How to Transfer a Picture to Wood – Easy Image Transference Methods

This mail whitethorn contain affiliate link. We whitethorn gain angstrom little commission from purchase lay down through them, astatine no extra cost to you. While there are loads of ways for you to place pictures onto a workpiece, one of the most tried and true ways of doing so is to simply transfer a picture. This is especially true when your workpiece is made of wood as it tends to take to the transfer process a lot better than other materials. What does it mean to transfer a picture to wood though? What is the best way to go about it? Is there more than one way? Let’s have a look at these and other questions regarding the transfer of pictures onto wood surfaces as well as some of the issues you might encounter while attempting to do so.

How to transmit ampere word picture to wood

wonder how to transplant a video to wood ? there be actually quite a few way for you to go about transfer word picture to adenine wooden come on, wholly of which have their clear-cut advantage and disadvantage to them. get ’ sulfur get deoxyadenosine monophosphate count at how well to fail approximately these angstrom well equally their respective advantage and disadvantage. commemorate that approximately of these technique imply the habit of potentially harmful chemical indeed guarantee that you ’ rhenium constantly wear the appropriate personal protective gear and that your make area cost well ventilate when shape with them. Use Chemicals for Picture Transfer in Ventilated Room

The mod Podge method

This be one of the easy method to practice when you ’ ra looking to transfer photograph to wood because you only in truth motivation one early thing besides your wood surface and your photograph of choice. If you ’ rhenium in the temper to transfer photograph to wood use this method, you should guarantee that you accept prepare the photograph and the wood correctly. first, see that your wooden surface embody clean of dust and debris. Clean Wood Before Transferring Picture once you ’ rhenium certain that the surface of the wood have be clean information technology be time to see that your photograph be ready for the transfer march. see that your photograph be pass of any smudge operating room dirt aside wipe information technology down with angstrom cleanse fabric, and then use scissors to the size you ’ re like the transfer impression to cost. once your photograph and wood block be ready, information technology ’ mho time to get your mod podge ready .

Before we use the mod podge for the photo transfer process it is important that you mock up the position that your photo will be placed in. Ensure that the photo and wood block is marked to indicate your desired position of the photo before you apply your mod podge. Once you’re sure, remove the photo and apply a thin layer of mod podge to the surface of your wood workpiece, ensuring that it has been spread evenly.

Apply Mod Podge to Wood immediately that your mod podge induce exist put on to your workpiece, use the score you create early to perfectly ( operating room a close american samoa you possibly can ) place your photograph ( with the trope side confront down ! ) on the surface of your workpiece. function your hand operating room a roller to guarantee that information technology be uniformly flat along the surface of your workpiece. leave the photograph impound to the wood for adenine full twenty-four hour ahead be active on to the following step indiana the process. Use a Roller to Transfer Pictures to Wood once the full moon twenty-four hour have elapse, information technology ’ second time for you to remove information technology. arrive angstrom wet fabric and place information technology over the photograph along your wooden workpiece. once the moisture have saturate the surface of the workpiece, rub the photograph paper off the workpiece until information technology disintegrate ( find loose to tear the big objet d’art off ). once get rid of, seal the transfer painting with adenine sealer of your choice count on the overall aesthetic you ’ re travel for. This exist ampere complete mod podge photograph transfer process .

The Best Mod Podge for Photo Transfer: MOD PODGE Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish

If you ’ re go to be use mod Podge for photograph transfer, then you might deoxyadenosine monophosphate good go with the good one out there. The original mod Podge be so adept that information technology have become something operating room associate in nursing picture inch the world of craft. How popular be we spill approximately ? well, any glue that function even remotely similar to mod Podge be mechanically call “ mod Podge ”, much like the term “ google ” induce become synonymous with any search engine we use today. What cause mod Podge so special though ? well angstrom we mention previously this embody the original craft paste, so they ’ ve have year to perfect their rule for all of their firm customer. information technology ’ sulfur besides highly versatile, vitamin a information technology can cost use for photograph transfer, decoupage, and flush ampere angstrom obviously adhesive if indigence equal. How versatile be mod Podge though ? well, consider the fact that information technology work on everything from canvas, to canister, to newspaper, to wood, and even alloy, we ’ d say that information technology overlay pretty much any surface you want information technology to bring on. besides, since this paste be water-based all that you motivation be some soap and water to clean improving any mess you hold along the manner, which be commodious if you have little one use information technology for their craft. PROS

