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An excellent however square way of making a fantastic beginning depression is adding an appealing LinkedIn blanket photograph.

To help you create a potent profile, we ’ ve created a list of tips and tricks to choosing a good LinkedIn profile picture .

Why is LinkedIn Profile Picture Important ?

To convince you to add a professional LinkedIn profile word picture, we ’ ve added the benefits of having the ideal photograph on your explanation .

It Shows the Recruiting World You ’ re You

Your LinkedIn photograph is one alone element of your profile that makes you stand out. If you select the right photograph, you ’ ll leave a durable impression in the minds of recruiters .
furthermore, adding a low-quality photograph or removing yours can harm your repute as a likely employee .
Seeing another person ’ s boldness on LinkedIn helps us feel more familiar and connected. If your profile lacks a profile word picture, recruiters may assume you ’ re completing your profile. But a low-quality image can leave a poor foremost impression .

Makes You More accessible

A good photograph in your LinkedIn profile acts as your sword. What classifies as a good photograph ? For starters, a profile photograph where you look into the camera and smile makes you look warmly, accessible, confident, and trustworthy. This direction, you can foster actual connections and grow your network .
Upload a high-quality photograph to your LinkedIn profile to make a fantastic first base impression and maximize views on your profile .

Higher Chances of Being Noticed

The fact is that accounts with good profile photos enjoy more incredible views. According to an insightful study by LinkedIn, profiles without pictures experience fewer views .
furthermore, 93 % of LinkedIn members do not accept connection invites from users without a profile photograph. therefore, adding a profile mental picture on LinkedIn increases the likelihood of being noticed .
An in-depth LinkedIn analysis even reveals that adding an trope can increase your profile views by twenty-one times and messages by a whopping thirty-six times. Consider adding a profile photograph to increase your visibility and discoverability on LinkedIn .

LinkedIn Profile Picture Specs

LinkedIn provides users with official image specifications based on which they must select a profile photograph. Let ’ s discuss the guidelines for LinkedIn ’ randomness visibility picture size and dimensions :

  • Personal Profile Cover Photo – 1584 x 396 pixels
  • Company Profile Cover Photo – 1128 x 191 pixels
  • Maximum File Size – up to 4 MB
  • File Format – must be JPG or PNG

When designing custom breed photograph, you have to be careful of areas where your profile picture will overlay the bottom left recess of the cover photograph .
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How to Take an Amazing Profile Picture for Free

Don ’ t have the budget to hire a master photographer ? Worry not ! here we ’ ve listed respective ways you can choose the perfect LinkedIn profile picture for free :

Ask a acquaintance

If one of your friends or colleagues owns a professional camera, request them to take your headshot. If they say yes, you can pay them back in with another favor .

Grab Your Selfie Stand

alternatively, you can try taking your professional headshot yourself .
begin by setting your telephone on a selfie stick, looking neat into the television camera, and smiling. You don ’ thyroxine even need an expensive DSLR camera for this one !
here ’ s how you can take a professional profile photograph with your smartphone :

  1. Wait for a clean day or find an area with indirect sunlight
  2. Identify a location with an attractive background
  3. Select the ‘ Portrait Mode ’ on your camera
  4. Take at least eight to ten pictures
  5. Make sure you smile broad on your profile pictures
  6. leverage editing software to enhance the colors of image

Use a LinkedIn Analyzer

finally, after you ’ ve taken several professional photos, try using a LinkedIn photograph analyzer like Photofeeler or Snapper to identify the best one .
These AI-based, rotatory apps will tell you whether an image is dependable or bad and how you can improve them .

6 attention-getting LinkedIn Profile Pictures

Let ’ s discus a few of the best LinkedIn profile photo examples

Tobi Oluwule

Tobi is a successful entrepreneur on LinkedIn with a stun visibility and cover photograph. His LinkedIn cover photograph is an incredible exercise of how you can utilize the space to promote your web site efficaciously .
Tobi ’ s stunning cover photograph combined with his page description and headline creates a robust LinkedIn profile .

Brent Morrell

Brent Morrell is a conductor of endowment acquisition for the Indiana State Personnel Department, helping candidates find a sense of determination .
His affectionate and friendly profile photograph matched with his headline creates a sense of trustworthiness and confidence .

Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics is a celebrated makeup trade name that manufactures inclusive and divers cosmetics .
Its LinkedIn cover photograph showcases its cosmetics on a diverseness of skin tones. This way, its cover photograph makes its company mission and values visually clear .


Ritual is a widely-recognized supplement brand that sells versatile vitamins and multivitamins to boost your health .
The brand visualizes its deputation through its excellent cover photo- a bright yellow background featuring its forcible products .


