How to put a picture onto a CD DVD cover

17. How to put a picture onto a CD DVD cover

even if you are not a professional musician or film maker, you may need to read this article from A to Z. We ’ ve analyzed the necessitate for individualized compact disk covers and now we are pretty certain that learning how to do it yourself can save you lots of resources. tied if you good make a custom CD cover for your home video recording sample, you can make it actually cool by adding photos or pictures to the solid concept .
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Thanks to digital technologies, today you do not have any motivation for printing the photograph, cutting it, and glueing to the cover. Everything is much easier ! All you need is a laptop/PC, your brave ideas on the custom four hundred case design, and particular software like RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker. And use our guide, which may help you to cope with the job brilliantly and quickly .

Why Choosing a Custom DVD Case and Where to Get It

first gear, let ‘s look at the main reasons why you should bother creating a customs certificate of deposit case at all ? Of path, if you own a private recording studio, a modest film product, or even an advertising agency that creates singular video recording content, this question plainly does not arise in front of you. You already know why you need personalize candle covers .
But the need for placing a photo or picture on the cover of a CD/DVD does not end there ! nowadays, this option is popular for several reasons, such as :

  • Creation of the author’s music collection or video library. Yes, not all of us buy licensed discs, and it is not always possible to buy rare albums. And for DJs, creating their compilations and remixes is a part of the job, without which you simply cannot do anything!
  • Design of creative gifts. If you want to surprise a friend or loved one, the author’s design of a CD or DVD with interesting content will come in handy. Of course, if you know that a handmade gift will be quoted much higher than banal surprises.
  • Business goals. If you often use presentations and audio materials/podcasts for your work and business development, you are engaged in consulting or just collecting useful information for employee training, writing down such information on a CD and designing it using a photo is a great idea.
  • Creating a video timeline for a family archive is also an important reason to use modern methods of designing custom DVD covers. Your photo archives and recorded home videos will be saved for posterity and will have an attractive and understandable design.

Whatever the reason for wanting to put a photo or picture on your CD/DVD cover, we have a couple of ideas on how to make a personalized CD cover.

What Methods of Printing a Photo on a CD Cover to Choose

First of all, let ’ s distinguish some designers ’ ideas for placing a photograph on the certificate of deposit blanket. here are several ideas you can use :

  • Placing one main image on the cover on its background.
  • Making one main image/photo placed on the cover as a background and main image at once.
  • Using several photos/images at once to place all of them on one cover in some different design samples. That is what a collage concept is.

immediately let ’ s take a brief front at how to create a cover like that. For this, the first thing you may need is software. We ’ ve taken RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker as an model of this cock to show you briefly what steps you need to do. You can download this software or buy fully interpretation on this page .
RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is quite coherent and intuitive, so it won ’ t take hanker for you to deal with the binding. After you conclude on what theme to implement, how many images to use, and what background to choose, you can make respective simpleton steps for adding a photograph to your customs candle blanket .
For this, you need to go to the ‘Insert ‘ menu of the program. Besides, you can use the ‘Objects ‘ toolbar available on the main screen. then you can specify the image you want to add to your custom four hundred cover. There you can choose from the presets collection of the software or download your own image. Besides, you can add your special collection of images to operate in future .
then you should click the leave button on the document area to adjust the bed period for the visualize you want to add to the cover template. Choose the location with your shiner push button and then use ‘Properties ‘ editor program if you need to edit the photograph .
This algorithm allows you to create a alone customs four hundred DVD top with an about unlimited issue of photos. There are three main templates we should show you to inspire your ideas .

Picture used as the background of CD cover

Background image CD insert
( Click to enlarge )

There you can see the image used as the background for the label ’ sulfur text.

Collage onto a DVD cover

Collage onto a DVD cover
( Click to enlarge )

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31.3 M

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That sample is a beautiful collage you can be inspired by when you need to use respective photos at once .

Insert one picture on CD cover

Insert one picture on CD cover
( Click to enlarge )

The third template shows you how to adjust the order of adding the objects to make the photograph placed in the traffic circle. You may need to use these properties of RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker and download the visualize in the .PNG format with diaphanous areas to create the cover like that .
Besides, we should besides mention what formats of images are available for adding to your custom compact disk shroud in RonyaSoft CD/DVD Label Maker. You are welcome to use :

  • Raster formats including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG.
  • Vector images including WMF or EMF.

All the early is up to your imagination and creativity .

Some Conclusions

Creating a individualized certificate of deposit cover is not a daunt task. specially when you go ahead and use digital solutions like the RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker software. That program has all the functions you may need for the execution of your creative ideas like making a collage or a special compound template with photos and images of versatile origins. Just try your chance and train a act so you can make a in truth impressive custom DVD cover for your music or television solicitation.

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(RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker!)

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