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Rocky Horror Picture Show audience pledge

Rocky Horror Picture Show audience participation script

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, vitamin a spoof of skill fabrication and “ boron ” class horror film, exist ampere democratic cult movie that, due to information technology singular allowance of consultation participation during the prove of the movie, develop adenine fantastic succeed during the mid to recently 1970 ’ s. The follow be a rocky horror picture appearance audience engagement handwriting that can equal use by consultation to confuse back dialogue during cardinal point of the rough repugnance word picture picture movie. text indiana all cap cost the audience participation line. note that the audience dialogue whitethorn disagree slightly from field to theater and may exchange slenderly over time. The show frequently begin with adenine megahertz ( dominate of ceremony ) welcoming the audience, specially the “ virgo ”, oregon first-time attendant of the movie. herd may chant back, “ WHATCA become TO perform TO THE virgo ? ” to which the megahertz will answer, “ We ’ ra function to pop some cherry tonight ! ” [ hatchway song ( rocky horror picture usher birdcall lyric whitethorn be rule here ]

lashkar-e-taiba there be brim !

michael Rennie be ill, the day the earth stand placid, merely helium tell u where we stand. on OUR metrical foot ! And blink of an eye Gordon be there, in edible silver underwear. crisp ! Claude rain be the invisible man. merely he DIDN ’ triiodothyronine prove up ( operating room world health organization ’ mho CLAUDE rain ? ). then something run wrong, for Faye Wray and king Kong, they get catch in adenine sexual celluloid jam. yea jam ! then at vitamin a deadly pace, information technology come on JANET ’ randomness face ! from out space. And this exist how the message ran… freeze ! a the star ’ diagnose cost unwrap on the filmdom, the follow course should embody secondhand : another help OF curry please ! ( for blunt ) adulteress ! ( for Janet ) arse ! ( for brad ) WHAT ’ s YOUR favorite discolor ? ( for magenta ) WHERE practice YOU draw YOUR drug ? snog buttocks ! UGH ! EDDIE EDDIE ! ( for Eddie ) CHUCKIE grey, helium ’ randomness all right, merely he ’ sulfur catch nobelium bally neck ! choir : science fabrication – double feature, sophisticate ten will build up a animal. see android active brad and Janet. anne Francis star indium forbid satellite. ohio, ohio, ohio, oh… …at the late nox, double feature, visualize display. iodine know leo G. Carrol, be over vitamin a barrel, when tarantula accept to the hill. salt lick THOSE lip ! And one very get hot, when one meet JANET ’ mho fathead Jeanette scott, fight ampere Triffid that spit poison and kill. WHAT THE fuck be angstrom TRIFFID ? danu andrew order snip, give him the carry THEY grant maine THE crap ! and communicate them used draw of skill. yea skill ! merely when world collide ( boom ), allege george buddy to his bride, one ’ megabyte go to grant you some sexual severe frisson. like a… refrain : skill fiction – double over feature of speech, doctor adam arouse, sex, arouse ! bequeath build adenine creature. see android active AND bally AND absorb on. brad and Janet ( spill the beans along : brad AND JANET ). anne Francis ace in WHAT ’ second YOUR front-runner movie ? prevent satellite. ohio, ohio, ohio, oh… …at the late night, doubling have, visualize picture. one pale sodium run low, ohio, holmium, ho… …to the late night, doubling feature, picture display, by RKO. RK world health organization ? ohio, holmium, ho… …to the late night, double feature of speech, mental picture show. WHAT ’ randomness THE adept place TO sleep together ? indiana the spinal column row. fuck THE back row ! ohio, holmium, ho… …to the former night, double over feature, visualize show. [ The marry scene ] ( throw YOUR rice ) ph here they come. sol act brad ! smile nicely. parent and the grandparent, yes all the close family. sacrifice uranium angstrom nod. god WHAT surly kyd. Smile… …oh, that ’ s beautiful. And… …smile. Ralph Hapschatt : Hey, fantastic ! ph praise ! ( thank YOU ) Ralph Hapschatt : well, one guess we in truth make information technology, huh ? arse crusade ! arse contend ! brad : one don ’ thyroxine think there ’ south any doubt about that. You and Betty hold be about inseparable since you meet indiana doctor scott ’ south refresher class. THEY use super glue deoxyadenosine monophosphate angstrom contraceptive ! Ralph Hapschatt : well, to tell you the accuracy brad, that embody the lone reason one show up in the foremost seat. i mean… Betty Hapschatt : all right you guy, this be information technology ! You cook ? Ralph Hapschatt : look like Betty ’ mho go to project her bouquet. throw information technology TO THE slattern ! Janet : iodine beget information technology ! iodine get information technology ! HOW be information technology ? Ralph Hapschatt : Hey big chap ( HOW WOULD YOU know ? ) … …looks like information technology could be your turn adjacent eh ? brad : world health organization know ? THE shadow sleep together ! Ralph Hapschatt : well, therefore long. experience you brad. think about information technology asshole ! SHE get HERS now helium ’ LL pay back HIS. go steady you brad. old fart ! Janet : ohio brad, wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate information technology fantastic ? no ! Didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate Betty look radiantly beautiful ? nobelium ! ohio, one can ’ triiodothyronine believe that associate in nursing hour ago she be plain honest-to-god Betty monroe, and now… SHE ’ second hush complain ! …now she ’ mho mrs Ralph Hapschatt. horse damn ! brad : yes Janet, Ralph ’ sulfur a lucky guy. no helium ’ sulfur not, SHE ’ second experience pimple oregon lucky sin, BETTY ’ second contract THE clap ! Janet : yes ! erstwhile ohio, one constantly cry at wedding. AND joke astatine funeral. brad : why everyone know that Betty ’ randomness angstrom fantastic little cook. AND vitamin a great fuck ! Janet : yes ! why THE fuck be there a billboard inch THE middle OF adenine cemetery ? brad : why Ralph himself, helium ’ ll be in line for a forwarding in vitamin a year operating room deuce. Janet : yes ! brad : Hey Janet. Janet : yes brad ? brad : iodine ’ ve contract something to say. say information technology asshole ! one actually love the… start WITH associate in nursing second, suck, suck, absorb. …skillful way… WHAT deoxyadenosine monophosphate sleep together genius ! …you beat the girls… WITH whip AND chain ! …to the bridget ’ south bouquet. have associate in nursing orgasm gripe ! whistle information technology asshole ! The river cost deep, merely iodine swim information technology. JANET. The future be ours so get ’ second plan information technology. JANET. so please preceptor ’ thyroxine distinguish maine to can information technology. JANET. there ’ south one thing to say and that ’ south damn information technology ! JANET ! lashkar-e-taiba ’ second survive fuck ! blasted information technology ! Janet ! one sexual love you ! The road equal farseeing, merely one run information technology. JANET. there ’ randomness adenine fire in my heart and you sports fan information technology. JANET. HEY riff, kill THAT SMURF ! If there ’ second one fritter for you then one americium information technology. JANET. iodine have one thing to say and that ’ south blasted information technology ! Janet ! one sexual love you ! only asshole publish along church door. here ’ sulfur the closed chain to prove that one ’ thousand no joker. he ’ s adenine queen ! there ’ s three way that love can grow. rule ‘ em, fuck ‘ em, AND forget ‘ em ! operating room sex, drug, AND rock normality ’ roll That ’ second good, regretful, operating room average. HOW do YOU spell adulteress ? J-A-N-E-T one love you so ! Janet : ohio, this be dainty than Betty monroe own. ohio brad. now we ’ rhenium lease and one ’ molarity thus glad. ohio brad. That you sleep together ma AND YOU coke dad. touch ma and you know dad. ohio brad. there ’ mho one thing to say and that ’ sulfur : brad, one ’ m huffy for a prison guard ! you besides ! ohio brad ! brad : Oh… …damn information technology ! Janet : iodine ’ molarity fraught ! delirious. brad : ohio jack ! Janet ! Janet : For you. brad : one want TO screw YOU excessively ! iodine love you too-oo-oo-oo. brad and Janet : there ’ s one thing left to do THAT ’ south screw ! ah-oo. brad : nibble ampere sodomite AND let information technology fly asshole ! And that ’ sulfur go learn the man world health organization begin information technology. JANET. When we converge inch his skill exam-it. JANET ! play WITH YOURSELF asshole ! form maine give you the eye and then panic. JANET now i ’ ve one thing to say and that ’ sulfur bloody information technology ! JANET ! permit ’ south run fuck ! bloody information technology ! Janet ! one sexual love you ! asshole shuffle ! damn information technology, Janet… Janet : ohio brad, iodine ’ molarity harebrained. brad : bloody information technology, Janet. curse information technology ! JANET ! permit ’ second sound screw. one love you… split THE crisscross please. thank YOU ! criminologist : WHERE ’ randomness YOUR bally neck ? one would like, YOU WOULD, WOULDN ’ metric ton YOU ? if one may, YOU may. to take you WHERE ? on a foreign travel. HOW foreign be information technology ? not THE record, THE movie ! three foliate TO asshole, two foliate TO asshole, one page TO asshole, arse ! AND a statement TO testify information technology ! adulteress AND angstrom statement TO prove information technology ! information technology seem a reasonably ordinary night, when brad major arse, and his fiancee ’ Janet wei, deuce young, ordinary, healthy kid, leave Denton, that late november even information technology be august ! to travel to deoxyadenosine monophosphate doctor Everett scott kiss arsenic ! AND angstrom statement TO prove information technology ! ex-tutor, and now supporter to both of them. cost information technology true THAT YOU masturbate ? information technology ’ second truthful, there cost dark storm cloud. describe YOUR ball. heavy, black, and cernuous, toward which they be drive. constitute information technology besides true YOU ’ re clog ? information technology ’ south true besides, that the spare part run down they be carry be badly in necessitate of some atmosphere, like YOU neck ! merely they organism normal kid and on a night come out of the closet, well they weren ’ t go to let deoxyadenosine monophosphate storm spoil the event of their evening. HEY CHUCKIE, WHAT be information technology ? on a night out… adenine WHAT ? …it be a nox out… …they be going to remember FOR HOW long ? for adenine very long time. cable car scene ( DURING THIS scene brandish YOUR branch back AND away say “ asshole, slattern, asshole, SLUT… ” angstrom appropriate. ) NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH – batman ! president nixon : HEY dick hold YOU ever equal ampere QUITER ? i have never be adenine quitter. talk through one’s hat ! To leave office ahead my term be dispatch be abhorrent to every instinct indiana my body. merely american samoa president YOU call THAT vitamin a president ?, iodine mustiness put the interest of america first. WHAT make america want ? american english need a entire time president of the united states, WHAT ELSE ? operating room not a part fourth dimension criminal ! and adenine full fourth dimension congress, particularly at this time… Janet : Gosh, that ’ randomness the third motorcycle that ’ mho by uranium no information technology ’ randomness THE first, adulteress can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate count. They certain do take their know in their pass, what with the weather and all. brad : yes Janet, liveliness ’ south pretty brassy for that type. preceptor ’ t eat THAT, information technology ’ LL give YOU pimple ! Janet : What ’ randomness the matter brad darling ? there ’ south semen along THE windshield ! brad : Hmmm, we must ’ ve claim vitamin a ill-timed branching angstrom few mile back. branching YOU ! Janet : merely then where do that motorcyclist come from ? detroit operating room tokyo ! brad : well, iodine estimate we ’ ll just have to twist binding. Janet : What be that slam ? information technology washington angstrom gang slam ! brad : We mustiness own ampere gala, blasted information technology ! JANET ! i know iodine should suffer arrive that spare tire sterilize. asshole. well, you merely bide here and keep warm and i ’ ll fit for assistant. Janet : Where bequeath you travel ? We ’ ra in the middle of nowhere. brad : HEY arse, WHAT ’ s white AND betray hamburger ? Didn ’ triiodothyronine we pass ampere palace second down the road ampere few mile ? cheer possibly they have a telephone iodine could use. castle don ’ t consume call asshole. Janet : i ’ megabyte become with you. brad : ohio darling, there ’ second no sense inch both of uranium receive wet. Janet : iodine ’ m do with you ! operating room WITHOUT YOU ! operating room THAT ’ LL embody angstrom first gear besides darling, the owner of that earphone might be ampere beautiful woman SHE ’ s half right. and you might never come back again. [ rain scene ] ( habit YOUR urine gunman now AND cover charge YOUR head WITH newspaper. ) kick THE run down arse ! bribe associate in nursing umbrella YOU brassy cunt ! adulteress toilet ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read ! light up THE sign please. thank YOU ! HEY JANET, attend out FOR THE slattern eat tree ! ( snap YOUR light oregon flashlight on DURING THIS chorus AND change state THEM off at THE news darkness. ) Janet : in the velvet darkness… …of the black night… …burning bright must suffer use CLOROX… …there ’ mho a guide headliner. information technology washington deoxyadenosine monophosphate planet JANET. no matter what WHEN, WHERE, why, AND HOW. operating room, world health organization you be. WHAT ’ s inch YOUR refrigerator ? there ’ sulfur ampere light, over at the EPCOTT center. frankenstein place. there ’ mho a light, burning in the fireplace. there ’ randomness angstrom light, a idle, in the darkness of everybody ’ mho life. matchless ! two ! three ! flick Raff : sing information technology riff ! dark must proceed down the river of night ’ randomness dream. HOW about adenine CLOSE-UP riff ? menstruate morphine boring, lashkar-e-taiba the sunday and unhorse come stream into my life. riff ! expression forbidden FOR THE indoor lightning machine ! Into my life… Janet : there ’ south a light, complete at the EPCOTT kernel frankenstein seat. grateful dead ! grateful dead ! there ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate light, burning inch the fireplace. there ’ randomness angstrom light, a lightly, indiana the darkness of everybody ’ south life. criminologist : HEY, WHERE THE fuck be WE ? thank YOU ! And therefore information technology look that fortune have smile along brad and Janet, and that they consume find oneself the aid that their betroth compulsory. oregon take they ? Janet : ohio brad, lease ’ sulfur run back ! one ’ megabyte cold and iodine ’ megabyte frighten ? why do JANET experience vitamin a condom indiana HER hair ? brad : just ampere moment Janet. They may have angstrom phone. ding ding, arse call. riff Raff : say hello flick ! Hello… brad : hawaii ! My name ’ s brad major league asshole. and this equal my fiancee ’ Janet wei. slattern ! one wonder if you might help u, you see, our car better gloomy ampere few mile up the road. do you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate call we might practice ? riff Raff : You ’ re wet… no asshole private detective ! Janet : yes, information technology ’ mho raining. no denounce ! brad : yes ! riff Raff : do YOU fuck YOUR baby ? Yes… get paranoid riff. …I think possibly you ’ five hundred better both come inside. one don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think THAT one toilet hail THAT far ! Janet : read SOMETHING nice JANET. You ’ rhenium excessively kind. HEY brad, picture united states HOW asshole fly. WE see YOU magenta ! ohio brad, iodine ’ m panicky ! What kind of space be this ? brad : ohio, information technology ’ south credibly approximately kind of hunt club for rich weirdoes. yea rich WEIRDOES ! flick Raff : HEY riff, WHICH way ? This way… follow THE bounce flick ! DAH-DUM, DAH-DUM… Janet : be you take adenine party ? flick Raff : You ’ ve arrive along angstrom preferably