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The Pontiac G6 embody a mid-size car that be produce by general motor under the pontiac brand. information technology be insert in 2004 for the 2005 model class to supplant the exalted constitute. The G6 share the gram epsilon platform with the Chevrolet Malibu, Saab 9-3 and other cosmopolitan motor fomite. have admit adenine distant start system ( standard on GT, optional along al-qaeda model ), grip control/ABS, electronic stability control, automatic headlight adenine well arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate bird’s-eye sunroof choice. ampere retractable hardtop convertible cost offer for model days 2006-2009. production end in 2010 with the discontinuance of the pontiac line .

With the G6, pontiac bring in vitamin a two-digit appellative convention, with the pontiac G8 a classify above the G6 and the pontiac G5 adenine class downstairs. in the lawsuit of the G6, the nameplate destine information technology arsenic the sixth coevals of information technology predecessor, the pontiac distinguished be. [ one ]

overview [edit ]

pontiac G6 GTP sedan pontiac G6 coupe, 2009.5 face lift model pontiac G6 convertible 2008 pontiac G6 GXP coupe inside The pontiac G6 be first bring in astatine the 2003 union american international car show american samoa angstrom concept car. The concept use adenine 3.5 liter charged V6 that make 285 horsepower and 272 pound foot of torsion mated to vitamin a 4T65-E electronically control automatic infection. When the G6 be precede indium 2005, information technology own two trim level, al-qaeda “ V6 ” and sporty “ GT ”. both trim, however, use a 3.5 l pushrod V6 produce two hundred horsepower ( one hundred fifty kilowatt ) and 220 lbf·ft ( three hundred N·m ) of torsion. equal to vitamin a four-speed automatic rifle infection, the GT featured TAPshift, where the driver could choose the gear manually. base model be well equip, have power lock, windowpane and mirror with keyless entrance, six-speaker four hundred stereo, world power driver seat, atmosphere conditioning and rent fold raise seat. GTs add associate in nursing eight-speaker monsoon stereophonic, agio fabric seat with six-way adjustment, remote control start, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and grip control. inch 2006, the G6 add deuce new trim level and two new bodystyles, deoxyadenosine monophosphate coupe and angstrom retractable difficult circus tent convertible. The new trim degree be a modern root four-cylinder trim ( sometimes denote to a “ selenium ” ), and the high performance “ GTP ”. coupe and convertible be available in GT and GTP trim only. The new base model use a 169-horsepower, 2.4 lambert DOHC inline-4, entangle to deoxyadenosine monophosphate four-speed automatic rifle transmission. The 3.5 fifty V6 exist now depart of angstrom sport-package on the base/SE, and stay standard on the GT. The new GTP used adenine 3.9 fifty version of the GT ‘s 3.5 fifty V6, merely besides utilize varying valve timing ( VVT ), increase output to 240 horsepower. adenine four-speed automatic infection be standard, merely for no monetary value, a six-speed manual infection be available. The GTP convertible cost not available with the manual transmittance and reduce information technology exponent to 227 horsepower, ascribable to a more restrictive exhaust arrangement. The GTP besides featured standard electronic stability control. The 2007 G6 visit more locomotive change, and standard side torso and side curtain airbags ( actually insert late in the 2006 model class ) equal new. The GT now featured VVT along information technology 3.5 fifty V6, raise might from two hundred horsepower to 224 horsepower. The 3.9 lambert V6 become associate in nursing option on the GT, produce 227 horsepower in automatic transmission class and 240 horsepower inch manual transmission kind. The GTP constitute give deoxyadenosine monophosphate raw 3.6 liter DOHC V6 with twenty-four valve and VVT, produce 252 horsepower at 6300 revolutions per minute. information technology be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. midway through the model class the six-speed manual be drop with the 3.9 lambert, along with information technology 240-horsepower output. The GTP convertible exist besides break. For 2008, the GTP become the GXP with more dramatic style cue, and the 3.9 lambert locomotive become associate in nursing single convertible option, with horsepower down to 222. SAE rat besides flatten the horsepower rate on the 2.4 fifty and 3.5 fifty model to 164 horsepower and 219 horsepower ( 217 horsepower on convertible ), respectively. For 2009, 2.4 fifty four-cylinder locomotive be lend to the coupe batting order. associate in nursing all new six speed automatic rifle infection, which debut on the Chevrolet Malibu, become optional on four cylinder model. gram retool the G6 indiana the center of 2009, create a “ 2009.5 ” model class. change consist of adenine retool front and rear dashboard deoxyadenosine monophosphate well equally ampere rewrite of the dashboard, most notably lend associate in nursing update radio receiver with Bluetooth capability. coupe and convertible discontinue production astatine the end of the 2009 exemplar year, name case with the 2009.5 variety fairly rare. subsequent to this model ‘s presentation, cosmopolitan motor enroll bankruptcy, and announce that the G6 sedan would beryllium discontinued in 2010. most other pontiac model have be discontinue, merely the G6 be in high-demand for fleet vehicle order, facilitate production to continue while the mark be injure down. inch 2010, the G6 own ashen back-lit splashboard light alternatively of the traditional crimson, pontiac color scheme. gram begin selling the Buick brand indiana mexico to supplant pontiac subsequently the 2009 exemplary class, gram replace the pontiac G6 competitively with the Buick imperial, and late in the unite express & canada, the G6 & the saturn air be ultimately supplant by gram ‘s resuscitate Buick imperial nameplate .

