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Among mainstream car manufacturers, one company stands out for building cars that have an highly comfortable depend on quality. That brand is Renault, whose cars over the years have become well see for their soft and elastic ride choice. Renault, along with its alliance spouse Nissan, made waves stopping point calendar month for selling the highest number of cars across the ball, beating the longstanding sales-topper Volkswagen.
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Renault came into being at the cheeseparing of the nineteenth century, 118 years ago in the year 1899. The company is headquartered on the outskirts of Paris and the group immediately comprises of respective subsidiary company companies such as Dacia, Alpine, AvtoVAZ and Renault-Samsung Motors. The company has besides forayed into the areas of hand truck manufacture and eco-friendly drive.
In addition, Renault has a hearty involvement in the world of motorsport from a very early old age. The company has won several events across Formula 1, World Rally Championship, European Rally Championship, the Monte Carlo Rally and the gruelling Paris-Dakar, amongst others.
Renault Vehicle Line-up
Renault Hatchbacks

Renault Crossovers

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Renault Hatchbacks
Renault ’ s hatchback range starts with the Twingo. This diminutive hatch is quite a capable short city car thanks to it being developed in collaboration with Daimler. For some lend bite, the Twingo has its engine mounted in the rear, and it is besides available in a flashy embodiment called the Twingo GT, which has a 1.6 liter, 133 horsepower centrifugal.
One of Renault ’ s bestselling models is decidedly the fantastic Renault Clio. This cable car, after going on sale for the first fourth dimension in 1990, has sold well over 11 million units in about 120 countries. The Clio is besides one of the top sell cars in the solid of Europe, and it is available in both gasoline and diesel versions. The range-topping version of this car is the wonderfully fun to drive Clio RS, which is designed by Renault Sport Technologies. The Renault Clio RS is powered by a 1.2 liter motive that puts out 119 horsepower.
Another brainy fomite in the Renault fleet is the Megane. This hatchback, which is besides available as a sedan and station wagon, is a kin cable car which offers a choice of gasoline and diesel motors for prospective buyers to choose from. Renault Sport Technologies has worked on this car vitamin a well, to produce the Renault Megane GT which has a 1.6L motive and an optional counterpart seize automatic rifle gearbox.
The company ’ randomness hatchback range besides includes the Renault Zoe, a fully electric car that has a range of 130-150 miles. An optional larger battery pack can extend that up to about 250 miles.
Renault Crossovers
Renault ’ s crossing series starts off with their subcompact crossing over, the Renault Captur. apart from its multiple engine and transmission options, buyers in some markets besides get to spec the Captur with an all rack drive. A similarly sized fomite called the Renault Kadjar is besides on sale in some markets around the universe.
The company worked on creating a larger crossover voter based on the Megane hatchback, and it resulted in the Renault Scenic. This 5 seater crossover besides has a larger 7-seater translation called the Grand Scenic. apart from its hit looks and respective powertrain options, the Scenic besides comes with cutting border features such as fatigue duty signal detection alert.
The largest sport utility in Renault ’ s product portfolio is the Koleos. This SUV received a major renovation last year in practically every department and has now emerged as a identical strong rival in its segment. Engine ability outputs for the Renault Koleos range between 130 horsepower and 183 horsepower and customers can order it with four wheel driveway as well.
Renault Sedans
apart from sedans based on their existing hatchbacks such as the Megane sedan, Renault has one proper sedan in its evanesce, the Talisman. This car exemplifies the consolation levels that Renault is known for providing. apart from its stellar ride comfort, the Renault Talisman is fully kitted out with every kind of appliance that an resident of this sedan would desire. The Talisman is besides built on an wholly new platform, so that Renault can easily keep up with the large volumes that are demanded for this car.
Renault Sales and limited Offers
Renault announced ball-shaped sales of over 1.34 million units during the clock menstruation spanning between January and June of 2017. During the same time frame, the Renault Group sold 181,566 units in the american region, which represented a wax of 14.6 % from the 158,460 units sold during the January-July period of last class. The company has several leasing plans and finance options for each of their vehicles.
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