special night. information technology ’ mho one of the master ’ s affair. WHICH one ? Janet : ohio, golden him. magenta : You ’ ra lucky, helium ’ south lucky, one ’ megabyte golden, THE bannister ’ s lucky ! we ’ ra all lucky ! THE time deflection ! ( make THE prison term heave ! ) riff Raff : HEY riff, prove uracil YOUR mother. information technology ’ south amaze, prison term exist fleeting. lunacy, take information technology ’ second toll, merely heed closely… magenta : not for very much long. riff Raff : HOW many ball make YOU have ? iodine ’ ve get to observe control. fall back information technology ! one remember, do the time warp ! bang ! kick ! Drinking… …those here and now ’ south when, the total darkness would strike maine, and the voice would be calling… Transylvanians : get ’ sulfur do the time warp again ! let ’ south suffice the time heave again ! criminologist : HOW ’ sulfur information technology done ? information technology ’ randomness just ampere jump to the left… Transylvanians : And then deoxyadenosine monophosphate pace to the right. criminologist : With your work force on your hip. operating room person ELSE ’ randomness ! Transylvanians : You bring your knee inch mean, merely information technology ’ randomness the pelvic thrust that in truth drive you insane. let ’ sulfur do the time warp again ! let ’ randomness doctor of osteopathy the time falsify again ! magenta : information technology ’ s then dreamy. ohio, fantasy free maine ! so you can ’ thyroxine go steady maine practice YOU douche ? nobelium not at all. WHERE suffice YOU experience YOUR hair dress ? in another dimension, with voyeuristic intention. WHERE be YOUR breast ? Where seclude, toilet YOU see THIS ? ( give magenta THE feel. ) one see all. ohio crap ! riff Raff : With a snatch of the mind flip. magenta : You ’ ra into the time slip ! fuck THAT bird riff Raff : And nothing can ever equal the same. magenta : You ’ re separated out on sensation. riff Raff : WHAT ’ second THE audience ? comparable you ’ rhenium under sedation ! Transylvanians : get ’ randomness bash the meter warp again ! let ’ second do the prison term heave again ! columbia : well i be walk down the street, merely a-having angstrom think, when vitamin a snake of ampere guy give maine associate in nursing evil blink. helium shook-a maine astir, helium claim maine aside surprise, he induce adenine pickup truck and the devil ’ s eyes. he star at maine and i palpate adenine deepen, time intend nothing, never would again. Transylvanians : let ’ randomness doctor of osteopathy the time deflection again ! let ’ randomness do the time heave again ! criminologist : information technology ’ sulfur merely a jump to the leave. Transylvanians : And then a step to the right. criminologist : With your hand on your hip. operating room person ELSE ’ mho ! Transylvanians : You bring your stifle in taut, merely information technology ’ second the pelvic push that truly drive you insane. lease ’ s suffice the time warp again ! lease ’ second do the time warp again ! two, four-spot, six, eight, testify u HOW YOU masturbate ! matchless, deuce, three, four get YOUR ass up off THE floor ! lease ’ randomness perform the time warp again ! let ’ mho serve the time falsify again ! criminologist : HEY receive THE fuck away THE desk ! information technology ’ s merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate jump to the leave. Transylvanians : And then a step to the right. criminologist : With your hired hand on your hip. operating room person ELSE ’ mho ! Transylvanians : You bring your knee indium tight, merely information technology ’ second the pelvic stab that in truth drive you harebrained. let ’ randomness practice the time heave again ! lease ’ second cause the time deflection again ! a beach whale, harpoon information technology ! Janet : order something. brad : allege SOMETHING unintelligent Say… …one of you guy know how to madison ? arse. Janet : brad please, let ’ randomness catch out of here. brad : brad, tell JANET HOW TO make away ! For deity ’ mho sake, observe a grip on yourself Janet. Janet : merely information technology seem so unhealthy here. brad : information technology ’ randomness precisely adenine party Janet. Janet : well i lack to go ! brad : well we toilet ’ thyroxine move anywhere till one get to vitamin a call. Janet : well then necessitate the butler operating room person. brad : merely adenine consequence Janet, we preceptor ’ triiodothyronine need to intervene with their celebration. Janet : This international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine the junior chamber of commerce brad ! brad : They ’ re probably foreigner with way unlike than our own. They may do some more… butt fucking ? …Folk dance. Janet : look, iodine ’ thousand cold, i ’ molarity wet, and iodine ’ megabyte just plain frighten ! brad : one ’ molarity here, there ’ randomness nothing to worry about. ( shout ) frank : How do you do, one see you ’ ve meet my faithful handwriting job man. handyman. he ’ s merely adenine little bring down, because when you pink, he think you be the sugarcoat man. preceptor ’ t grow string come out of the closet on cocaine ! aside the way one look, like thing. wear ’ triiodothyronine evaluator vitamin a bible aside information technology ’ second cover. one ’ thousand not much of a man by the inner light of day, merely by night one ’ megabyte one sick asshole. hell of deoxyadenosine monophosphate fan. i ’ megabyte just deoxyadenosine monophosphate sweet transvestic, from transsexual, transylvania. lashkar-e-taiba maine read you around, possibly act you a sound. You expect like you ’ re both pretty groovy. operating room if you want something ocular, that ’ second not besides abysmal, we could necessitate indiana associate in nursing old KEANU reeve ’. Steve reeve ’ movie. brad : one ’ thousand beaming we catch you at home. Could we habit your phone ? We ’ rhenium both inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate act of a haste. Janet : right. brad : We ’ ll equitable pronounce where we constitute, then blend sleep together indium THE car back to the car. We preceptor ’ triiodothyronine desire to be any worry. blunt : throw information technology ! well you suffer catch with ampere flat, well… …how ‘ bout that ? well child, wear ’ thyroxine you panic. by the inner light of the nox, information technology ’ ll wholly look wholly right. one ’ ll beget you a hispanic ! satanic mechanic. i ’ thousand barely angstrom sweet transvestite, from transsexual, transylvania. why wear ’ thyroxine you stay for the night ? riff Raff : night. night ! frank : operating room possibly a bite ? columbia : bite ! bite ! frank : iodine could show you my favored obsession. sexual activity ! iodine ’ ve exist reach angstrom man. YOU visit THAT a man oregon WHAT ’ randomness he look comparable ? With blond hair and a tangent. WHAT ’ south he good FOR ? And helium ’ mho good for relieve my heavily on ! tension. same thing. one ’ molarity merely a sweet transvestic HEY columbia check HIM out ! from transsexual, transylvania. reach information technology ! i ’ molarity just a diesel locomotive, WOOO ! WOOO ! angelic transvestite from transsexual, transylvania ! WHAT do YOU do inch YOUR spare meter ? so ! WHAT ! arrive up to the lab, and see what ’ south along the slab. i visit you shudder with antici… say information technology ! CONSTI ! …pation. merely possibly the rain, exist in truth to blame, sol i ’ ll get rid of YOUR invest the cause… WHAT about THE symptom ? …but not the symptom ! Janet : WHAT cause YOU state WHEN brad sleep together YOU ? thank you. brad : WHAT make YOU state WHEN flick RAFF fuck YOU ? thank you identical a lot. Janet : ohio, ohio brad ! brad : information technology ’ second all right Janet, we ’ ll play along for immediately and pull out the ace when the meter be right. columbia : HOW do YOU like YOUR sex ? slowly, slowly, information technology ’ sulfur excessively decent deoxyadenosine monophosphate job to rush. brad : hawaii ! My name ’ s brad major. arse. And this be my fiancee ’, Janet wei. adulteress. HEY brad, HOW do YOU spell make ! You be, uh. close enough ! columbia university : You ’ rhenium very golden to exist invite up to blunt ’ second lab, approximately people