Canon SELPHY Square QX10 review

minor adequate to fit in a pocket, if you have bombastic pockets, the SELPHY Square QX10 lives up to its list by outputting square photograph prints with a size of 2.7×2.7 inches ( 68x68mm ) direct from your mobile call. The paper size is slightly larger, at 72x85mm, leaving a border around the edge and a strip along the bottom, which can be utilitarian if you want to write a caption, and the peel-able second reveals a self-adhesive surface so you can literally stick your prints wherever you like. Running on dye-sublimation engineering and a fixate home rechargeable battery, it ’ s a neat and in full portable printer that gives good-quality results, is dead easy to use and has reasonable run costs, working out to around 80p/75c per photographic print. Why you can trust Digital Camera World Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services sol you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test. The Canon SELPHY Square QX10 is out to prove that it ‘s hush hip to be squarely. Though with increasing rival from other portable printers, it ‘s surely got its employment out for it.

As the name suggests, the Canon SELPHY Square QX10 sticks to a square movie format – which puts it in slightly exchangeable territory to the Polaroid Lab ( opens in newfangled tab ) instant printer, though this prints on instant movie. And while early manufacturers have been focusing on unlike formats for their instant film printers, like the Instax Mini Link 2 ( opens in new tab ) and Instax Link Wide ( opens in new yellow journalism ), Canon ‘s latest SELPHY offers square prints on dye-sub composition. It surely looks pretty chic, being offered in black, white, green and pinko colorways. The style is very neat and tidy, besides, with precisely a individual function button and two LEDs to indicate tear and condition. It may be a little on the large slope to truly paroxysm in the ‘ air pocket printer ’ category, but has no bulge parts, with a dye cassette that slots into the side, while a push-down storage of up to 20 sheets of photograph wallpaper sits in an inner paper tray, accessed from underneath. Towards the rear of the right-hand side is a USB Micro B port, but this is strictly for charging the barrage preferably than for printing from a computer. As such, the QX10 is designed strictly for printing from your mobile phone or other smart device that features Wi-Fi Direct. indeed, does it have what it takes to rank among the best portable printers ( opens in new tab key ) ?


Print type: Dye-sublimation
Inks: Cyan, magenta, yellow
Max print size: 68x68mm
Max resolution: 287x287dpi
Power source: Internal rechargeable battery
Display screen: None
Interfaces: Wi-Fi Direct
Dimensions (WxDxH): 102x143x31mm
Weight: 445g Canon SELPHY Square QX10 The 20-print magazine containing the dye-sub ribbon slots into the english of the printer, while the home stimulation tray for 20 sheets of composition is positioned in the al-qaeda of the printer. ( image credit : Matthew Richards )


Like the larger Canon SELPHY CP1300 ( opens in newfangled tab ) and versatile early portable photograph printers, the QX10 is based on dye-sublimation technology. In a nutshell, each photograph print passes through the printer four times, for the summation of cyan, magenta and scandalmongering dyes, equally good as a final protective coat. As a amply portable radio receiver printer, the QX10 has a built-in rechargeable power pack, which is sufficient for printing 20 photos from a wax charge. A USB A to USB Micro B charging cable television is supplied but no mains charger. You ’ ve credibly got a few of those kicking around already. Setting up a Wi-Fi direct connection to your fluid telephone or another io or Android device is quick and easy, after which the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app is all you need for creating prints. This makes it easy to select photograph images on your call for impression, adenine well as for adding stamps and text if you feel the need. A rate of filters is besides on hand, for changing the expect of your print. Unlike with inkjet print, you get a fixed number of prints from each dye cassette. As such, media is sold in packs of 20, containing both the dye cartridge and 20 sheets of photograph newspaper. Canon ’ s ‘ Color Ink & Label XS-20L ’ packs monetary value around £16/ $ 15 a hold, working out to about 80p/75c per print. The page size itself is 72x85mm and the visualize size is 68x68mm, or 2.7×2.7 inches, so you end up with a thin white border on three sides and a wide 17mm strip at the bottom, ideal for adding a caption if you wish. The newspaper has a peel-able backing, so you can remove this to reveal a self-adhesive airfoil, ideal for scrapbooking or sticking the print to pretty much any coat. Color quality is rich and vibrant, with full detail all the way from deep shadows to bright highlights. Canon rates the longevity of prints at 100 years. ( prototype accredit : Matthew Richards )


Print speed is reasonably crisp, at around 43 seconds per print in total, for all four passes. Although agile to output, the prints have full longevity, which Canon rates at 100 years. Image timbre is very please, if not up to the criterion set by high-end photograph inkjet printers. Color rendition is vibrant but lifelike, with good overall accuracy, and there ’ s batch of depth in shadows and blacks, along with thoroughly retention of contingent in highlights .


If squarely pictures are your thing, then the QX10 makes a arrant travel companion. It ’ s very simple to use and there ’ s a lot to be said for being able to print images anywhere and everywhere, from your earphone or early chic device over Wi-Fi Direct. even so, connectivity options are a little limit. For example, there ’ s no Bluetooth and you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate print from a calculator via a USB cable. ultimately, the QX10 is a snatch of a one-trick pony but it does its one antic very well. today ‘s best Canon Selphy Square QX10 dealsCanon SELPHY QX10 Portable... ( opens in fresh pill )Amazon ( opens in fresh tab )Prime ( opens in new yellow journalism )


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