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Lowe’s at a Glance

Specializes in: low-cost substitute windows Average price range: $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 Warranty: 1 class for british labour party

Response time: 1-3 days Best For: Replacing windows on a budget

Window Types

As you might expect from a home improvement giant, Lowe ‘s offers a huge array of window options. You can select from more than a twelve unlike types of windows, including unmarried and double-hung windows, storm windows, awning windows, skylights, and more. The entirely place where Lowe ‘s sometimes falls short is in its selection of specialization shape windows, which is relatively specify. importantly, Lowe ‘s is able to fit good about every homeowner ’ sulfur budget. The company sells windows constructed from aluminum and vinyl for situations when the focus is more on affordability than aesthetics. For beautiful windows that can help showcase your home, Lowe ‘s besides has a wide selection of fiberglass and wood options . It ’ sulfur worth noting that while Lowe ‘s offers some customization, for the most partially, you ’ rhenium limited to the neckcloth on hand. The company can order some designs from the brands it works with, but you shouldn ’ t expect mix-and-match finishes or customs aesthetics. For that, you ’ ll motivation to work immediately with a company that specializes in high-end windows .


One of the main reasons to choose Lowe ‘s for your substitute windows is that it ’ s extremely low-cost. To start, Lowe ‘s has plenty of low-cost aluminum and vinyl window options. The company ’ mho invention consultants make it a point to work with every budget as opposed to only selling top-tier substitute windows. Pricing at Lowe ‘s is by quote alone, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $ 50 to $ 500 per window for all but high-end wooden window options. Homeowners report spending anywhere from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 on average for window successor, although the cost can surely rise if you ’ re replacing all the windows in your family. Another thing to like about Lowe ‘s is that the ship’s company offers finance options for most window substitute projects. finance options will depend on your citation, but Lowe ‘s has a handy calculator on their web site so you can well find out what payment plans are available .

Why Buy Windows at Lowe’s?

Lowe ‘s offers a wide assortment of window and glass door types for every budget. During your free reference with a Lowe ‘s plan specialist, they will go over all material options, show you diverse samples and give you a personalized quotation for your project. This personalized overhaul ensures you get precisely what you need, at a fair price.

Lowe ‘s besides offers a window facility service from professional, mugwump, see, and background-checked installers, which comes backed by a annual labor guarantee. Best of all, you can pay your Lowe ‘s refilling windows with a comfortable financing design of up to 84 monthly payments .


“ We have found Lowe ‘s to be very customer friendly and will do what the customer wants and to the customer ‘s satisfaction. We have made other purchases there all with accomplished atonement. We will continue to be firm customers of Lowe’s. ” —T.C. “ I had two outside windows and a storm window installed by Lowe ‘s. The installer did an excellent job. The craft was first class, and he did it in a timely manner. I will recommend everyone to Lowe’s. ” —D.I .

Customer Service and Response Times

Lowe ‘s offers customer service by telephone and email 7 days a week, from 8:30 am to 7 promethium Eastern. If you ’ ra interested in getting started with a window refilling project, you can schedule a free consultation on-line with Lowe ‘s window experts. The reference occurs over the earphone and the Lowe ‘s representative can show samples online. Lowe ‘s besides offers in-home estimates in some areas, although this varies by store .


Lowe ‘s provides a annual guarantee on the facility of your windows. If you have issues with the windows themselves, you ’ ll necessitate to file a guarantee claim with the manufacturer rather than with Lowe ‘s. sol, it ’ s crucial to consider the distance of the guarantee when choosing substitution windows .

Energy Efficiency

successor windows at Lowe ‘s deviate widely in how department of energy effective they are. The caller offers enough of windows with 2 and 3 panes to help insulate your home. Many of the windows that Lowe ‘s sells besides come with glass coatings that can help prevent heat transmit . however, there international relations and security network ’ t an easy room to search specifically for energy-efficient windows when choosing substitute windows at Lowe ‘s. You ’ ll need to talk with your design adviser about window options or find energy-efficient options from the brands that Lowe ‘s offers. Lowe ‘s

Other Services Offered

Lowe ‘s is a colossus of the home improvement world, so there are very few things that Lowe ‘s doesn ’ metric ton offer. If you need doors, argue, roof, or HVAC substitution, Lowe ‘s can handle all of that . Keep in beware that for most of Lowe ‘s services, including window successor, the ship’s company uses freelancer contractors for facility. however, you can besides purchase materials from Lowes and hire your own installer .


If you ’ re looking to replace your windows on a budget, Lowe ‘s is a beneficial choice. The home improvement giant star has a large selection of brands and window styles to choose from. Plus, you can get a complimentary reference to help you understand what you need and how much it ’ s probably to cost. Lowe ‘s uses independent contractors to install your windows, so don ’ metric ton expect top-tier service. While it would be decent to have an even longer policy, the 1-year guarantee on labor helps ensure you ’ ll get a quality facility .

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