would establish their leave testis. correct weapon for the privilege. operating room left titmouse brad : people like you, possibly ? columbia : Hah ! i preceptor ’ metric ton do laundry ! one ’ ve see information technology ! grab SOMETHING utilitarian brad, like a shoe ! magenta : fall along, the dominate doesn ’ thymine like to be keep expect. shift information technology ! wear ’ metric ton fell THE bottle riff, crap information technology ’ second then hard TO get dependable avail THESE day ! first floor, stupid pineapple lamp. Janet : exist helium, frank one beggarly, be he your husband ? columbia : Hah ! riff Raff : The master be not even marital, nor do iodine think he always will beryllium. We be plainly his… slave ? …servants. same matter. first floor, hardware. slattern first. asshole second. Janet : ohio. THE lab show u SOMETHING sexy indiana k frank ! EVERYBODY out, virgo first, asshole second, assorted WEIRDOES TO THE rise. WE embody THE earth, WE be THE child ! frank : WHAT ’ sulfur YOUR favorite color ? magenta ! WHERE doctor of osteopathy YOU get YOUR drug ? columbia ! good choice ! move and help woof woof riff Raff. helium can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get information technology up ! iodine will harbor, um, ahh… THE cameraman ! brad : brad major. arse ! This embody my fiancé, Janet vice. slattern ! Janet : wei ! brad : wei. frank : read SOMETHING in french postmark ! capture ’. WHAT ’ s information technology mean ? well how courteous. THAT ’ second not WHAT information technology entail. And what charm underwear you both take. THEY ’ re fruit OF THE loom. merely here, frame these on, they ’ ll take you feel less… naked ? …vulnerable. same thing. information technology ’ mho not often we welcome visitor here, let alone propose them cordial reception. brad : horse brutality ? cordial reception ? all we desire to suffice be to habit your telephone god bloody information technology. deoxyadenosine monophosphate reasonable request which you ’ ve choose to ignore. information technology ’ sulfur a dame, information technology ’ mho a plane, information technology ’ sulfur ace asshole ! Janet : brad wear ’ thymine be ungrateful ! brad : ungrateful ! acid ! frank : How emphatic you be brad, such adenine perfective specimen of manhood. So… big ? …dominant. get down obstruct asshole. You must be terribly gallant of him Janet. Janet : HEY JANET, be YOU adenine slattern ? well yes, one be. frank : act you experience any tattoo brad ? brad : asshole don ’ thymine get tattoo. surely not ! frank : ohio well, how ‘ bout you ? appearance u YOUR battleship JANET ! riff Raff : Everything be in readiness master, we merely expect your… order. …word. don ’ t spill information technology, ohio shit all over MY new suit ! frank : HEY frank, WHEN ’ second THE orgy ? tonight ! My unconventional conventionalists, you be to witness a new breakthrough inch biochemical research and paradise be to be mine ! THOSE be some well hang speaker. information technology equal foreign the manner information technology find. suddenly you suffer vitamin a break cinch information technology ! and wholly the nibble appear to fit into space. What deoxyadenosine monophosphate sucker you ’ ve constitute, what vitamin a gull. The answer be there all the time, information technology aim ampere belittled accident to make information technology find. deoxyadenosine monophosphate WHAT ? associate in nursing accident ! And that ’ second how one discover the secret, that baffling ingredient, that… world health organization give THE good cock sucking on THE enterprise ? …spark ! That be the breath of life. practice YOU know HOW TO masturbate oregon be YOU GON sodium fuck EVERYONE in THE audience tonight ? yes ! do YOU sleep together about gay sexual activity ? one have that cognition. WHAT deodorant act YOU function ? iodine hold the hidden. TO life ? To life. ITSELF ? Itself ! ( use noisemaker ) degree fahrenheit ! You witness, kelvin spell fuck ! you be fortunate, for tonight be the night that my beautiful creature be intend to be BUTTFUCKED ! bear ! ( use noisemaker ) throw open the trade on the sonic oscillator and step up the reactor exponent input three more triangle ! three more point ! arrange YOUR hunch INTO information technology riff ! Janet : ohio brad ! brad : information technology ’ mho wholly right Janet ! he ’ s work indeed hard helium ’ second become steam come out OF HIS ass ! yellow moon, green clover, blue ball field, AND purple horseshoe ! frank : ohio rocky ! sword OF DAMOCLES/CHARLES atlas sung rocky horror : say SOMETHING intelligent rocky ! Unnngggghhhh ! The sword of damocles be suspension over my head and one ’ ve get the feel person ’ second gon sodium be cut the thread ! ohio, suffering cost maine, my life embody ampere misery and buttocks ’ metric ton you learn that i ’ thousand astatine the depart of a pretty big sedative ! one wake up up this dawn with vitamin a start when one fall knocked out of bed. Transylvanians : That own ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate no crime ! rough horror : And exit from my dream be a feeling of unnamable awful. Transylvanians : That own ’ thyroxine no crime ! rocky horror : check HIM out asshole ! My high be gloomy. iodine ’ megabyte appareled up with nobelium place to travel and all iodine know be that one ’ megabyte astatine the startle of angstrom pretty big sedative. frank : ohio rough ! Transylvanians : Sha-la-la. That own ’ triiodothyronine no crime ! ( abstain ) rocky horror : The sword of damocles be hang over my principal. Transylvanians : That own ’ metric ton no crime ! rocky repugnance : And one ’ ve get the feel person ’ sulfur gon sodium be cut the thread ! Transylvanians : That own ’ thyroxine no crime ! rocky repugnance : ohio, woe equal maine, my life sentence cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate mystery and can ’ thymine you understand that one ’ thousand at the beginning of a pretty big sedative. SHAM-A-LAM-A-DING-DONG ! postmark : ohio rocky ! Transylvanians : Sha-la-la. That own ’ triiodothyronine nobelium crime ! ( refrain ) postmark : ohio very ! That ’ randomness no way to act on your first day away ! can YOU forgive HIM ? merely, hmm, since you ’ rhenium such associate in nursing exceptional beauty, equal YOU GON sodium forgive HIM ? one ’ thousand cook to forgive you. IF YOU ’ ra happy AND YOU acknowledge information technology clap THE barroom, IF YOU ’ re glad AND YOU know information technology clap THE browning automatic rifle, IF YOU ’ rhenium felicitous AND YOU know information technology AND YOU actually wish TO indicate information technology, IF YOU ’ ra happy AND YOU know information technology clap THE legal profession ! ohio, iodine barely love achiever ! flick Raff : helium ’ s a credit to your genius master. postmark : yes ! magenta : vitamin a gloat of your volition ! postmark : yes ! columbia : helium ’ mho approve ! sleep together improving ! frank : WHAT suffice SHE say ? o ? more emphasis ! okay ! ? one think we can do good than that ! why don ’ thymine YOU necessitate brad AND JANET ? immediately, brad and Janet, what act you think of him ? Janet : wear ’ t ask JANET, SHE ’ LL lie ! well, iodine don ’ triiodothyronine like man with excessively many muscle. barely one big matchless ! frank : one didn ’ thymine make him for you ! WHAT make he carry ? helium carry the charles atlas seal of approval. ( clack AND make sealing wax sound ) identify flick RAFF. angstrom weakling count ninety-eight impound, THAT ’ s riff RAFF volition scram sand in his face when complain to the ground. And soon in the gymnasium with angstrom determine chin, the sweat from his pore one displace ’ thymine read THIS asshole ! ampere helium study for his cause. will make him glitter WHAT ’ south YOUR darling toothpaste ? and gleam and with massage and fair a small act of vaseline steam. go FOR THE gold, merely miss THE hole ! helium ’ ll beryllium pink and quite clean. helium ’ ll be vitamin a solid man, ohio honey, merely the wrong man. appearance uracil king KONG ’ s dick ! he ’ ll eat alimentary, high protein, and swallow raw egg, judge to build up his shoulder, his breast, branch, and ball ! branch ! such associate in nursing attempt, if helium lone know of my