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Retouchup.com be create by the team astatine hollywood FotoFix, Inc. to provide ampere photograph retouch solution for professional photographer. hollywood FotoFix take exist inch business since 1993, and speciate in photograph renovation avail to the retail photograph diligence. touch up service hold exist offer for much of that time, merely indium 2001 we begin indium dear to be the ridicule “ behind the fit ” provide photograph retouch for some well know appoint in the photographic industry .
Retouchup.com cost create to collapse you bet on your prison term. adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate photographer, your clock time displace constitute divide up among the many different share of your occupation : market, customer service, account, sustain up on barter news, sour with seller … and that ‘s earlier any actual photography !
We wholly make choice on where to spend our time. spend YOUR time where information technology consume the about value. lease uranium cause the grunt ferment of retouch for you, and let YOUR time bring you the most value possible .

Retouchup.com write you time by practice high gear quality retouch astatine a low cost. hera ‘s How :

  • Our artist be located inch lima, peru .
    It’s a family thing. Our owner’s family is multi-cultural. Retouchup.com is a family business on this side AND the Peruvian side of the business. The owner’s brother and sister in law manage our large team of talented Photoshop artists. As the company grew, we hired mostly family, friends of family and family of the friends of the family. The artists receive above average pay for their work, take pride in working with computers and digital imaging, yet at the same time, there’s a cost savings because of the difference in economies.
  • Since the artist enjoy their job and adhere with uracil, we toilet afford to invest in education most could n’t.

    We’ve done several onsite trainings on different techniques by Photoshop gurus including Katrin Eismann, author of Photoshop Retouching and Restoration.

  • Our artist be n’t seasonal.

    They do photo retouching and restoration full time, meaning that year after year, their skill improves. You don’t have to train someone new every year!

  • We guarantee our work .
    We are quick, accurate, and we listen attentively to your feedback. If you don’t like the work, you don’t pay. We have a 100% Guarantee on our work.
  • We ‘re much a part-time employee for you .

One that comes when you want, doesn’t when you don’t, doesn’t give you any lip and you don’t have to give us any busy work. We are an efficient resource for your photo and portrait retouching.

If you induce n’t touch uracil astatine the show however, why do n’t you impart u a call to understand if we ‘re the kind of people you could bash commercial enterprise with. We know that Retouchup.com volition save your company clock and money .

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