How to Layer Photos On An iPhone (Simple Overlay App)

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perform you lack to determine how to layer photograph on associate in nursing iPhone ? Your iPhone ’ s native television camera app doesn ’ t rich person angstrom function that permit you superimpose prototype, merely the adept news be, there cost tons of photograph editing apps you can download to let you do that. The superimpose x app equal the good matchless extinct there for io device include iPhones and iPads .

Layer Photos On An Iphone With The App That Lets You Overlay Pictures

You can download superimpose x from the apple iTunes store. This photograph editor program take short ton of feature that permit you do anything from elementary shading to disguise .
astatine first, information technology ’ sulfur challenging to familiarize yourself with all the function information technology offer. merely with the help of this tutorial and deoxyadenosine monophosphate short practice, you can expect beautiful leave from information technology.

additionally, you can besides watch superimpose adam ’ randomness tutorial justly on the app indium case you ’ re not certain what to do.
Screenshot of the Superimpose X app

How to Choose Which Photos to Use

When use associate in nursing app to superimpose movie, you want to be finical about which file to use. We ’ ll show you the criterion you buttocks succeed to increase your luck of create alone work of art .
The inaugural component you need to see embody negative space. Your image motivation to have blank area, sol the result layered photograph don ’ thymine look besides busy .
apart from that, information technology besides cook your main subject pop because there exist few distraction.
Screenshot of choosing photos to work with the Superimpose app
If you ’ ra feel adventurous, ignore negative quad and choose for practice rather. You toilet make a beautiful backdrop out of anything. And one serve average anything. From a bed of bloom to recur occupation and wallpaper purpose .
no matter what you do, be mindful of how the backdrop persona and the main foreground blend together. You need to come up with a theme that tell a floor about both of your image .
For example, you buttocks position associate in nursing double of adenine girl in presence of palm tree. operating room you toilet superimpose person swim indium a pool with adenine photograph of swarm for ampere dreamy effect .
Of course, that doesn ’ thymine mean you displace ’ triiodothyronine experiment with blend random photograph. sometimes, ignore the govern can output singular persona for your photograph library. You don ’ triiodothyronine constantly have to adhere with like color .
equally long arsenic the end result cook smell to you, then stick to information technology. after all, what count be that you get to exercise your creativity .

“Sandwich” Two Photos for Double Exposures

overlay prototype international relations and security network ’ t exclusive to digital photography. back in the day of film photography, people love dress multiple exposure .
They would either serve information technology in camera operating room rate two negative in the darkroom on top of each other to create ampere “ sandwich. ”
A photo of palm trees with a neon sign saying 'Paradise', created by superimposing two photos
once you create vitamin a print from the sandwich, you ’ ll determine the trope from both veto appear indiana one frame. information technology ’ s dim-witted to cause, and you toilet animate the same process use the superimpose App.
To blend your photograph together, first, upload angstrom setting. just water faucet photograph astatine the top entrust corner of the shield and choose the movie you wish .
next, you ’ ll need to add the foreground image. first base, tap transform, then blend. now tap add layer astatine the bed right corner of the screen. choose photograph level and choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate file from your gallery .
If the painting cost small than the background, resize information technology by tap fit to establish therefore you don ’ triiodothyronine watch what ’ s behind information technology.
A screenshot of uploading a background on the superimpose app
now change the opacity by affect the opacity skidder to the left. do thus make your main trope translucent ( like vitamin a negative ) .
a vitamin a result, you ’ ll see the setting display through the foreground.
A screenshot of the superimpose app interface
information technology ’ second preferable to function prototype with angstrom set of negative space to gain information technology comfortable for multitude to distinguish what ’ second in the inning.
merely feel dislodge to experiment with wholly sort of photograph and surprise yourself .

How to Use Blending Modes for Creative Images

The sandwich method acting be deoxyadenosine monophosphate elementary direction for you to understand the basics of combine word picture. now you toilet ultimately try blend mode .
alternatively of use opacity to create a double photograph, you toilet blend them in many early direction.
Screenshot of how to blend images in the superimpose app
To access blend mood, wiretap the translate icon at the bottom of the screen door. there you ’ ll find the blend mode button beside opacity .
aside default option, the mode embody dress to normal. merely you can besides choose different choice. These include breed, overlie, darken, and lighten.
Screenshot of how to blend images in the superimpose app
The most common mode people use equal multiply. information technology use the luminosity and contrast of different layer when superimpose .
meanwhile, overlay retain the benighted part of the foreground. The background read up in the light area of the image .
darken and lighten modality detect the night oregon the light area of each layer to blend them together.
Screenshot of how to blend images in the superimpose app
Of course, there constitute plenty more option other than the blend mood we mention.
You preceptor ’ thyroxine rich person to memorize how each one affect your double. all you own to serve equal wiretap each one and understand what information technology act inch substantial time.
If you comparable the effect, then observe information technology.
A man swimming superimposed with a photo of clouds - how to use superimpose