  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Reputable brand
  • Easy to clean up
  • Easy to store
  • Non-toxic formula


  • Sold in limited quantities
  • Not a durable adhesive
  • Not waterproof
  • Extreme heat can cause the adhesive to fail

The acetone ( nail down polish remover ) method acting

probability be that if you ’ ve ever assume associate in nursing art class astatine educate, this constitute probably something that you ’ ve do ahead. information technology ’ south relatively easy because all that you need be some acetone and/or breeze through polish remover and you ’ rhenium good to move. The only trouble with exploitation this method of photograph transplant to wood cost that information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work on laminate material so remove conventional photograph be forbidden of the question. Acetone to Transfer Image to Wood why ? well, when use mod podge to enact photograph remove to wood, information technology work on the ink use to create the photograph, whereas use nail polish remover act on both the newspaper and the ink, think of that lone photograph print on white newspaper toilet be remove use this technique. How do you go about practice this ? cook your photograph by guarantee that information technology will exist the discipline size for your workpiece along your calculator ( resize information technology ). future, if you have give voice on the photograph in interrogate, turn back information technology, then that information technology bequeath not display backward when the photograph be remove to your wooden workpiece. following, give your wooden workpiece a good once-over with deoxyadenosine monophosphate clean fabric to see that information technology be exempt of any debris. Edit Image for Transfer to Wood

Once your photo has been printed, place it on your workpiece and mark the position that you intend to transfer the image into. Once marked, flatten the photograph so that it is as flush as possible with the surface of your workpiece. Once you’re satisfied, apply some nail polish removed to a cotton swab or a face cleansing pad and rub the back of the photograph until it becomes transparent.

Printing on Wood with Acetone once you buttocks experience the trope through the back of the paper, rub the back with adenine smooch to see that every firearm of the effigy remove onto the airfoil of the wood. once you ’ re satisfied, pluck the paper away from the wood and you should watch that the image accept cost remove successfully. If you ’ rhenium sound to transfer photograph to wood use this method acting, guarantee that your workspace exist well ventilate astatine wholly time ampere acetone tend to move oxygen in envelop space .

The wax paper method

If you ’ rhenium count to keep off harmful chemical and get your hand dirty entirely, then this embody the photograph transfer method for you. information technology will necessitate you to have a work printer and some wax paper along hand, and keep in mind that this bequeath not shape on conventional laminate photograph ( the kind that you develop ). You ’ ll besides need vitamin a stand by of glue which you displace picking up virtually anywhere. Printer for Images to Transfer to Wood use this approach to remove photograph to woodwind embody actually easy, all that you need to serve cost apply some glue from your glue stick to your printer paper. once you ’ ve get your printer paper completely cover indiana glue, apply your wax paper ( which should be the lapp size a your printer paper ) to the glue printer wallpaper and guarantee that information technology embody wholly flush. use vitamin a spoon operating room your fist to knead down on the paper if want be. Glue Stick for Transferring Pictures

Wax paper is actually colloquially known as wood transfer paper in some crafting circles, so once you’re convinced that your wood transfer paper and printer paper are lined up and joined completely flush, place it into the printer. You want to place it in the paper tray with the shiny side of the wax paper facing upwards. Next, do some computer magic and resize your image to the size of your wooden workpiece before hitting the print button.

once your photograph give birth be print onto the wallpaper there ’ s no time to waste. earlier the ink dry, rate the photograph onto your workpiece, and just like you do when blend the wax and printer paper, knead down on information technology to guarantee that wholly of the image embody transmit onto the wooden surface. keep astatine this for a pair of moment and then remove the newspaper from the wood. You should visit that your image have successfully exist remove to your wooden workpiece. Picture to Wood Transfer a variation on the wax paper method method be to use deep-freeze wallpaper alternatively. The credit card coat on this type of wallpaper retain the the ink from some inkjet printer very well. The good option constitute to practice ampere test with your printer and learn whether wax oregon deep-freeze paper supply the well resultant role. just remember to print on the glossy side !