Squarespace is a master web site building and host platform, enabling users to leverage rotatory software to create and modify world wide web pages .
Its LinkedIn report photograph depicts who they are and what they do with its attention-grabbing motto and attention-getting images .

cody Horton

Cody Horton is a professional endowment recruiter presently working as the managing director of global diversity recruit at Diverse Recruiting Experts .
His friendly however professional profile photograph combined with its cover photograph featuring Austin, Texas, creates a persistent first impression. But what makes cody ’ south LinkedIn profile stand out is his headline .
thus, your profile photograph must compliment your headline to create a antic stamp on viewers .
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5 Tips to Give Your Picture an Extra Boost

LinkedIn profile photos play an integral function in creating a solid personal brand and a robust LinkedIn profile. here we discuss five ways you can create a better profile :

Show only Your face

The first footstep to choosing the arrant LinkedIn profile picture is only to show your confront. When we see a person ’ randomness confront, we feel we know and understand them better. thus, it ’ south easier to foster lasting business relations .
On the early hand, if your profile picture doesn ’ thyroxine include your face or is ailing ignite, people may believe you ’ re not confident or unprepared to ‘ show yourself ’ in occupation dealings .
furthermore, focus on creating a positive beginning impression by portraying a cheerful and friendly smile. Avoid unnatural expressions and consider smiling with your teeth. This way, your profile visualize will radiate a bright and affectionate air .

Pose Against the Right Background Photo

Where you take your professional headshot matters, so you must choose a catchy LinkedIn background photograph that doesn ’ triiodothyronine distract viewers from your font .
While there ’ south nothing wrong with an concern LinkedIn background banner, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it to take center stage. As such, try choosing a simple so far to ensure your face is the focal point .

Avoid Bad Lightning

Your photograph ’ second lighting can mean the difference between a effective and bad profile effigy. Avoid using a photograph that includes blue shadows over your face. These photos make your confront unrecognizable and unprofessional .
Consider using lifelike light only to choose the perfect LinkedIn profile movie. But avoid direct sunlight since it makes your face look bright and unnatural .

Use the rule of Thirds

The ‘ predominate of thirds ’ is a hardheaded even straightforward way of choosing a compel and friendly profile photograph. According to this rule, you divide your persona by thirds horizontally and vertically .
The principle follows the research that particular critical points within a frame attract our eyes. frankincense, positioning our photograph in this way can help capture the hearing ’ s attention efficaciously .
Let ’ s discuss how you can apply the principle of thirds to your profile picture :

  • When you ’ ra editing your desire photograph, select the ‘ crop ’ button
  • This way, a grid appears on your persona that divides your photograph into nine pieces
  • It separates your image three ways horizontally and vertically

Hire a Headshot Photographer

Although you can take an image with your smartphone, professional headshots acquire more significant profile views.

Consider hiring a professional photographer in your local anesthetic sphere by conducting a exhaustive Google or LinkedIn research .
Select a photographer who makes you feel comfortable to ensure the quality of the pictures .

The Do ’ s and Don ’ metric ton of LinkedIn Profile Photo

here ’ s a immediate checklist to choosing the perfect LinkedIn profile photo :

The Do’s of LinkedIn Profile Photo

It includes :

  • Choosing the right expression
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Ensuring a bright and strong smile
  • Taking the photograph straight on
  • Wearing your common attire
  • Looking approachable
  • Taking master headshots
  • Picking an up-to-date photograph
  • Using master touch-up software and edit tools

The Don’ts of LinkedIn Profile Photo

Avoid the follow things when choosing a profile photograph :

  • Taking selfies
  • Using filters
  • Cropping a group photograph
  • Your vacation pictures
  • Selecting a perturb background
  • Incorporating hobbies into your photograph

optimization Tricks to Remember

Remember the follow technical tips to enhance your profile photograph within seconds :

  1. Ensure your photograph is well-lit and in full-focus
  2. Opt for a squarely visualize
  3. Select an prototype that ’ s 400 adam 400 pixels and 8MB

How to Change Profile Picture on LinkedIn

Adding a professional profile picture on LinkedIn can increase the credibility and visibility of your profile. Let ’ s discuss how you can add visualize on LinkedIn :

  1. Select the‘Me’ picture present at the top of your LinkedIn
  2. Choose the‘View Profile’ button
  3. Select the‘Camera’me-view-profile button located in the ‘ Introduction ’ section
  4. Click the‘Add Photo’add-photo pop-up book window :

o Select ‘Use Camera’ to click using your device ’ second camera
o Choose ‘Upload Photo’ to add an image from your desktop

  1. Follow the prompts to choose or upload a photograph
  2. once you upload the photograph, you may crop the photograph, use filters, tweak the position and size, or select the visibility of the profile photograph
  3. Click on the‘Save Photo’save-photo button

If you can ’ t upload a profile photograph, it may be because your image doesn ’ triiodothyronine meet LinkedIn ’ second size and proportion specifications .

How to Add Open to Work on LinkedIn Profile picture

Adding the # OpentoWork feature is an excellent way of showing recruiters you ’ re available for ferment. here ’ s a bit-by-bit process to adding the # OpentoWork component on your profile :

  1. Select the‘Me’ button located at the top of your LinkedIn home page
  2. Click the‘View Profile’ option
  3. Choose the‘Open To’me-open-to button

  4. Click on the‘Finding a New Job’finding-a-new-job option
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