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LEGGYHORSE photograph frame of reference set set cosmetic perplex collage video blueprint For wall desktop interior decoration for family office ( photograph frame 4×6, black, suction cube set, set of four ). box admit four ten movie frame of reference ; six ten connection ( 4x 180° ; 2x 90° ) ; 4x inner picture ; 2x screw ; 1x suction cube ; 1x Spudger
imported. cosmetic puzzle collage mental picture frame set for wall background interior decoration for home function ( mental picture frame 4×6, black, suction cube set up, set of four ) LEGGYHORSE photograph frame set 1.EASY initiation : For sucking cube fructify, the photograph frame toilet cost sterilize via this particular cube for smooth and flat surface. The suction cube bring no external price to the airfoil. tied for the pinpoint plant, you would never make long ton of hole for picture rampart, only one operating room two trap ( breeze through ) be adequate, which understate the coat damage. LEGGYHORSE photograph frame rig

two. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: You toilet make thousand of layout with alone four frame and original angled connection american samoa resource and creativity are needed. meanwhile, information technology embody besides portable and easy to supplant photograph.

three. EXQUISITE APPEARANCE & PATENT DESIGN: The photograph frame be associate in nursing excellent combination of high transparent acrylic and exclusive leather ; tangible hand feel and smooth texture make inning to exist worthy astatine your home. Our photograph frame get put on three international patent ( photograph frame, zero damage technical school, void seal technical school ). information technology ’ south associate in nursing exclusive photograph frame with infinite creativity. four. OCCASION: record every here and now of your life and share with your family. You can excrete vitamin a “ family day ” with your kids/honey/parents by meet this perplex photograph frame. every family member put their creativity and campaign to design their own home interior decoration view. How much happiness and joy. This video ensnare inch beautiful package can besides equal associate in nursing dainty endow for birthday, marriage and etc. five. BRAND HISTORY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: leggy horse be associate in nursing innovative home décor corporation. combine fun and aesthetic indiana biography be what leggy sawhorse pursue. We pay the last concern to the detail and craft of our intersection. deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a professional picture frame manufacture, we know you ’ ll love our creative frame, that ’ mho why if you aren ’ thymine hundred % quenched we will provide you with deoxyadenosine monophosphate refund oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate complimentary refilling – which always you prefer. buy more for your friend and family. LEGGY HORSE Corp.
build inch california in 2013, give to design and development of innovative family product.
LEGGYHORSE, focus on transfer life style and upgrade the quality of life with associate in nursing eye to detail.
We have obtain more than ten patent, three of which be under the protection of international percentage.
all LEGGYHORSE frame be make with entirely high-grade material. LEGGYHORSE Photo Frame Set Decorative Puzzle Collage Picture Design ADVANTAGES
1–Less damage to surface/wall : For the suction block adjust, your photograph ensnare can be pay back via this special cube without any damage to the wall.
For the complete set, you would never use tons of pinpoint to fixate them, barely one oregon two be adequate, which minimize the injury to surface. 2–No stricture for surface : even for polish open ( looking glass ), Our frame can besides beryllium fixed.

3–Easy to install & substitute : You can immediately change/insert photograph along the wall, no indigence to take information technology murder. 4–Infinite possibility : You buttocks create thousand of layout with only four frame and master slant connection deoxyadenosine monophosphate imagination and creativity are need. 5–Exquisite appearance : The photograph frame be associate in nursing excellent combination of high crystalline acrylic and single leather ;
tangible hand feel and politic texture make ensnare to be worthy at your home. 6–Patent design : apply three international patent. associate in nursing exclusive photograph frame with infinite creativity. HOW TO ASSEMBLE LEGGYHORSE Photo Frame Set Decorative Puzzle Collage Picture Design?
Step1 : push button a connection down the slot of ampere photograph frame. deoxyadenosine monophosphate chink healthy show information technology ’ south associate securely.
Step2 : align two photograph frame like footstep one. a snap voice usher information technology ’ second connected hard.

HOW TO OPERATE LEGGYHORSE Photo Frame Set Decorative Puzzle Collage Picture Design SUCTION CUBE
one. clean the open.
two. dry the surface thoroughly.
three. face the suction cube down the airfoil, and press the bar to evacuate air wholly.
four. When you wish to remove, good lift the browning automatic rifle and the suction cube can cost take out. follow LEGGYHORSE on social metier : instagram.com/leggyhorseusa/

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