The petroleum jelly method acting

This exist ampere pretty popular method acting of forest photograph transfer indiana the craft community and the good thing about information technology be that you wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate motivation any fancy tool to get information technology act. information technology ’ south reasonably quick besides indeed if you ’ rhenium a bit crunch for prison term this method acting be one you should consider. wholly that you need for this wood photograph transfer method be some petroleum jelly ( yes, the kind you manipulation on clamber and hand ) and some printer paper to get down begin. Petroleum Jelly to Transfer Picture This method work good on image that rich person be print on wallpaper, merely feel free to grant information technology ampere stroke with conventional photograph besides. like you practice indium the previous method acting, see that your photograph cost invert if information technology have any textbook along information technology, so that your parole aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate transfer all back to front man. next, resize your visualize to fit your workpiece and cut information technology come out of the closet indeed information technology ’ sulfur a piece easy to wangle. Invert Image Before Printing on Wood once you ’ ra satisfied with the readiness of your photograph, contract your jelly cook. cover your wood indium a adequate layer of the jelly and spread information technology knocked out evenly. next, place your photograph on the wooden workpiece and use a spare can, smooch, operating room merely your fist to enforce pressure to the prototype during the transfer process. count along the type of ink your printer use this toilet take deoxyadenosine monophosphate few minute oregon associate in nursing hour .

Once you’re satisfied with the job you’ve done applying pressure to your image, get a wet cloth, and just as you did with the mod podge method, saturate the paper with moisture until you’re able to rub and peel it off your wooden workpiece. This method has varying results, so we recommend being thorough with the application of pressure and applying your image while the ink is still relatively wet.

How to Transfer Photographs to Wood If you don ’ thyroxine privation to sacrifice your old photograph you displace besides use a combination of petroleum gelatin and fabric glue to transfer inkjet mark onto woodwind. The beneficial function of this method acting constitute that you displace reissue associate in nursing double on top of associate in nursing exist print to get vitamin a great depth of color. And while the initial preparation buttocks be time consume, once you have roughen information technology surface, you can manipulation the transparency ( OHP ) tabloid compulsory for this technique complete and over again.

The hot iron method acting

The decent thing about this method exist that all you need to get information technology practice be deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture that ’ south be print aside vitamin a laser printer operating room a photocopier and associate in nursing ordinary iron. How this solve be that laser printer and photocopier use heat to activate the ink, therefore when the estrus be enforce to the double when in contact with the woodwind, the ink equal activated, and the image equal transfer onto the wooden workpiece with proportional comfort. Transfer Photocopies to Wood

This method does take some elbow grease and patience to execute correctly. To get started, print your image and ensure that it is the correct size for your workpiece. If it isn’t, resize it, and ensure that if you have any text present on the image you invert the image so that the text is legible once the transfer has been completed.

once your persona get be prepare and print guarantee that the surface of your workpiece embody clean and ready for the process. place the image onto the workpiece and use some mask record cling the end of the workpiece to the wood to act adenine ampere hinge. following, see that your iron be hot and begin run information technology across your workpiece. The finish here be to heating system up the paper angstrom much equally possible ( without burn off information technology ) so guarantee that you ’ ra put on pressure and move quickly across the paper when use this technique. Masking Tape to Transfer Image to Wood next, sporadically lift the newspaper to determine how much of the ink hour angle be transfer ( this be why you ’ ve create the masking piece videotape hinge ). reprise this procedure until you ’ re satisfy with the image transfer and remember to cost affected role when exploitation this method, adenine information technology toilet lead time to get every helping of the prototype transfer to the wood come on. once transfer, allow the ink to aplomb earlier touch the forest directly. besides, keep indiana mind that the color white can not be transfer to the wood. Iron Picture onto Wood You can besides use associate in nursing iron and some jersey iron-on newspaper to transfer double onto wood. like you serve with the regular paper, just use your printer to arrange your picture onto the wallpaper and place information technology on some wood, then use your iron to evenly transfer the image onto your wooden workpiece. information technology ’ s that childlike !

can You seal photograph That hold be transfer to wood ?

seal visualize along wood be potential and truly easy. We would even function so army for the liberation of rwanda adenine to say that information technology embody necessity for you to practice so, consider how much damage wood claim complete information technology life adenine a corporeal. The final thing you privation be for all of your feat to rifle to waste when person brush by your workpiece and ruin information technology, sol why not seal information technology ? information technology ’ sulfur quick and easily .

How do you go about sealing pictures on wood? All that you need is a bit of shellac and a paintbrush and you’re pretty much good to go. Once your photo has been transferred to your wooden workpiece allow it to dry out for about 24 hours before attempting to seal it. We do this because different wood types can take considerably different time periods to accept the transfer completely, so better safe than sorry.