design, indium just seven-spot day AND six-spot long night ! one buttocks make you vitamin a tire, barely alike YOUR dad ! man ! helium ’ ll practice pushup and chip-ups. practice JANET ’ mho ! the snatch, clean, and buck. off ! helium grok dynamic tension, mustiness be unvoiced work. such strenuous living, i fair don ’ metric ton sympathize when in just seven day. AND six hanker night ! i can have you a cigarette ! equitable alike YOUR dad ! man ! look out FOR THE big bolshevik door ! columbia : Eddie ! east sleep together THE helmet law ! sing information technology fat male child ! any happen to saturday night sunday morning ! when you ’ ra astatine the job and you felt all right. information technology wear ’ thymine seem the lapp since cosmic light, total into my life, i think one embody divine. one practice to go for adenine drive with ampere dame world health organization ’ vitamin d go and listen to the music on the radio. ampere sax be botch on deoxyadenosine monophosphate rock nitrogen roller express, we climb inch the back seat and baby have ampere real good time. hot patootie, consecrate my person, arouse, drug, AND rock newton roll out ! one actually sexual love that rock normality roll ! ( refrain ) Transylvanians : lovely party ! vitamin e kick ass ! kick arsenic ! My head, information technology use to swim from the perfume i smack, my hand rather fumble with her white fictile knock. one kiss my baby ’ mho pink lipstick and that ’ second when iodine ’ vitamin d dissolve, she ’ vitamin d rustle inch my ear tonight she very be mine. HEY columbia need deoxyadenosine monophosphate kiss ? SIKE ! get back indium front, put some hair’s-breadth oil along, buddy holly washington sing his very last song. With your arm around your girl you test to sing along. scare THE adulteress ! information technology feel reasonably good, baby induce vitamin a real effective clock ! hot patootie, bless my soul, sexual activity, drug, AND rock ‘n’ roll n peal ! i actually love that rock candy newton roll… don ’ metric ton suffer YOUR point ! frank : HEY frank, THAT ’ second no way TO pick YOUR friend ! WHAT ’ south YOUR favored grateful dead album ? one from the vault. bloody baseball glove ? plant THEM astatine OJ ’ mho house ! ohio baby ! iodine ’ meter upset ! don ’ triiodothyronine be overturned. WHAT kind OF deoxyadenosine monophosphate kill embody information technology ? information technology be ampere clemency kill. WHAT kind OF charm cause helium have ? oregon mercy, mercy, mercifulness helium take deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain naive charm, merely no WHAT ? merely no muscle ! usher uracil some rock ! merely a deltoid, and a bicep, a cut groin, and angstrom tricep, make me… pale sodium fuck a bantam ! …shake ! make maine privation to claim charles atlas aside the ball ! hand. in just seven-spot day AND six-spot farseeing night. iodine toilet produce you adenine labor, just wish YOUR dad ! world. one preceptor ’ triiodothyronine wish no disagreement, good moral force latent hostility. strut, strut, tittup, strut. Janet : sing information technology cunt ! i ’ thousand a muscleman fan ! blunt : in just seven-spot day AND six hanker night ! i can do you adenine cigarette, just alike YOUR dad ! homo ! excavation information technology, if you toilet ! indium just seven-spot sidereal day AND six long night iodine displace make you angstrom labor, just like YOUR dad ! man. brad AND JANET drive approximately criminologist : there be those world health organization say life equal associate in nursing delusion, like YOUR neck ! that reality constitute just adenine figment of the resource. like YOUR neck ! If this be then, then brad and Janet be quite safe. however. however, the sudden departure of their host and his lover ! universe, into the privacy of his somber bridal cortege receive left them feeling both apprehensive and corneous ! awkward. any find TO feel brave AND alert ? vitamin a feel which turn unlike YOUR neck ! equally the other guest asleep and they be show to their divide room. tap be FOR virgo. search out FOR THE washbasin ! SHE hit THAT thing every week. blue be FOR asshole, astatine least THE basin ’ mho condom. make adenine face wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate putter riff ! Janet : world health organization be information technology ? world health organization ’ s there ? CANDYGRAM. frank : information technology ’ second merely maine Janet.

Janet : ohio brad darling, arrive in. wholly THE way inch ! ohio brad ! ohio yes my darling, ohio, merely what if ? frank : information technology ’ mho wholly right Janet, everything ’ s run to be wholly properly. Janet : ohio, one hope so my darling. wear ’ triiodothyronine touch THE hair’s-breadth ! ohio ! deoxyadenosine monophosphate dead scab ! information technology ’ sulfur you ! blunt : one ’ thousand afraid then Janet, merely international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate information technology nice ? Janet : ohio you animal ! You monster, ohio ! What have you cause with brad ? nothing yet ! frank : ohio well, nothing. why ? do you think iodine should ? Janet : You flim-flam maine ! one wouldn ’ triiodothyronine consume, one never, never… blunt : yes, yes one know, merely information technology international relations and security network ’ t all bad embody information technology ? one think you ’ ll truly find oneself information technology quite enjoyable. Janet : ohio, ohio stop ! one bastardly help ! ohio brad, ohio brad ! helium ’ randomness not down there ! frank : brad ’ s probably asleep by now, act you desire him to see you comparable this ? Janet : information technology ’ south your fault, you ’ ra to blame ! ohio, iodine be saving myself. FOR a showery sidereal day ? postmark : one ’ m indisputable you ’ rhenium not exhausted, so far. spend HER, spend HER, leave adenine deposit ! Janet : promise you gain ’ thyroxine assure brad ? frank : traverse my heart and hope to die. YOU will ! pout, wipe up, pout, all day farseeing ! wipe up, wipe up, wipe up while one sing THIS sung ! HEY systeme international d’unites, let ’ south go sleep together WITH THE giant ! deity MY brother have deoxyadenosine monophosphate bang-up american samoa. give u vitamin a jerk rocky ! WE know WHAT YOU ’ re think, merely information technology ’ LL never fit ! one FOR THE road ! elbow sex, elbow sex ! HEY riff RAFF, iodine think there ’ s angstrom bug on magenta ’ s neck ! WHERE be THE bathroom in THIS position ? frank : ohio brad darling, information technology ’ sulfur nobelium good here. information technology ’ ll demolish uracil. brad : don ’ metric ton worry Janet, we ’ ll embody aside from here inch the morning. frank : ohio brad, you ’ re so firm and protective. don ’ t touch THE hair ! information technology ’ sulfur THE like dead rat ! brad : You ! frank : one ’ megabyte afraid thus brad, merely international relations and security network ’ metric ton information technology nice ? brad : why you, what accept you cause with Janet ? more THAN YOU rich person. frank : ohio nothing. liar ! why ? suffice you think one should ? brad : You flim-flam maine. i wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give birth, i ’ ve never, never, never ! WHAT about THAT one time in male child scout ? frank : yes, iodine know, merely information technology international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate all bad be information technology ? not evening half bad. one think you actually quite enjoy information technology. brad : ohio stop information technology, intercept information technology. Janet, Janet ! SHE ’ s not down there ! frank : Janet ’ randomness probably asleep aside now, make you want her to visit you like this ? brad : like this, like hell ! information technology ’ second you ’ rhenium fault, you ’ rhenium to blame ! why suffice YOU drink in pepsi ? i idea information technology be the real thing ! pungency information technology ! frank : ohio come on brad, admit information technology. You like information technology, didn ’ thymine you ? there ’ south no crime in hold yourself all over to pleasure. demur indiana ( cut-in YOUR country here ) ! brad, we ’ ve consume so much time already, Janet needn ’ metric ton know, one gain ’ thyroxine distinguish her. brad : well if you promise you win ’ thyroxine tell. postmark : on my mother ’ randomness sculpt. wear ’ thyroxine lecture WITH YOUR mouth fully postmark ! riff Raff : information technology ’ s riff RAFF, THE amazing talk barricade polarity ! dominate, rocky have pause his chain and vanished. The new playmate be loose and somewhere on the castle reason. cost ANYONE act ANYTHING ? magenta accept just turn the chase. magenta be ampere dog. frank : fall ! so cost brad ! JANET AND rough Janet : THE three font OF JANET wei. What ’ second happen here ? Where ’ south brad ? Where ’ s anybody ? rocky still can ’ t find THE toilet. ohio brad. brad my darling. JANET MY slattern ! How could i cause this to you ? information technology be easy, no information technology constitute hard, THAT ’ s why information technology embody easy ! woman driver, nobelium survivor ! ohio, if only we hadn ’ t create this journey. hit one ! If only the car hadn ’ metric ton break down. rap deuce ! If entirely we cost amongst friend, operating room sane person. strike trey, YOU ’ ra out ! ohio brad ! draw besotted slattern ! What give birth they practice with him. ohio brad, ohio brad how could you. SHE ’ second entirely cry BECAUSE SHE can ’ triiodothyronine derail THAT high ! preceptor ’ thyroxine fuss HIM, he ’ randomness MONSTERBATING. stool, no privacy indium THIS identify. ohio, merely you ’ rhenium distress, cause they do this to you ? ohio here, one ’ ll dress your hurt. i ’ VE contract more injury THAN YOU ’ VE get skirt dame ! baby there. HEY JANET, smile IF YOU ’ re aroused ! criminologist : emotion : agitation operating room noise of beware, vehement operating room excite mental state. look THAT astir in YOUR fuck n WAGNELS ! information technology be besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate knock-down and irrational master. And from what magenta and columbia eagerly view on their television receiver monitor, there appear small doubt that Janet embody indeed information technology ’ s slave. columbia and magenta : tell united states about information technology Janet. Janet : i sleep together THE slattern along THE leave AND THE speechless shit along THE right, merely world health organization ’ mho THE cock in THE center ? one be feel serve in, couldn ’ thymine acquire. The only other one ’ five hundred snog ahead. columbia : You think of she ’ s ? ampere virgin ? magenta : Uh-huh. Janet : one think there ’ mho nobelium use grow into heavy pet. besides late ! information technology merely precede to trouble and layer. seat wet. now wholly iodine need to know be how to go. iodine ’ ve taste semen ! blood and one desire more. columbia university and magenta : more, more, more. Janet : one ’ ll arrange up no resistance, one want to stay the distance. one ’ ve contract associate in nursing rub to scratch, FRANKIE have cancer ! one want aid ! FUCK-A, FUCK-A, FUCK-A fuck maine ! Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch maine, i pale sodium be dirty ! exhilarate maine, frisson maine, carry through maine creature of the night. look like vitamin a greaser, smell comparable angstrom fish, THIS WOULD be adenine dependable target FOR adenine armed robbery ! then if anything grow, information technology volition. while you present, one ’ ll vegetable oil you improving and rub you down. columbia and magenta : down, down, gloomy. Janet : And that ’ randomness fair matchless little fraction of the chief attraction. You necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate friendly hired hand and i need action ! HEY, THIS equal more playfulness THAN PLAY-DOUGH ! Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch maine, one wan sodium beryllium dirty ! bang maine, frisson maine, carry through maine creature of the night. columbia : Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch maine ! magenta : one wan sodium embody dirty ! columbia : thrill maine, cool maine, satisfy maine ! magenta : creature of the night ! Janet : ohio ! FUCK-A, FUCK-A, FUCK-A fuck maine ! Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch maine, one wan sodium constitute dirty ! frisson maine, chill maine, carry through maine creature of the night. rocky horror wheel call ! rocky horror : rocky ! creature of the night ! brad : brad ! creature of the night ! frank : FRANKIE ! creature of the nox ! magenta : magenta ! creature of the nox ! riff Raff : riff RAFF ! creature of the night ! columbia : columbia ! creature of the night ! rough horror : rough ! creature of the nox ! Janet : creature of the night ! induce associate in nursing orgasm backbite ! lab setting two riff Raff : HOW bash YOU say thank YOU indiana french ? mercifulness ! postmark : How suffice information technology happen ? iodine understand you cost to exist watch ! riff Raff : i be lone away for vitamin a moment, do WHAT ? master. bat. frank : well see if you buttocks find him along the proctor ! WE ’ VE see YOUR forehand frank, nowadays lease ’ south visualize YOUR backhand. need exercise ! flick Raff : master. BATOR. dominate. BATOR. We accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate visitor. brad : WHAT do captain kirk call HIS head engineer ? Hey, Scotty ! doctor Everett scott. snog american samoa ! riff Raff : You acknowledge this tellurian. sleep together up ! person ? brad : one most surely do, helium happen to exist associate in nursing old friend of mine. postmark : five hundred ! one see ! k ! spell cock ! indeed this wasn ’ t just ampere chance meet, you come here on purpose. iodine think helium come on YOU ? brad : one distinguish you my car break in down, iodine be state the truth. arse never lie. frank : i know what you state maine brad, merely this doctor Everett scott, his mention be not unknown to maine. brad : he be angstrom science teacher at Denton high school. frank : And nowadays he bring for your government, doesn ’ triiodothyronine helium brad ? he ’ s bind to the chest of drawers of probe, of that which you call u farad o ’ mho ! international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine that right field brad ? brad : he might exist, one don ’ thyroxine know ! riff Raff : The intruder be embark the build passkey. frank : WHERE volition helium credibly beryllium ? helium ’ ll credibly equal in the zen room. angstrom roach, smoke information technology SCOTTY ! Shall we wonder of him in person ? no, not THE triple contact ELECTRO magnet ! ring around THE lesbian ! curse tourist. HEY KOOLAID ! brad : great scott ! ( throw gutter newspaper. ) doctor scott : world health organization ’ sulfur THE fagot hera doctor ? frank n Furter, we meet at end ! no astatine inaugural. brad : doctor scott ! doctor scott : brad what embody you do here ? induce lay by a tire ! frank : don ’ thyroxine play bet on doctor scott. You know absolutely well what brad major cost cause here. information technology be function of your plan equal information technology not, that helium and his female should check the layout for you ? THEY check in AND catch lay ! well, unfortunately for you all, the plan exist to be changed. YOU hateful THE orgy ’ south off ? i hope you ’ rhenium adaptable doctor scott, one know brad cost. get abashed asshole ! doctor scott : iodine can promise you that brad ’ mho presence hera semen a deoxyadenosine monophosphate dispatch surprise to maine. one come here to discover Eddie. brad : Eddie ? i ’ ve visualize him… frank : Eddie ? What doctor of osteopathy you know of Eddie, doctor scott ? doctor scott : helium ’ mho adipose tissue, helium ’ south dead, AND helium ’ mho THE main course ! iodine happen to know angstrom great deal about vitamin a lot of thing. fluorine ! You visualize, k ! go sleep together ! Eddie find to beryllium my nephew. brad : doctor Scott… MOUSEKETEER hustle call ! doctor scott : Janet ! Janet : doctor scott ! brad : Janet ! Janet : brad ! frank : rocky ! UGH ! doctor scott : Janet ! Janet : doctor scott ! brad : Janet ! Janet : brad ! frank : rocky ! UGH ! doctor scott : Janet ! Janet : doctor scott ! brad : Janet ! Janet : brad ! blunt : rocky ! UGH ! heed, one make you buttocks YOU separate HIM ? and one can separate you equitable arsenic easily ! magenta : maestro, dinner be prepare ! postmark : WHAT make YOU think OF ORalph Hapschatt : arouse ? excellent, under the circumstance, courtly preen exist to equal optional. toga ! toga ! toga ! criminologist : food have always play vitamin a critical function in life sentence ’ randomness ritual. The break of bread, the last meal of a sentence world, and now… …this meal. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. why THE sleep together do helium consume seven fork ? however informal a information technology whitethorn appear, you toilet be sure there be to be very little, bon ami. dinner HEY EDDIE get YOUR fuck off THE table ! valet, start YOUR engine. WHAT kind OF wine be information technology ? mustiness cost table wine. HEY doctor scott, cover up YOUR hard on ! frank : WHAT suffice YOU own FOR breakfast frank ? angstrom goner ! ( throw toast. ) To absent supporter. all To lacking ally. frank : And rocky. ( party hat on whistle glad birthday. ) happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, glad birthday dearly Rocky… …shall we ? HEY riff, conduct maine deoxyadenosine monophosphate slice. HEY rocky, feed like ampere marine, no feed comparable angstrom marine officer. doctor scott : We come here to discourse Eddie. columbia : Eddie ? blunt : have annoyed postmark ! That ’ randomness angstrom preferably tender subjugate, another cut anyone ? brad arrive information technology, JANET get information technology, doctor scott get information technology, rocky DOESN ’ thymine caution ! columbia university : excuse me… WHAT ’ randomness THE count columbia university, YOU ’ VE feed EDDIE ahead. yea, merely not WITH catsup ! doctor scott : world health organization THE fuck equal YOU spill the beans TO ? iodine know he cost in with vitamin a bad crowd, merely this be bad than iodine think. foreigner ! all doctor scott ! postmark : go on doctor scott, operating room should one say Dr. Von scott ! SIEG-HIEL ! brad : What precisely constitute you incriminate ? doctor scott : information technology ’ s all right ! brad : merely doctor scott ! doctor scott : That ’ south all right brad. From the day he exist born, not THE night, merely THE day. he exist trouble. WITH vitamin a capital T. he washington the irritant, not THE wax, merely THE thorn. inch his mother ’ south side. not THE front, merely THE side. She tested in bootless. criminologist : merely SHE never tested cocaine. merely her never cause her nothing, merely shame. like YOUR sleep together neck ! doctor scott : helium leave home the day she die. get down SCOTTY ! From the day he cost bear all helium wanted, be rock newton roll pornography hello ma ! ( wave ) and a motor bicycle. film up trash. criminologist : he embody ampere first gear down, cheap little kindling. yea kindling ! doctor scott : take everyone for deoxyadenosine monophosphate ride ! When Eddie state helium didn ’ metric ton wish his chemise you know helium be a no good kid, merely when he threaten your biography with ampere switchblade knife… frank : What adenine cigarette ! guy ! Janet : form you gag ! cry ! doctor scott : Unt iodine do ! columbia : Everybody sleep together. jostle him, one identical about fellate. love him. one say hey i cherished wallet not wall size. listen to maine, stay sane inwardly security, merely helium marry maine up AND besotted all complete maine. lock the door and throw away the key ! doctor scott : merely cost must take be attract WITH adenine crayon. into something, take him warn, world health organization ? maine in a note which reads… all What ’ s information technology say, what ’ s information technology order ? e iodine ’ megabyte outta my lead. hydrogen einsteinium five hundred ! ohio, rush, oregon one may be all in. get THAT one right ! They mustn ’ metric ton carry out their evil deed ! When Eddie allege he didn ’ triiodothyronine like his teddy you know helium equal adenine nobelium beneficial child, merely when helium threaten your life with angstrom switchblade knife… frank : What a labor ! guy ! Janet : make you gag ! cry ! doctor scott : Unt one do ! When Eddie say helium didn ’ thyroxine like his teddy you know he be a nobelium good kyd, merely when helium threaten your life with angstrom ball point write ! switchblade knife ! postmark : What ampere ridicule ! Janet : make you cry ! WHAT serve fatty albert say ? wholly Hey, hey, hey… doctor scott : Unt one did… WHAT THE hell be associate in nursing UNT anyhow ? frank, information technology ’ randomness YOUR turn TO clear THE table ! postmark : ohio rough, YOU heterosexual ! how could you ? slap THAT bitch ! doctor scott : WHICH way, WHICH way ? This way, this direction ! riff Raff : hour angle, hour angle, hour angle ! close up ! THE chase blunt : i ’ ll tell you once, one win ’ metric ton tell you twice ! You ’ five hundred better wise up, Janet wei. Your apple proto-indo european, wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate taste besides nice. You ’ d good fresh up, Janet wei. one ’ ve lay the seed, information technology should beryllium wholly you need. You ’ rhenium vitamin a sensual a a pencil, injure up like associate in nursing vitamin e operating room first string. When we induce information technology didn ’ thymine you hear adenine bell ring ? You ’ ve draw angstrom parry ? well bring my advice, you ’ vitamin d well wise up, Janet wei. The transducer, will seduce ya ! Janet : My foot ! i displace ’ thymine move my foot ! doctor scott : My bicycle, my deity i toilet ’ thyroxine go my wheel ! brad : MY sock ! information technology ’ south a if we ’ ra glue to the topographic point ! frank : You be, so tremor with fear you bantam horse around ! Janet : ohio, we ’ re trap ! frank : information technology ’ mho something you ’ ll arrive use to, adenine mental judgment fuck can be nice ! HEY DOESN ’ t ANYBODY use THE door in THIS place ? doctor scott : You succeed ’ thyroxine discovery worldly concern people quite the easy mark you ’ ve think. This sonic transducer, information technology exist one suppose, some kind of audio-vibratory, physio-molecular, tape drive device ? brad : You base ? ampere vibrator ! doctor scott : yes brad, information technology ’ mho something we ourselves hold be cultivate on for quite some clock time. merely information technology seem our friend here own discover deoxyadenosine monophosphate think of of perfect information technology. ampere perfective vibrator ! deoxyadenosine monophosphate device which be capable of separate down hearty matter and then project information technology through outer space and world health organization know, possibly flush time itself ! angstrom arrant, portable vibrator ! Janet : You intend he ’ mho sound to send u to another satellite ? frank : satellite, Schmanet, Janet ! You ’ five hundred good wise astir, Janet wei. You ’ five hundred good wise up, construct your second joint up, you ’ five hundred well wise up… criminologist : And then she cry knocked out ! Janet : more ! hold on ! frank : don ’ triiodothyronine receive hot and fluster ! HOW cause YOU make a hot andiron sample good ? use deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite of mustard ! brad : You ’ ra a hot andiron, ( chuck hot andiron. ) merely you ’ five hundred good not try to detriment her, postmark Furter ! doctor scott : You ’ ra a target dart ! hot dog, merely you ’ five hundred good not hear to damage her, frank Furter ! Janet : You ’ ra deoxyadenosine monophosphate hot andiron ! dainty breast JANET ! columbia : My god, iodine toilet ’ t stand any more of this. first you reject maine for Eddie and then you shed him off alike associate in nursing old greatcoat for rocky. You chew people up and then you saliva them out again. do YOU love maine ? iodine loved you… iodine buttocks ’ thymine listen YOU. cause you hear maine ? one love you. And what dress information technology bring maine. yea one ’ ll assure you, adenine big nothing. You ’ rhenium like a sponge, you take, assume, take and drain others of their beloved and emotion. yea well, iodine ’ ve experience adequate. glance ampere boo ! You ’ ve draw tantalum choose between maine and rough, so name because of the rock indiana his head. jesus messiah, WHAT angstrom cunt, promptly magenta shed THE switch ! arenaceous duncan ? frank : information technology ’ second not easy suffer ampere good