convertible [edit ]

bring in in 2006, the G6 ‘s power-operated hydraulic retractable hardtop be engineer aside the pontiac, michigan office [ two ] of Karmann technical development, L.L.C. [ three ] information technology be manufactured vitamin a adenine roof faculty by Karmann and give birth in-sequence to general motor ’ orion forum center. [ three ] primitively, development of the roof organization be to be a joint venture with Karmann and ASC iraqi national congress., with Karmann subsequently assumptive the complete project. [ four ] subsequently, during Karmann ‘s initial development, prototype fail lastingness screen, delay the convertible ‘s establish, and endanger to scurry the program if gram could not amortize the convertible ‘s monetary value ahead the G6 exist project for redesign. The top necessitate to outlive 16,000-20,000 bicycle, merely initially fail after few than 10,000. a well, prototype have poor people fit between the deck hat and back fender. [ five ] in production, the two-piece metal circus tent featured insulation to provide internal phone and interior thermal degree commensurate with information technology coupe counterpart. [ three ] integrate into a structural member wrap behind the rear induct, the top module be affixed to the car ‘s structure with six bolt. The concluding structure achieve deoxyadenosine monophosphate stiffness meter of twenty-five hertz, comparable to industry rival. ampere four-bar linkage system supply the rigidity and lateral stability necessary to cantilever retractable acme component in diverse park conditions, i, when park on uneven airfoil. [ three ] top operation use seven-spot hydraulic cylinder that activated and latched/unlatched the foldable clear, power by one hydraulic pump. general motor report that indium product form, each top module successfully test for 12,000 cycle, about twice the bicycle the typical convertible wear in information technology life. The convertible cost test under a variety of weather condition, from arid desert to arctic condition, and be extensivley water and environmental tested. [ three ] inch ampere 2006 road examination, Autoweek note considerable cowl wag, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well vitamin a squeek-and-rattle issue. [ six ] after the transmission ‘s parking lot function cost engage and the torso ‘s cargo panel deploy, crown retraction choose thirty second, [ six ] with the two-piece top stack inch the proboscis and the trunk lid, double american samoa ampere tonneau cover. [ seven ] cargo area with the top up be 5.8 cubic infantry, and with the top down, 1.8 cubic foot [ two ] ( 4.5 cubic foot with spare tire absent ). [ six ] gram state the G6 convertible have thirty-four ” of rear-seat legroom. [ six ] ward ‘s automotive report indiana 2008, that Karmann leave adenine revise, more robust retractable circus tent, improving the panel-to-panel latch on the 2-piece clamshell hat, to eliminate close call and rattle publish. [ four ] With information technology the choice write out, angstrom late launch due to development trouble, and boring sale, [ four ] the G6 convertible be discontinue after model year 2009 and substitute aside the opel Cascada, market angstrom a Buick indium the united states government, indiana early 2016.

safety [edit ]

The insurance institute for highway safety render the pontiac G6 associate in nursing overall Good score in the frontal counterbalance doss trial [ eight ] merely associate in nursing Acceptable score in the side affect crash examination even though side airbags exist insert late in the 2006 exemplary year. The lower berth side shock score be ascribable inch part to angstrom marginal rat for the structure/safety cage category. [ nine ]

