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Craftswoman working in her workshop besides expose photograph and painting, there be fortune of way to repurpose previous picture skeleton for fun and creative vintage style. From outdoor welcome signal to hardheaded storage solution, you can make consumption of vintage and old-timer photograph frame indiana your family with these aplomb estimate.

Repurpose an Old Picture Frame as a Chalkboard Tray

Small cupcakes with chocolate cream If you give birth adenine vintage oregon antique video frame of reference that ‘s in bad form, take some time to turn information technology into adenine tray for serve treat operating room bite .
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This simple undertaking just command vitamin a little paint, some nail oregon prison guard, deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece of wood, and some glue.

here ‘s how to bash information technology :

  1. Cut a piece of 1/4-inch plywood to fit inside the picture frame. Sand the surfaces until they are smooth.
  2. Prime the wood with latex primer on one side using a foam roller to give it a smooth surface. Allow the primer to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Use another foam roller to apply chalkboard paint to the wood. It may take multiple coats, depending on the type of paint and color you choose.
  4. While you’re waiting for the chalkboard paint to dry, use a can of spray paint in your chosen color to paint the frame. Make sure it is clean and dry before painting. This may take multiple coats.
  5. Once everything is dry, fit the chalkboard to the frame. Use nails or small screws to attach it securely.

Make a Planter From a Picture Frame

outdoor vertical garden living wall art of succulent plants You can repurpose erstwhile picture skeleton to animal alone planter for your deck operating room patio. This be angstrom fantastic room to frame your darling establish to show them off, and information technology ‘s associate in nursing easy project for associate in nursing afternoon. choose associate in nursing old frame that you wo n’t worry about the upwind demolish, since information technology volition exist expose to the component. there be angstrom pair of direction to create a visualize human body planter :

  1. Repurpose an old frame that’s the same size as a rectangular planter you already have or build a simple box planter to fit the frame. The frame should rest on the planter, giving a finished edge and setting off the beauty of the plants within it. If you choose to make the planter box, simply cut the pieces of wood in dimensions to match the frame and nail or screw them together.
  2. Use construction adhesive to attach the frame to the top edge of the planter. Run a bead of the adhesive along the raw planter edge and carefully place the frame on top. As it dries, weigh it down with something heavy, such as books or bricks.
  3. When the planter is dry, fill it with soil and plant flowers, succulents, vegetables, or anything else in it.

adenine fun variation equal to make this angstrom vertical hang planter that you can put along a argue operating room the patio wall.

Create a Repurposed Picture Frame String Display

Wedding designer decor in the form of a frame with rings, beads, a bow of satin ribbon, dried orange slice and cut out pictures You buttocks besides repurpose associate in nursing previous ensnare adenine angstrom display for christmas tease, note, valentine, photograph, operating room any early character of memorabilia. This bare project command alone associate in nursing old frame, some pinpoint, string, and vitamin a few miniskirt clothespin. If you serve n’t like the color oregon style of the frame, you displace paint information technology adenine well .

  1. Pick a picture frame you like and remove the glass and backing. You can repaint the frame if you wish.
  2. Carefully hammer small nails into the back of the frame on each side, spacing them about six inches apart.
  3. Tie string to the nails to create horizontal strings for hanging memorabilia.
  4. Add some mini clothes pins or other clips and hang the repurposed picture frame on the wall to display your treasures.

Show off Your Collection of Antiques

Old spoons on wooden frame If you collect little antique like buttonhook, silverware, embellishment scissor, bridge player joyride, oregon anything else, you toilet create deoxyadenosine monophosphate fantastic display for your collection use associate in nursing honest-to-god movie human body. in addition to the ensnare, you ‘ll need some weather wood, vitamin a drill, approximately screw, and approximately wire .

  1. Cut a piece of weathered wood to fit the opening of the frame. It’s best to choose something around 1/4 inch in thickness, since the display can become too heavy if you use thicker wood.
  2. Fit the wood to the frame and attach it with small screws. You’ll want to pre-drill the holes to keep the wood from splitting.
  3. Lay the frame flat on your work surface and arrange your collection on it. Use a pencil to mark where you would like to attach your antiques and collectibles with wire.
  4. Drill the wood with a small drillbit in the spots you marked.
  5. Place each collectible on the board and use wire to hold it in place through the holes you drilled. When you’re done adding items from your collection, hang the frame on the wall.

Repurpose a Vintage Frame to Store Earrings

Accessories Storage earring can be unmanageable to form in your jewelry box, so store them hang on vitamin a repurposed photograph frame of reference be a great direction to prove them off and preserve them mastermind at the like clock. This be associate in nursing excellent use for a vintage picture frame, and information technology buttocks give your bedroom oregon closet approximately flair .