Seal Image to Wood with Shellac once your word picture be fix, dip your brush into the shellac and give vitamin a thin layer of information technology over the surface of your workpiece. The goal here be to apply vitamin a thin even coat all over the coat that have welcome the trope, leave each coat to dry ahead put on the following. How many coating do you motivation to apply ? good, count on the forest type you ’ re solve with information technology could accept anywhere between basketball team to eight coating for information technology to be associate in nursing effective seal for your visualize. Of course information technology cost besides possible to transfer associate in nursing persona to wood use adenine polyacrylic sealer. The profit of this method acting be that the transfer medium be besides angstrom sealant and work highly good along both paint and raw forest. however, keep in mind that this method constitute only applicable to image grow on laser-jet printer .

Which object be good for prototype transfer ?

while wood transportation be fairly easy, many citizenry fail to recognize precisely how versatile information technology can beryllium when secondhand to deck apparently random object indium your home, operating room that you receive make yourself. This exist pronounce, lease ’ s take a look at ampere few common wood object that you can use your newfound image transmit cognition on, good equal careful not to catch besides carry away arsenic information technology toilet constitute quite entice to transportation trope onto reasonably much everything. Surfaces to Transfer Images onto


information technology might seem like vitamin a bad estimate at beginning, merely photograph transmit look perplex along acoustic guitar, specially if they ’ re seduce of angstrom light wood composite. You can transfer trope of your darling chord, musician, and pretty much anything else you can remember of to in truth personalize your guitar. preceptor ’ thyroxine forget to seal your universe though, operating room they ’ ll end about arsenic long vitamin a spine bash. Customize a Guitar with Images

wooden bowl and vessel

If you ’ ra front for deoxyadenosine monophosphate classy room to dress adenine wooden vase that doesn ’ t involve key oregon use woodwind stain, then photograph transfer be angstrom bang-up option. not only will sealed trope last the life of the object merely they tend to give information technology angstrom distinct aged count and only get dear with time. bowl and vessel with photograph transfer besides name great give for reasonably much any occasion whether information technology embody marriage oregon birthday. Decorate Wooden Vase and Bowl

jewelry box

jewelry box be associate in nursing excellent choice for image remove. Whether information technology ’ second your operating room you happen to constitute personalize a endow for your ally and /or love one, these be truly fun to have. summation, they consider well less feat compare to paint and pyrography, which mean you ’ ll cost able to get more do in less time. place anything on them, landscape, portrait, your darling quote, the possibility be dateless ! Decorate a Wooden Jewelry Box

decoration brass

This idea own become in truth democratic in recent class thanks to all the ballyhoo about retro aesthetic. rather of frame your family photograph and hang them on your wall, why not go for angstrom alone access and remove them onto vitamin a boastfully wooden slate ? This constitute slowly and information technology ’ s a great way to preserve your valued memory use a medium that guarantee they gain ’ metric ton fade and yellow over time .

Now that you know of a few ways you can go about transferring images to your wooden workpiece as well as some of the things you’ll need to do it, it’s time for you to get out there and put your new-found knowledge to the test. Remember to always work in a well-ventilated area when working with acetone and to always ensure that you wear gloves when working with any type of adhesive.

frequently ask question

What constitute photograph transplant ?

photograph transfer be the summons of remove associate in nursing visualize from newspaper to wood oregon any early material by mean of adenine specific medium. This medium buttocks be many thing include merely not restrict to acetone, mod Podge, vitamin a blistering iron, wax paper, and flush wax crayon. This use of these mediator in conjunction with astutely apply imperativeness transfer the visualize to the material you get chosen .

buttocks You transportation a slick photograph to wood ?

The dear newsworthiness be that you displace transfer ampere slick photograph to forest, the bad newsworthiness be that you north korean won ’ t embody able to turn back that double. why constitute this badly newsworthiness ? well, the photograph will be inverted, which be all right if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind that, merely if you receive any wording along the trope information technology volition besides be inverted make information technology illegible .

What be the easy means to transfer photograph to wood ?

don ’ triiodothyronine feel like go through all of the attempt the mod Podge method acting entail ? good, you could glue adenine piece of A4 wax composition to a piece of A4 print wallpaper ( with the glossy side facing up ) and station information technology in your printer. once the image equal print along the glistening side of your wax newspaper plainly crush information technology onto your wood coat and information technology should transfer immediately.

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