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Paying for rehab is one of the biggest obstacles in getting help for drug and alcohol addiction. The longer you delay getting treatment the worse your substance use disorder will progress. In some cases permanent physical and psychological damage are caused directly from untreated drug and alcohol abuse. Thankfully, there are options for those struggling to pay for rehab services.

Private rehabilitation facilities typically accept a wide variety of insurances; whereas free rehabilitation is provided by the state of California where possible. Both options are viable – however, free, state-funded rehab programs often have long waiting lists, thereby delaying treatment further. Private rehabilitation facilities have more resources, and do not rely on state funding to provide addiction treatment.

How Private Rehab Differs From Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab In California

The most obvious and significant difference between private and state funded treatment is the availability of residential rehab. Most private rehabilitation centers, like Hope Canyon, are equipped to provide inpatient treatment services between 30-120 days; unlike state-funded treatment programs, where limited resources must be shared by potentially thousands of clients on the waiting list. Private rehabilitation offers 24 hour residential care seven days a week.

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Treatment within a privately owned rehabilitation center provides highly skilled professionals, who are able to focus on clients on an individualized basis. Private treatment centers, such as Hope Canyon, offers clients personalized treatment plans and implement evidence-based addiction care. Hope Canyon provides the following psychotherapies for long-term recovery:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps remedy harmful coping skills with positive ones
  • Dialectical behavior therapy for controlling intense emotions, derailing logical thinking
  • Motivational interviewing, empowers you to take a leadership role in your recovery
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy focuses on your ability to use mindfulness for dealing with triggers and stress
  • Family counseling, invites loved ones to heal and learn about addiction and enabling behaviors

What to Expect from Free Rehabilitation Programs

At a free drug and alcohol rehab in California, you may experience particularly long wait times. During care professionals may be motivated to help their clients, but are ultimately underfunded. Treatment provided by state rehab centers may not offer evidence-based recovery or have comprehensive aftercare planning.

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Many opting for state-based treatment will turn to Alcoholic’s Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous to help their recovery efforts. Although AA and NA programs are helpful for many, these programs are not evidence-based. Meaning, relapse is more likely.

Programs like AA are not designed to deal with severe psychological and physical addiction. In these cases, professional treatment is necessary for recovery. Here at Hope Canyon we offer a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Our programs provide:

  • Experiential therapies that focus on gaining introspection, building self-esteem, and increasing self-reliance
  • Life skills training, which prepares you for independent living after program graduation
  • Social skills training that emphasizes setting healthy boundaries
  • Relapse prevention planning, which focuses on ways to protect early sobriety
  • Aftercare assistance that helps you by stepping down care

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