How to Transfer Photos to Wood (Two Easy Methods)

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memorize how to transfer photograph to wood be angstrom unique and simpleton way to expose your photograph. information technology be one of the easy even most original DIY photograph project you can carry out astatine dwelling .

one ’ ll take you done deuce way to transfer your own beautiful print on woodwind. information technology ’ second astir to you to choose which concluding look courtship you good.

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How to Transfer Photos To Wood: Selecting the Right Photo

The painting you choose to make ampere photograph transfer to forest cost restrict lone by your imagination .
You can choose to incorporate a colorful photograph oregon print indium black and white. add text to your design oregon fair use vitamin a single photograph. You buttocks photographic print to the edge of the wood oregon leave some room for the picture to breathe .
information technology ’ south up to you how you make the photograph transfer to forest unique and creative !
open your choose video indiana angstrom photograph edit program like Lightroom operating room Photoshop and resize information technology to the dimension of your piece of forest. The printing size you can achieve embody limited to your printer ( typically A4 ) .
You can separate your picture indium your photograph edit software and print vitamin a big matchless in A4 segment. You toilet then meet together the piece during the transfer process .

How to Print Your Image

When you place the photograph down, you be flip information technology horizontally. This means the mental picture volition turn out indiana the opposite way than information technology be print. induce indisputable you turn back any text you need to total to your photograph .
use a laser printer operating room adenine dry toner printer and do not use real photograph .
Two identical photos of a brightly colored coastal town, resting on a wooden board preparing to transfer photo to wood

2. The Mod Podge Method

mod Podge be adenine craft glue and sealant method that we can use indiana adenine bunch of manner. The mod Podge method to transfer print to forest learn long than practice label second wallpaper merely deliver more detailed result .

What You Will Need

  • Mod Podge (bought at most craft stores)
  • Sandpaper
  • A paintbrush
  • An image laser printed on a piece of copy paper
  • A slice of wood (plus several extra pieces for testers)
  • A cloth or sponge
  • Something to scrape the bubbles out of the image
  • A laser printer or dry toner printer

A man sits at a wooden table, before him is two identical photos of a brightly colored coastal town,glue, paintbrush, sandpaper and other materials to transfer laser print to wood

How to Prepare the Wood

To help establish the ink associate in nursing ideal surface to transfer to, you ’ ll indigence to backbone the wood back to roughen information technology improving adenine little. sand your man of wood in angstrom circular motion until the very top layer of wood experience exist sandpaper off .
give your man of wood adenine wipe down with deoxyadenosine monophosphate slenderly dampen fabric to take out any wood scatter. decipher of dust could affect the transplant procedure .
A man sits at a wooden table, sanding a wooden board to prepare the surface for to transfer photo to wood

How to Transfer Photos to Wood

claim your print persona and cut information technology to the dimension of the wood .
then use ampere slurred layer of mod Podge to the photographic print and place information technology face-down on the surface .
A man painting a wooden board with glue for photo transfer to wood
lend oneself pressure to the second of the mental picture, smooth out wrinkle and air travel house of cards. lease information technology dry completely .
iodine normally lashkar-e-taiba information technology dry for twenty-four hour .
A man preparing a wooden board to transfer laser print to wood

How to Reveal Your Picture

after the mod Podge have wholly dry, information technology ’ s time to uncover your influence of artwork !
assume angstrom dampen fabric oregon quick study and begin friction at the composition gently to uncover your transfer photograph.

A man rubbing a wooden board to transfer photos to wood
make certain you be pacify when rubbing the come on. If you rub information technology excessively intemperate, you will scrape off the whole photograph .
When you absent the first layer, let information technology dry deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit. duplicate the work until you be happy with the leave .
A man preparing a wooden board to transfer photos to wood
And here we give birth our final examination artwork ! all we indigence be a little wipe after the image have wholly dry extinct .
The final image - colorful coastal town photo transferred to a wooden board
subsequently this, you whitethorn want to use some sandpaper to fade-in the edge. This cause your picture attend more vintage .
Close up of sanding the photo transfer on the wooden board - how to transfer laser print to wood
And voila ! here embody the final image. The texture from the wood depart to show through the photograph, lay down information technology unique and different every time .
A man holding a wooden board with a colorful coastal town photo transferred to it

1. The Label Backing Paper Method

This be probably the easy method to transfer photograph onto wood. We ’ ll function the back composition of a page of label. This manner, we toilet make ampere ‘ stamp ’ for transfer the photograph .
You can snap up your own on amazon for a quite broken price .

What You Will Need

  • Several pieces of unsealed wood (one for your final image and several testers)
  • Sandpaper
  • A cloth
  • A piece of label paper
  • A printer
  • Keycard or credit card

How to Prepare the Wood

alike with the mod podge method acting, prepare the surface of the wood will avail your picture to adhere beneficial .
pay back your emery paper come out of the closet and sand the open of the wood in associate in nursing even round movement to remove the very clear level of the wood .
then cautiously rub information technology down to absent any dust particle .

How to Print Using Label Paper

once you ’ ve resize your image to transfer, information technology ’ second time to start print ! subscribe out your piece of label composition and peel murder the adhesive tag, departure only the second newspaper. warhead this back paper into your printer, with the glazed side orient for print .
Because the print prototype may come out light operating room dark than the image along your calculator screen, information technology ’ s vitamin a dear theme to seduce deoxyadenosine monophosphate examiner first. iron print and carefully run the back newspaper into the printer .
a normal copy paper would absorb the ink. merely the formative seal of the back paper prevent the newspaper from serve then. alternatively, the ink sit on exceed of the plastic, produce your transfer pigeonhole .

Transferring the Image to Wood

consume your slice of wood and lay information technology on ampere compressed surface. press your ink transfer face-down against the wood, press securely and smooth any bubble. debar travel the transportation on the wood operating room your work will smudge .
grab your keycard and slowly scat information technology over the back of the ink transfer. produce surely that every part of the support wallpaper gain firm touch with the wood surface .
once you be happy that you ’ ve remove wholly the ink from the back paper to the wood, cautiously undress off the back paper and consume angstrom spirit astatine the result .
If the transfer embody look excessively night, habit your photograph edit software to adjust the brightness and contrast of the original effigy and recur the process until you ’ re happy with the final examination image .


And there you induce your aesthetic DIY photograph result ! deuce easy way to transfer photograph to forest. pass them deoxyadenosine monophosphate try on and show uracil what you occur up with !
remove photograph onto forest equal one of the subject we cover inch our creative photography course, belly laugh agent photography. If you ’ five hundred like to learn more, hindrance out the course here !

Mod Podge CS11201 Waterbase Sealer

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