Rite Aid passport photo

Rite Aid passport photo

How to take a passport photo in Rite Aid
“ Where can I take a pass photograph for the lowest price ? ” If we are talking about New York, California, Washington D.C, Texas and early major U.S. states then the common answer will be Rite Aid drugstore. There are about Rite Aid 2500 stores all over the U.S., and some of them offer flying photograph services .

Rite Aid passport photo price

Rite Aid chain offers cheap recommendation photograph prices comparing with competitors. A pair of passport-sized pictures will cost you entirely $ 8.99 : that ‘s about $ 5 less than Walgreens and CVS. however, the Rite Aid range is less evolve than Walgreens : not all american cities have stores .
For this price you will have only two photograph cards, and no digital photograph is included. If you need photos for an on-line submission or apply for respective documents at once, be prepared to pay more .

Can I take a photo for a European visa or a Canadian visa or passport at Rite Aid?

Most likely, no. Rite Aid photograph services specializes largely in photos for U.S. recommendation of 2×2 inches in size. Check with your local pharmacy to see if you can get a different size photograph, such as a 35×45 millimeter or 5×7 curium. If this service is not available, consider on-line alternatives.

Where is it better to get a passport photo: online or at Rite Aid (or another chain store)?

With the advent of specialize photograph edit tools, the want for offline services has decreased .
Visafoto.com makes U.S. pass photos ( and for any type of visa or pass ) 24/7. All you need is to download your photograph hera and instantaneously get a master leave. The servicing will set required size, format and background along with editing the visualize quality. After paying a fee of $ 7 you will get photos both for on-line submission and for impression .
Take an image with a smartphone or camera against any background, upload it here and immediately get a professional photograph for your visa, passport or ID .

Select Country

Select Document

Additional options
Fix head cant
Fix background
Fix image contrast

Upload photo & Continue


Image Upload Error


Source photo example that you need to take in order to make a passport or visa photo at visafoto.com


Result example: a correct visa or passport photo that you will receive
source :
Passport photo original source
You will get photos for online submission and printing
Unlike offline photograph centers, Visafoto offers a and 24-hour support. Just contact us if you are not satisfied with the consequence, and we will replace the photograph for loose .
You can take a photograph not entirely for a U.S. recommendation, but besides for any visa, driver ‘s license, etc. Visafoto knows the requirements for all existing photos for documents in the earth .

How to print out my passport photo at Ride Aid?

Rite Aid crack commodious printing services. You can place the order on-line and pick up the print at the nearest pharmacy .
To print out passport photos purchased at Visafoto.com use a printable file with 4 individual pictures on it. Go to photo.riteaid.com, order a print on 4×6 slick paper and upload your photograph. It will only cost $ 0.30.

Read more : ‎Photo Editor

Other popular printing services in the U.S.

  • Walgreens. $0.35 for one 4×6 print;
  • CVS. $0.35 for one 4×6 print;
  • Coscto. $0.17 for one 4×6 print (Coscto membersip is required);
  • Snapfish. About $0.33 for one 4×6 print, depending on the delivery.
    You can pick up the order in the nearest Walgreens or CVS store or order delivery by mail.
  • Shutterfly. $0.15 for one 4×6 print + delivery fee ($0.33 – $1.79).

Comparison between Rite Aid and Visafoto.com services

  Visafoto.com Rite Aid
Who takes the photo? You, using your smartphone or camera Personnel at Rite Aid
How much time is needed? About 5 mins (you take a selfie and load it to Visafoto.com).
Plus 5 mins if you need print outs (you need to order them online separately).
About 5-20 mins **
Do you get a digital photo? Yes No
Do you get a print out? No
You will get an image file that you can print out, so if you need prints you could use Rite Aid impression services ( $ 0.30 for a 4×6 ” print with 4 passport photos on it )
Cost $7 if you need only digital photos. Add $0.30 if you need print outs $8.99 ***
Can you get passport photos or visa photos for another country? Yes, Visafoto does passport photos for all countries No
Can you replace the photo is you are not satisfied with the result or it was rejected by the officials? Yes No
24×7 support available? Yes No
  • * No (if you need only digital photo for online application),
    No (if you can get print outs by mail),
    Yes (if you need print outs urgently)
  • ** If you are already inside Rite Aid, time for a trip is not taken into account
  • *** You need to clarify the price at your Rite Aid

Get your U.S. passport photograph on-line now !

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