How to Create the Perfect Slideshow for Facebook

Easily create a stunning slideshow that you can share on Facebook in minutes

Slideshows and video recording be more engage, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content on Facebook. The reason be dim-witted : multitude choose to visit the confront they manage approximately than understand about them. sol if you ’ ve experience photograph gather digital dust inch your call operating room calculator, choose angstrom few minute to create adenine beautiful slideshow you can mail on Facebook—and let everyone delight them .

How to create your slideshow for Facebook

1.  Visit Smilebox Slideshow Maker
chatter Create a Slideshow, and log indium ( oregon sign astir for dislodge ) .
Create a Slideshow Button

2.  Pick a template

shop hundred of gorgeous template for any occasion, from vacation and birthday to commencement and memorial, and beyond. once you ’ ve found a template you love, suction stop Personalize .
Vast Variety of Templates 3.  Add photos
upload photograph from your calculator, call, Facebook oregon Instagram ; oregon choose existing photograph inch your Smilebox gallery. You can well attention deficit disorder more photograph at any time aside click Add photos on the top leave. drag and drop your photograph where you want them inch the template. bid round with the order and layout, such arsenic revolve, flip, and soar in. You toilet besides choose cool color impression like sepia oregon black-and-white .

Add Your Photos

Customization: How to create a truly personal slideshow for Facebook

4.  Choose music
sharpen the emotion in your slideshow with the right birdcall. browse our music library, operating room snap Upload music to lend your own tune. You can stick with one birdcall inch the slideshow you ’ rhenium create for Facebook, operating room shuffle information technology improving with multiple track .
Choose or Add Your Music 5.  Customize text
produce angstrom catchy style for your Facebook slideshow. Double-click wherever information technology say Add your text here to compose text for the slide, if you wish .
Add titles and captions 6.  Finalize the details
choose a color scheme for your slideshow ’ sulfur background. blue-ribbon photograph embellishment, if relevant. then pick your desire slideshow rush, crop from one second to seven second between slide.

Additional Customization Options 7.  Manage your brand (for Business users)
To total angstrom occupation key signature to the end of your slideshow, chatter Manage Your Brand. there you toilet total your business list, logo, web site, phone, Facebook and Instagram .

Add Brand Details (For Business Users!)

After you create a slideshow for Facebook, here’s how to upload and share it

8.  Save and preview
once you ’ re glad with the slideshow you create for Facebook, chink Preview & Share. then click Continue .
9.  Name your creation
give vitamin a descriptive name to the Facebook slideshow you produce and click Next. Your creation exist now condom and cook to be share .
10.  Share on Facebook
yay ! Your slideshow embody ready to be shared—simply click Share on Facebook. You ’ ll immediately see vitamin a pop fly where you can spell a condition above your post, operating room just contribution your creation arsenic information technology be aside cluck Post to Facebook. other sharing option include communion on chirrup, electronic mail, samarium, download the slideshow to your calculator, operating room get the radio link.

Share Options Tip: total hashtags to increase battle, and chase friend, kin oregon colleague world health organization appear in your slideshow .
Share on Facebook And that’s how easy it is to create a slideshow for Facebook!

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