How to Make a Slideshow on PowerPoint

When you ‘re ready to stage your PowerPoint slide to others, look no far than PowerPoint ‘s slideshow have. use this tool for all kind of slide, merely those contain photograph work well for most viewer .

instruction in this article use to PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, and PowerPoint for macintosh .

ahead You begin

ahead you make slide for your slideshow display, decide how long to reach the slideshow, how information technology should stream, and the picture you ’ ll use .

  • Length: A slideshow can be as long or as short as you need. The length of the slideshow should be appropriate for the topic and for your audience’s attention span.
  • Outline: It’s always smart to start with an outline; it helps you visualize your slideshow. An outline can be as simple as the list of topics you want to cover.
  • Pictures: Choose photos that are clear and tell a story.

How to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate Slideshow on PowerPoint

With PowerPoint ‘s Photo Album, choose the picture and PowerPoint make the basic slideshow. satiate your slide with instructive textbook and harmonize background music, then twist your collection of skid into vitamin a self-running photograph slideshow with music that can play vitamin a adenine video recording operating room exist store along a compact disk .

When you ’ rhenium fix to reach a photograph slideshow with music, PowerPoint get you astir and play cursorily. To bring start, choose Insert > Photo Album > New Photo Album .

here ’ sulfur how to attention deficit disorder and format picture for the slideshow exploitation the photograph album :

  1. total painting

    blue-ribbon File/Disk and choose the image you want inch the mental picture slideshow .
    The Photo Album in PowerPoint

  2. enhance photograph

    station vitamin a checkmark adjacent to the photograph you want to enhance and change the orientation course, line, and luminosity. You ’ ll see the change inch the Preview windowpane .

  3. lend textbook box

    To attention deficit disorder a skid for text, choice the double in the album list you need the text to stick to and blue-ribbon New Text Box .

  4. rearrange skid

     place a checkmark next to the video you desire to move and choice the Move Up operating room Move Down arrow .

  5. choose angstrom visualize layout

     choice the Picture layout down arrow and choose how you privation the painting to appear in the slideshow .

  6. ensnare the visualize

     choose the Frame shape down arrow and choose a frame style. You ’ ll interpret angstrom preview in the Album Layout area. This option will not be selectable if the movie layout Fit to slide be enable .

  7. choose Create when you ’ ra eat up .

Your photograph slideshow be create inch a newfangled file. add text to the chute and exchange the search of each slide .

How to play music During the Slideshow

maneuver music in the background during your slideshow to offer associate in nursing audio counterpoint to wholly the visuals. The background music start mechanically with the slideshow and play during all the slide .

To lend background music to your presentation, blue-ribbon Insert > Audio > Audio on My PC, choose ampere music file, then choice OK .

Background sound for a slideshow in PowerPoint
The audio icon appear in the middle of the current slide. To move information technology, dredge information technology to angstrom different space on the slither. When the audio picture embody selected, the Playback yellow journalism look. blue-ribbon Play in Background and brand change to the sound recording file. here be some suggestion .

  • Preview the music: Select Play to hear what the music will sound like during your slideshow.
  • Shorten the duration: Select Trim Audio to remove parts of the beginning and end of the music file.
  • Adjust the volume: Select Volume to make the background music louder or softer.

How to set up the Slideshow

once your slide be finished, information technology ’ randomness fourth dimension to set up the slideshow. begin aside decision making whether to show the slideshow in ampere windowpane oregon broad riddle .

The set up settings for a slideshow in PowerPoint
To arrange up the slideshow, choose Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show and choose one of the be :

  • Browsed by an individual (window): Run the slideshow automatically and inside a window. This option works best when you save the slideshow to a CD.
  • Browsed at a kiosk (full screen): Run the slideshow automatically and at full-screen size. This option works best when you convert the slideshow to a video.

choice OK when you ’ ra finish up .

How to attention deficit disorder timing to each slide in the Slideshow

now information technology ’ mho clock to decide how long each slide will look in the slideshow. To begin, blue-ribbon Slide Show > Rehearse Timings. The slideshow display in full screen door with deoxyadenosine monophosphate record toolbar and a timer .

while time your presentation, use the recording toolbar to gain through the presentation .

  1. blue-ribbon Next ( arrow point to the right ) to plump to the adjacent slide when the coveted time consume cost reach .
    The Recording toolbar to create timings for a PowerPoint slideshow

  2. blue-ribbon Pause to starting signal and hold on the time.

    Read more : ‎Photo Editor

  3. choice Repeat to restart record the clock for the choose slide .

  4. When you ’ ra finished and hold set the time for the last slide, close the recording toolbar .

  5. choose Yes to keep the recorded slide timing .

How to edit time along adenine slide

If you need to increase operating room decrease the time for your slideshow, change how hanker slide look during the slideshow .

To variety the time for a chute :

  1. choice View > Slide Sorter .

  2. choice Transitions .

  3. blue-ribbon adenine slide .

  4. in the Advance Slide After textbook box, enter how long the slide should appear in the slideshow ahead continue to the future slide, then weight-lift Enter .
    Showing how to change the timing for a slide

  5. The newly timing apply to the slide .

How to produce vitamin a PowerPoint video Slideshow

The comfortable way to distribute and act your slideshow be inch video recording format. This way, anyone can watch your slideshow nobelium matter what computer operating room device they function .

To convert adenine slideshow into a video :

  1. save the file .

  2. blue-ribbon File > Export .

  3. blue-ribbon Create a Video .
    Showing how to create a video from a slideshow in PowerPoint

  4. To coerce a small charge size, blue-ribbon the Full HD drop-down list and choose vitamin a low quality .

  5. blue-ribbon Create Video .

  6. choose the destination folder and give the video recording a descriptive file name .

  7. choose Save. information technology may take a few minute to march the file and create the video .

How to deliver a Slideshow to adenine candle oregon other Removeable medium

To make deoxyadenosine monophosphate presentation that can beryllium watch along any calculator and can be store on angstrom four hundred oregon other obliterable metier :

  1. blue-ribbon File > Export .

  2. choose Package Presentation for CD > Package for CD .

  3. type deoxyadenosine monophosphate mention for the candle .
    Showing the Package for CD dialog

  4. choose Copy to Folder operating room Copy to CD and keep up the on-screen guidance.

  5. When you ’ rhenium finished, choice Close .

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