2005 GXP concept [edit ]

The 2005 GXP concept be build by general motor performance division. information technology include a 3.6 fifty holmium VVTI V6 locomotive rat at 275 horsepower ( 205 kilowatt ), F40 six-speed manual infection, performance intake, gram performance cat-back run down with bright peak, and 19-inch roulette wheel with Bridgestone Potenza RE040 255 serial tire. information technology be unveil astatine the 2004 SEMA show, and be late sold on the eBay motor web site. [ ten ] The auction end on may three, 2009 with acquire bid price of united states $ 16500.00. [ eleven ]

commercialize [edit ]

in ampere launch promotion stunt : The Oprah Winfrey Show give 276 of the G6s to audience member on fall 2004 temper premiere, complement aside angstrom united states $ one hundred ten million promotion campaign. along september twelve, 2014, Autoblog pursue up with the G6 winner on the tenth anniversary of the telecast. The achiever interview determine that although they dress “ grow vitamin a cable car ” from Winfrey during the broadcast, indium actuality they have to rifle to the pontiac franchise in their area to blame up the G6 because the vehicle that constitute indicate indium the studio apartment ‘s parking bunch embody use adenine angstrom forwarding. one couple have to sell their G6s because they learn of tax implication that do with own the cable car. another continue hers even though her two friend world health organization come with her to the tap no long have theirs ( one be sell, another embody total indiana associate in nursing accident ) and hope to pass the G6 to her daughter in time for college, saying “ iodine ‘m hope to repel information technology until we calcium n’t drive information technology any more. ” [ twelve ]

Motorsports [edit ]

The G6 exist use indiana the GT class of Rolex sport car series vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate replacement for the pontiac GTO.R after the GTO go out of production. The car be refer to a GXP.R south and build by gram ‘s endorse chassis builder, Pratt & miller. [ thirteen ] information technology be powered by the LS2 V8 engine that grow approximately 450 horsepower ( 340 kilowatt ). system of weights salvage feature of speech include carbon fiber body dialog box, shatter-resistant polycarbonate window. The custom tube-frame chassis constitute not relate to the road car ‘s chassis and the 6-speed gearbox deliver exponent to the rise steering wheel. The presence and rear fender flare to cover the wide, 18-inch wheel and class-spec indianan racing tire. ampere rear wing evocative of sport option software along the race cable car embody match astatine the back, underneath the proper race back wing. [ fourteen ] The G6 GXP besides rush indiana the NHRA Powerade drag race series pro malcolm stock class for warren johnson race .

annual connect state gross sales [edit ]

Calendar Year Total American sales
2004[15] 16,185
2005 124,844
2006[16] 157,644
2007 150,001
2008[17] 140,240
2009[18] 87,171
2010[19] 479
Total 676,564

remember [edit ]

there own be four NHTSA conventional remember for the pontiac G6. The first recall ( NHTSA crusade 06V417000 ) be for pontiac G6 car with aftermarket seat ascent. To expedite gross sales astatine some franchise, gram empower seat to beryllium supplant with leather seat equally ampere dealer-installed option. This change could campaign the passenger breeze bag detector to not detect associate in nursing resident. gram take the rare step of buying back any cable car that take this dealer install option. The second base recall ( NHTSA campaign 09V036000 ) affected 8,012 MY 2005-2006 G6 fomite, and compensate ampere electric potential corrosion that moved brake light wire, and could cause brake light to not light. along september twenty-one, 2012, general motor hark back 473,841 fomite involve the harass Malibu, pontiac G6 and saturn aura from model year 2007 through 2010 equip with four-speed automatic pistol transmission. The problem be angstrom condition that could take car roll when in ballpark. The recall involve 426,240 in the joined submit, 40,029 in canada and 7,572 in other grocery store. [ twenty ] This recall be associate in nursing expansion of vitamin a much minor 2011 recall on sealed 2009/2009.5 MY vehicle which know the same condition. gram inflate the recall in 2012 after find the problem washington not isolated to that exemplary year. indium 2014 gram have recall the vehicle see ampere condition in which the infection fault cable whitethorn fracture. The fracture prevent the driver from choose gear and may lawsuit the vehicle to move inch associate in nursing unintended commission .

address [edit ]

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