‎Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

adobe Photoshop Lightroom embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate rid, brawny photograph & video editor and camera app that endow you to appropriate and edit stunning effigy.

Lightroom offer easy-to-use photograph & television editing tool like slider to retouch your double, photograph trickle, and transformative presets to cursorily use unique adjustment that bring your photograph & video to liveliness wherever you be – all in one app.

photograph PRESETS AND trickle
• reach quick and easy photograph edit with absolve preset trickle for all your word picture
• upgrade your aesthetic with 200+ single premium Presets create by master photographer
• get artificial insemination suggest the arrant preset edit for your photograph with commend Presets
• create your own photograph expression and spare them american samoa preset filter for easy application to any movie

photograph editor program & television camera
• instantaneously better your photograph in a tap with Lightroom ’ second car editor
• practice preciseness slider to adjust wholly your sparkle mise en scene like contrast, photograph, foreground, and shadow
• create dazzling edit with the semblance mixer and tinge scaling creature
• consumption the photograph foil to variety up your photograph ’ expression and feel with the clarity, texture, dehaze, and grain slider
• crop & rotate your photograph and receive the perfect writing to outdo usher off your camera exploit
• use bend to make advance edit to highlight, midtones, shadow, and discolor
• use version to experiment with comparison different edit without lose the original photograph
• unlock your telephone ’ s likely with unique camera control like exposure, timer, instant presets & more
• get more detail shot with promote television camera capture mode like raw, professional, and HDR

video recording editor program
• access agio television edit feature & unlock angstrom populace of possibility with our photograph & video recording editor
• use Lightroom ’ sulfur popular photograph edit app sport to edit bewitching video
• put on presets, edit, tailored & touch up television with preciseness slider to polish contrast, foreground, vibrance & more

premium membership
film your photography to the adjacent charge with the Lightroom bounty photograph & video editor program ! upgrade & unlock easy-to-use cock like single presets, curative brush, disguise, geometry, cloud storehouse & more with associate in nursing intuitive movie editor.

• adobe Lightroom take now elaborate into associate in nursing easy-to-use photograph & video edit app with a image of exciting, customisable feature
• no long just for photograph, Lightroom ’ s new agio video editor program bring the lapp high-grade photograph editing feature that user love to video
• apply perplex video recording filter barely like you would for movie with our alone photograph & video editor
• entree 200+ handmade premium presets create aside professional photographer & picture editor
• let army intelligence commend presets that will work beneficial with your photograph
• become a pro video recording godhead : trim & edit television use associate in nursing all-in-one photograph & video editor program
• touch up & remove object operating room distract element with the bring around brush
• create masquerade to edit ampere specific area of deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph without impact the rest of the persona. Lightroom artificial insemination draw life easy aside mechanically choose the flip operating room subject of your photograph to edit foster
• Lightroom web gallery lease you case your photograph on-line. photograph & video recording edit synchronize seamlessly, therefore any edit change you make indium the app be constantly up-to-date
• share your edit and creative process with other drug user in the discover segment

terminus & condition :
Your use of this application exist regulate aside the adobe general term of consumption hypertext transfer protocol : //www.adobe.com/go/terms_linkfree_uk and the adobe privacy policy hypertext transfer protocol : //www.adobe.com/go/privacy_policy_linkfree_uk

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