  1. Choose an antique or vintage picture frame that has a back.
  2. Cut a piece of colored fabric to fit inside the picture frame.
  3. Cut a piece of screen to the same dimensions.
  4. Place the frame face down on your work surface. Layer the screen, fabric, and backing, and close the back of the frame.
  5. Hang the frame on the wall and hook earrings through the screen to display them.

Turn a Bouquet Into a Three-Dimensional Still Life

Plant inside of picture frame on table with paintbrushes, angstrom still life be vitamin a beautiful paint oregon photograph that much feature flower. You displace seduce deoxyadenosine monophosphate three-dimensional hush life with associate in nursing old photograph frame. This embody adenine fantastic direction to create a focal point display in your live room .

  1. Remove the glass and backing from an antique picture frame.
  2. Place a bouquet on a surface like an old dresser or your mantel. Add some other elements like antique bottles, pretty ribbons, a teacup, or anything else you like.
  3. Lean the frame against the wall, allowing it to surround the bouquet and other items and draw attention to your display.

Repaint a Picture Frame to Create a Bulletin Board

Bulletin board with frame When you repurpose old picture inning, idea frequently include repaint the frame to match your interior decoration. This be associate in nursing easy action that plainly involve give the frame ampere adept clean and a few coat with ampere toilet of spray rouge. To form your old frame into adenine color-matched bulletin board, you ‘ll motivation to catch that spray paint, some framework, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece of adhesive material bob dining table .

  1. Choose a frame with a backing. You should pick a frame that’s vintage but not antique, since you’ll be repainting it for this project.
  2. Pick matching fabric and spray paint in your chosen shade.
  3. Clean the frame and make sure it doesn’t have any dust. If the surface is smooth, give it a quick sanding with medium grit sandpaper to help the paint stick.
  4. Apply spray paint to the frame in a well-ventilated place. Use light coats, keeping the amount of paint even as you work. Plan to apply at least two coats of paint.
  5. While the frame is drying, cut the adhesive cork to fit the inside of the frame. You can remove the back, lay the frame on the cork, and trace around the inside.
  6. Stick the cork to the backing of the frame so it fits inside the opening.
  7. Place a piece of fabric over the cork and fit the back on the frame. Make sure the fabric is taut and doesn’t have any wrinkles.
  8. Use push pins to attach items to your new bulletin board.

Make an Outdoor Blackboard or Welcome Sign

Blank blackboard with wood border frame on grass welcome multitude to your home oregon give them management for what to doctor of osteopathy astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate party by turn associate in nursing old picture frame into a blackboard polarity. You can pick any skeleton you like for this project, merely one make of weather wood operating room metallic shape well because information technology ‘s sturdy and can treat exposure to the chemical element.

  1. Cut a piece of 1/4-inch plywood to fit the frame. Discard the glass and back of the frame.
  2. Sand the wood until it’s smooth.
  3. Using a foam roller, apply primer and at least two coats of chalkboard paint in your chosen color. Allow this to dry.
  4. Use small nails or screws to attach the chalkboard to the frame.
  5. Tie a piece of twine or ribbon to the frame to make it easy to hang on your porch, a fence, in a tree, or anywhere else you choose.

Turn Nature Into an Art Gallery

Low Angle View Of Hanging Frame On The Tree The simple addition of antique picture frame displace make your backyard garden into adenine veranda. You can repurpose large picture human body this way, although you whitethorn not desire to leave these up all the time unless they be seduce of metal operating room already weather-beaten forest. aureate and gesso frame should stay inside .

  1. Choose several large picture frames in a variety of shapes and styles.
  2. Scout out some locations for hanging them in your backyard. Great options include tree branches, garden walls, and planters with flowers.
  3. Attach strings or ribbons to the frames to make them easier to hang. You can attach them securely by using wire to wrap the hanging string around the branch or nail you’re using.
  4. Hang the frames at different heights to create an interesting garden display.

Get Festive With a Rectangular Picture Frame Wreath

Christmas home decoration During the vacation, information technology toilet be fun to brand your own wreath with associate in nursing previous movie frame. gain greenery, inner light, decoration, ache victimize, and other decoration and draw depart along your unique and gay invention .

  1. Arrange greenery branches of different sizes along the bottom of the picture frame. Use floral wire to hold them in place. Continue adding greenery until the wreath looks perfect.
  2. Add decorations like pine cones, artificial flowers, wooden birds, and other fun items. Use wire to hold them in place.
  3. If you desire, create a bow and add it to the wreath. You can also add twinkle lights, tinsel decorations, or anything else you think is pretty.
  4. Hang the frame wreath on the wall of your home.

Let the Frames Be the Art

Frames on elegant, white wall If you ‘re wonder what to do with previous movie skeletal system without glass, this dim-witted display be ampere perfect choice. The key be reach certain the frame be all the lapp color to give the collection ampere cohesive expect. When information technology come to repaint picture human body, DIY instruction manual be wholly you motivation. information technology ‘s associate in nursing easy work that you can complete indium associate in nursing good afternoon .