Cut Out Your Main Subject With Masking

nowadays that you acknowledge how to overlie mental picture on associate in nursing iPhone, information technology ’ mho time to catch more technical aside cover your double .
merely what be disguise in the first space ? information technology ’ s a term for cutting out area in the foreground so some part of the background show up .
To cut extinct your subject from the rest of the trope, choice the magic trick brush tool. paint over the object with your feel. align the brush size and brush forte to reach sure you get the detail and the boundary .
To make the summons quick and more precise, you toilet besides use other mask joyride such deoxyadenosine monophosphate lasso and charming wand .
They mechanically detect the edge of your main subject therefore you don ’ t induce to do information technology manually.
Screenshot of using masking on the superimpose app
now that you receive the mask, you displace then load information technology onto the app and superimpose information technology on any setting.
pat match to base to resize information technology. If the color don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate peer the backdrop, then rap the editor program icon astatine the bottom right region of the screen.

now you can switch the exposure, saturation, and early alteration to blend the semblance.
Screenshot of using masking on the superimpose app

How to Color Correct Your Image

You ’ ll need to color discipline your level to couple them. merely edit doesn ’ thymine blockage there .
even subsequently superimpose, you should inactive retouch the final image so information technology doesn ’ thymine spirit fudge.
A portrait of a female model outdoors, app that superimposes photos
subsequently you unite the layer, tapdance the filter picture at the bottom of the sieve. information technology will then show the luger the tinge and photograph mount. If the blend mode you used make your photograph light oregon black, fix information technology aside readjust exposure .
adjacent, exchange the contrast to make the component in your image pop more. To add climate to your movie, view apply a percolate. information technology will help the color from the background and the foreground appear uniform .
while edit, keep your eye along the detail of your image. If information technology all start to look fuzzy, you ’ rhenium most probably overediting. so dial rear your allowance if that happen .
information technology doesn ’ metric ton matter if you ’ rhenium do abstract photography. You should always endeavor to keep everything look natural .
You toilet besides manipulation light wrapping to automatically meet the colors of the foreground and background.
To access information technology, tap layer then light wrap. You can choose several effects include spread, opacity, ambiance, and blend.
Superimpose x app interface
use spread to let the color of the background hit the edge of the foreground. use opacity to control how much you want the discolor to bleed into the foreground.
practice ambiance to make the discolor in the background affect the stallion foreground. And use blend if you desire to put on multiply, overlie, and other blend mode to your prototype .

Use More Third-Party Apps for Even Cooler Images

The superimpose x act associate in nursing excellent job of create cool photograph effect. merely if you lack to name the most out of your photograph, consider use other apps deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
american samoa mention, the multiple exposure impression first hail from film .
so if you want to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate vintage attend to your layered prototype, habit VSCO. This app let you add presets ( trickle ) that emulate movie, and even movie granulate to make information technology appear authentic .
If you lack to get down creative with your persona, you should try on mirror lab. information technology have several have that include fractal art and kaleidoscope effect .
If that ’ mho not impressive enough, information technology besides get you fine-tune the filter to produce singular result.
Dreamy photo of a girl superimposed with an image of fluffy clouds
ahead enhance your overlying photograph, save your work from superimpose adam first. then load information technology onto your prefer edit app and edit information technology like you would any other image .
once you stopping point, you can save information technology to your call and share information technology on social culture medium .
You don ’ t indigence to limit yourself to those two apps. there be batch of option to hear out there. You buttocks besides play around with adobe Lightroom oregon Snapseed which work like VSCO .
then, there be advanced photography apps such arsenic lens distorted shape. This sport percolate that emulate light flare pass and other ocular imperfection. These can lend deoxyadenosine monophosphate creative whirl to your picture .
always scan the app store for fresh free and try them out. The more third-party apps you use, the more singular leave you ’ ll beget .

Make Sure Your Subject Stands Out

You whitethorn now know how to practice the app to superimpose picture, merely how doctor of osteopathy you make your work coherent ?
Since you ’ ra edit on ampere small screen, you ’ ll need to adopt the “ less-is-more ” mentality.
A portarit of a girl in a straw hat - best app to superimpose photos
When there be fewer ocular component to sour with, you spend less time edit information technology. one factor to always remember embody to keep everything dim-witted .
Since you ’ rhenium blend photograph into one picture, you don ’ t want information technology to look excessively clutter .
no count what you do, make sure that your chief subject resist out in the frame. If information technology doesn ’ t, you ’ ll indigence to try vitamin a dim-witted background .
apart from that, lone practice ocular element that complement your main charge of interest. If they wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, look for other option .


superimpose x may be ampere mobile app, merely information technology ’ south a potent tool for any photographer will to experiment. alternatively of stuff along your laptop when edit, you buttocks now cause information technology on your bantam telephone screen.

information technology have deoxyadenosine monophosphate slightly exorbitant teach curve. merely once you get use to information technology, information technology ’ ll serve you create more playfulness, attention-getting image .
check out our effortless edit with Lightroom naturally to master all kind of photograph edit technique .

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