30 FPS is the highest codec
iMovie iOS Free to Use Y Y Many movie themes to use; You can change audio Beginners may find it not easy to use
Photo FX Live Wallpaper Android Free to Use N Y You can customize the photo; High-quality output You will experience crash sometimes
Photo Slideshow Android Free to Use Y Y Photo effects are various; You can add photos from folders Not easy to share photos
Pixgram Android/iOS Free/Purchase N Y Supports different photo sizes; Beginners will love it It only supports your own music
Slideshow Maker Android Free to Use N Y The interface is easy to use; You can edit video fast It only supports your own music
Dayframe Android Free/Purchase Y Y Supports offline using; Photo quality is high Beginners will find it difficult to use

Part 1: Best Photo Slideshow Apps for iOS

picplaypost slideshow app
One of the more democratic apps, PicPlayPost offers an intuitive program that makes putting together photos, videos, music, and GIFs simple for fair about everyone. What helps separate this app from the rival is the strong features that help put videos and images together easily .

  • Intuitive program
  • Create up to nine videos, GIFs, or photos for each project
  • High res output
  • Excellent variety of effects


  • Watermark: Although it is customizable
  • Limited amount of music

slidelab photo slideshow app
This slideshow manufacturer app keeps making the top 5 for absolve picture slideshow programs for the iPhone and for good reason. SlideLab can help transform your pictures into remarkable videos with just a few clicks and all within minutes. You can save them on your mobile device or parcel them on social media sites with your friends. It ’ sulfur small wonder that SlideLab is indeed popular given the number of features that it provides .

  • Great filters
  • Use your music or that from the app
  • Keep photos with original size
  • Automatically adjust for Vine or Instagram
  • Lots of transitions
  • Edit photos easily if you desire


  • No music from iTunes can be used when sharing on Facebook or Instagram

apart from that curious drawback, SlideLab is merely one of the best .
slideshowdirector photo slideshow app
possibly the best of all slideshow apps designed for io operating systems, this product allows your iPhone or iPad to become the platform in creating noteworthy slideshows based on the photograph you have available. The diaphanous number of effects is about astounding for an app and you can even save them as HD movies. Add to this the ability to share your oeuvre on social media platforms and you have one of the most popular of all photograph slideshow apps .

  • Intuitive instructions
  • Export slideshows to HD movie formats
  • HD full-screen presentations
  • Easy to use photo editor
  • Create music videos


  • Customers report glitches in the system
  • May run slow depending on the memory capacity of your iPhone

picflow photo slideshow app
You may not get all the features of some of the other apps, but you ’ ll have batch of control which is frequently lacking in easy-to-use slideshow programs. PicFlow lets you dictate the time of every photograph uploaded and lineage it up to the tune that you have selected. This means that you can create vibrant presentations and share them on Facebook or Instagram .

  • Add music from iPod
  • Crop with the swipe and pinch function
  • Drag photos into position
  • Easy to record timing of photos
  • 18 different transitions
  • Export to camera roll and share on Facebook or Instagram


  • Free version is quite limited
  • Video codec limited to 30FPS

imovie slideshow apps
arguably the best photograph slideshow for iPhone is the iMovie app. The sheer number of features combined with the high choice makes it a highly popular choice. For many, this is the entirely app they even consider for photograph slideshows along with basic video editing. Built for the iPhone, there are several reasons why the iMovie is decidedly one of the best.


  • Change audio for each clip
  • Different movie themes
  • Excellent transitions, sound effects, and titles
  • Add visual effects and background music with ease


  • Limited in terms of flexibility
  • Only found on Mac and iOS systems
  • More difficult for the beginner

Part 2: Best Photo Slideshow Apps for Android

not to be left behind are the apps designed for the Android operate system. They besides provide an excellent diverseness to choose and many features that will make your slideshows come to life. vlogit is the best android slideshow maker app. very easy-to-use and enables you do wonders in the name of creating movies quite well. It helps you turn the photos into a gorgeous home movie with cool intro, thumbnail, titles, transitions and sound effects, etc .
photofxlive slideshow apps
With over 13 million downloads so far, it ’ second little wonder that the Photo FX Live Wallpaper is quite popular. It offers a considerable issue of features, allowing you to upload photos, invention slideshows for Android, add floating animation, and set the color quick and easy flush for beginners .

  • Great photo editor
  • Share on social media
  • Customizable
  • Creates great wallpaper
  • High quality results


  • You won’t be able to launch your camera when app is on
  • May crash with too many folders open
  • Will not rotate the photos automatically for you

slideshowmaker slideshow app
Combines easy to use interface with advanced tools so you can get more out of the editing experience to create excellent slideshows. The Photo Slideshow Maker offers a considerable count of phot effects, filters, and frames along with good management applications so you can create bang-up clips from your photograph gallery .

  • Adds photos from different folders
  • Creates excellent slideshows
  • Wonderful photo effects
  • Simple editing tools


  • Difficult to share video after it is saved
  • Picture quality can vary depending on the level chosen.

Price : free to use
pixgram best slideshow app
This photograph slideshow app is besides quite democratic thanks to its ability to combine photos and music quickly and easily, even for beginners. The entire blueprint allows a person with no editing have to upload their photos, select their favorite music, add filters and effects, then create the video and partake it with the populace. It ’ s not the fanciest, but it is quite full .

  • Save slideshow in different sizes
  • Excellent video filters
  • Easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Made for beginners


  • You must use your own music
  • Does not have advanced settings for experienced editors

slideshow maker slideshow app
possibly not a well-known as the others, Slideshow Maker offers good choices for those who are barely starting out in slideshow edit. You can upload and store photos easily, browse through them promptly, and even toggle shuffle to quickly search through what you want. There is an auto-update photograph appliance to add new photos vitamin a well

  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to upload and search for photos
  • Fast editing features


  • Tends to crash when a widescreen is used
  • Not as many features as other apps

dayframe slideshow maker app
Designed more for the feel editor program, Dayframe offers many features all packaged with an excellent menu and customizable options. You can create excellent choice slideshows using this app and incorporate many features along the way .

  • Can be used offline
  • Excellent photo quality
  • Sharing is simple on social media
  • Almost interactive feel


  • Drains battery quickly
  • Can be tricky to use for beginners

The photograph slideshow app keeps getting better for io and Android systems, making the choices here ones that you can trust for your editing and sharing on-line .

Empower your imagination with Filmora

Filmora is a cross-platform to edit video clips for all creators. You can easily make a slideshow to make photos active. Just drag your photos to the timeline and add music, text, and effects. You can even burn it to DVD. After sharing with your friends and kin, they will like it. exempt download it now !

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