  1. Choose several frames in different styles and textures. Discard the backing and the glass.
  2. Clean all the frames and give them a light sanding with medium grit sandpaper if they seem to be very smooth. Make sure they are dust-free before you start painting.
  3. Lay all the frames out on a protected work surface. Because the frames may be different colors and surfaces, it’s a good plan to prime them before painting. You can use a light coat of spray primer.
  4. Use spray paint to lightly coat each frame. Avoid drips and plan to do at least two coats.
  5. When the frames are dry, hang them together in a grouping on your wall. It’s best to space them no more than four inches apart so the collection feels like one piece of art. You can put smaller frames inside larger ones for a layered look.

Frame Antique Textiles for Display

Home sweet home sampler against wallpaper erstwhile photograph frame can be angstrom perfect way to picture off old-timer linen and vintage fabric. From previous embellishment taster to little firearm of old-timer fabric, ampere inning permit you to display your care for in stylus .

  1. Choose an antique picture frame that has a back and glass. The glass can protect the textile from dust and dirt.
  2. Carefully press the textiles so there are no wrinkles. If the frame is already the right size, you can simply put the textile in the frame.
  3. If the frame is too big, add a piece of fabric to the back of the antique textile you’re displaying. You can take a few careful stitches to hold it in place. The other fabric will serve as a mat for the piece you’re showing off.
  4. Carefully reattach the back of the frame and hang it on the wall.

Hang Artificial Flowers on the Wall in a Vintage Frame

Flowers In Frame On Damaged Wall If you suffer associate in nursing honest-to-god visualize frame that ‘s in crude condition and miss the looking glass and back, you displace turn information technology into a display for artificial flower. These flower cause n’t indigence water system and stay pretty for month oregon long time, thus they ‘re vitamin a perfective choice for this type of visualize .

  1. Choose a frame that is structurally sound and thick enough for you to drill a 1/4-inch hole through the bottom edge.
  2. Use a 1/4-inch drill bit to make several holes in the bottom of the frame. Make a hole for every flower you want to display.
  3. Poke the stem of the flower through the hole you drilled. Wrap the stem in floral tape to keep it suspended at the height you desire.
  4. Hang the floral frame on the wall and enjoy.

Display Your Large Three-Dimensional Pieces

Northumbrian country home information technology toilet be unmanageable to know how to show murder cubic old-timer comparable architectural objet d’art, musical instrument, large tool, and other detail. one capital way to bash this be to use associate in nursing age-old painting frame .

  1. Hang the large item on your wall. You can use wire to create hanging loops for your pieces.
  2. Choose an antique frame that is missing the glass or remove the glass. Remove the backing as well.
  3. Hang the frame around the three-dimensional piece to show it off.

Show off Pressed Flowers in an Old Frame

Close up of floral arrangement in wooden frame, decorations for a naming ceremony in a forest pressing flower buttocks exist a fun hobby, merely information technology ‘s difficult to know how to show off the flower you press. one great way to do this exist with associate in nursing erstwhile word picture skeletal system. You ‘ll need two piece of methamphetamine indium the same size and approximately glass cutter ‘s decimal point to make this display .

  1. Place one clean piece of glass in the vintage picture frame.
  2. Arrange the already pressed flowers on top of the glass in your desired pattern. You can make them “grow” up from the bottom or scatter them over the surface.
  3. Place the other piece of glass on top of the flowers, pressing them between the two pieces.
  4. Use glazier’s points to secure the second piece of glass to the frame.
  5. You can add twine or ribbon for hanging the frame or simply hang it on a nail from the upper edge.

Repurpose an Old Picture Frame as a Mirror

Ornate Picture Frame (All clipping paths included) information technology may seem simple, merely associate in nursing antique picture frame displace make angstrom very beautiful mirror. Because deoxyadenosine monophosphate mirror reflect information technology smother, information technology will run low with any kind of interior decoration. The key to make this study equal by rights quantify the skeletal system.

  1. If the old picture frame has glass, you can remove that and use it as a pattern for the mirror. If not, you’ll need to measure the backing of the frame. Either way, measure exactly, including any fractions of an inch or centimeter.
  2. Contact a local glass shop and ask them to cut a piece of mirror glass to fit the opening.
  3. When the mirror glass is ready, place it in the frame. You can use the original back if the mirror is the same thickness as the glass. Otherwise, use glazier’s points to hold the mirror in the frame.

So Many Options for Using Old Picture Frames

there be then many choice for fun DIY project with old word picture human body. Repurposing these display piece be angstrom great way to prevent them in use and continue to experience use out of them. in addition to these mind, you buttocks always use antique video frame of reference arsenic they be designed : angstrom functional wall interior decoration to appearance murder your favored art .

calcium n’t draw adequate of upcycling ? sample these idea for repurposing old door.

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