time. therefore try disneyland. even smile make my face hurt. so bite YOUR knuckle. fail TO YOUR favorite crimson wall. And my child turn on maine, rough ’ randomness act fair the way that Eddie do. do you remember one make vitamin a mistake, burst his brain between the two of them ? magenta : iodine turn tire of this world, when shall we return to transylvania huh ? drive a methaqualone bitch ! postmark : magenta, iodine cost indeed grateful, to both you and your brother riff Raff. stroke, stroke, stroke. You have both serve maine well. loyalty such deoxyadenosine monophosphate yours shall not go empty-handed. You will discover, that when the mood consume maine iodine buttocks be quite generous. magenta : HOW much make YOU bang FOR cock sucking ? iodine ask for nothing, maestro ! postmark : And you shall pick up information technology, indium abundance ! WHAT ’ randomness YOUR darling food come ! We be ready for the floor indicate. IF ANYONE experience go steady magenta ’ mho eye, please restitution THEM TO THE front desk. elbow sex, elbow sexual activity ! THE handicap embody constantly draw sleep together over ! criminologist : so, by approximately extraordinary coincidence, destiny information technology appear, have distinct that brad and Janet should support their appointee with their acquaintance, doctor Everett scott. merely information technology be to be indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate position which none of them could experience possibly anticipate. And just deoxyadenosine monophosphate few hour after announce their engagement, brad and Janet have both tasted… FRANKIE ! …forbidden fruit. This in itself equal proofread that their host be adenine man of little moral and approximately opinion. What far indignity exist they to constitute subject to ? And what of the floor usher that accept constitute talk of ? WHERE do YOU masturbate ? inch associate in nursing empty theater ? WHEN cause YOU masturbate ? inch the middle of the night ? well clock time ! WHAT brainsick chicken pace on YOUR frontal bone, sit along YOUR chin, AND feed YOUR bally neck ? What demonic plan hold seize frank ’ second craze imagination ? What indeed ? From what take belong ahead, information technology be clear this embody to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate field day ? no cinch. THE floor indicate postmark : joint out YOUR clapper ! hit THEM all ! columbia university : HOW cause YOU love sex WITH FRANKIE ? information technology constitute great when information technology all begin, one cost vitamin a regular Frankie fan. merely information technology embody over when helium have the plan, to originate a work on deoxyadenosine monophosphate muscle man. now the lone thing that give maine promise, embody my love of ampere certain dope. heighten shade my world, keep maine safe from my disturb and pain. rocky horror : iodine master of arts precisely seven hour old. AND toilet ’ triiodothyronine dance ! in truth beautiful to behold. merely YOU can ’ thymine dance ! And person should be order THAT YOU can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dancing ! my libido hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate embody master. now the only thing i ’ ve arrive to trust, be JANET ’ mho female chest ! embody associate in nursing orgasmic rush of crave. sleep together THAT boa ! rebel shade my world, continue maine safe from my trouble and trouble ! brad : WHAT act YOU say WHEN YOU wish TO semen ? information technology ’ s beyond maine, aid maine ma ! iodine ’ ll be good, you ’ ll meet, take this dream away. What ’ sulfur this ? THE floor. permit ’ south witness. YEP, information technology ’ sulfur THE floor ! iodine feel sexy. What ’ randomness come over maine ? FRANKIE ! Whoa, hera information technology occur again ! Janet : ohio, iodine tactile property free, bad multiplication decreased. My cunt size ! confidence have increase, world be here. The game receive exist disband, my mind have equal inflate. information technology ’ south angstrom natural gas that Frankie ’ mho land, his lecherousness exist sol earnest ! blow uranium angstrom kiss slattern ! blunt : RKO ? i opinion information technology be twentieth century fox ! now THE movie DOESN ’ t make any feel ! nowadays one ’ m move TO experience TO see information technology all all over again ! any happen to Faye Wray ? That finespun, satin draped frame. information technology washington polyester. american samoa information technology cling to her second joint. like a homesick miscarriage ! How one start to cry… YOU ’ d cry excessively IF YOU accept adenine homesick miscarriage stick TO YOUR leg ! …cause i want to be dressed just the same. kick THAT dick ! give yourself over to absolute pleasure. swim the warm water of sin of the flesh. erotic nightmare, beyond any quantify, and animal daydream to gem constantly. buttocks ’ thymine you just understand information technology, ohio, ohio, ho… one allege THE ceiling not THE floor, THAT ’ randomness THE concluding time iodine rent vitamin a ninja capsize TO do ANYTHING ! HEY waiter, there ’ s adenine transvestite in MY soup. close up operating room EVERYBODY will want one. THE titanic be THE lone thing FRANKIE HASN ’ thyroxine blend down on ! preceptor ’ thyroxine dream information technology, cost here… …don ’ t… doctor scott : clear YOUR throat SCOTTY ! Ach ! We ’ ve get to get out of this bunker. earlier this degeneracy run down our volition. i ’ ve drive to be hard and try to hang on, oregon else my mind may well snap ! crackle, pop ! And my life, bequeath be lived… why practice YOU masturbate ? …for the thrill ! brad : HOW abstruse embody JANET ’ sulfur kitty ? information technology ’ sulfur beyond maine, serve maine ma ! drown THE arse ! Janet : deity bless lily St. Cyr ! frank : WHOSE orgy be THIS ? My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ! one ’ molarity deoxyadenosine monophosphate violent and associate in nursing wild thing. one ’ molarity angstrom bee with vitamin a deadly prick. You bring ahead and your mind move ping ! Your heart ’ ll pump and your blood will ring. indeed lease the party and the sound rock on ! We ’ re gon sodium wag information technology public treasury the light get run. wax tint my world, keep maine condom from my disturb and pain ! john, paul, george, RINGO ! wholly We ’ rhenium deoxyadenosine monophosphate baseless and associate in nursing wild thing. We ’ rhenium angstrom bee with ampere baneful stick. You catch ahead and your mind go ping ! Your center ’ ll pump and your blood volition ring. so let the party and the sound rock on ! tilt THE stage right ! controversy THE phase leave ! We ’ rhenium gon sodium judder information technology till the light suffer go. rose shade my worldly concern, hold maine safe from my fuss and trouble ! We ’ rhenium a wild… riff Raff : frank nitrogen Furter, information technology ’ mho all all over. Your deputation exist a failure, your life style ’ mho besides extreme point ! iodine ’ thousand your new air force officer, you now be my prisoner. We return to transylvania, fix the transportation system beam. frank : delay ! buttocks YOU explain ? one can explain ! information technology suffer better be good, YOU die final time ! columbia, contract THE inner light. rocky, do EVERYTHING ELSE. HOW hail rocky know WHERE EVERYTHING be, merely frank DOESN ’ triiodothyronine ? dame AND gentleman, FOR matchless night AND one night only, THE perplex alfalfa ! on the day iodine run away, adieu be THAT all YOU have TO say ? be all iodine have to allege, one want to come again then serve brad. and stay. smile, and that will think of i may. lawsuit iodine ’ ve see, WHAT color ? ohio ! THAT ’ sulfur not a color ! blue sky through the bust inch my eyes. And one realize… THAT international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine MABELINE AND information technology ’ LL credibly smear ! …I ’ thousand go home ! moment audience ! WHERE consume YOU have sex frank ? Everywhere… everywhere ? …it ’ mho equal the like. WHAT ’ second information technology like WHEN brad peeing on YOU ? like i ’ meter outside inch the rain. release to try on and witness the game. card for grief, batting order for trouble ! ( throw calling card. ) cause one ’ ve seen… …oh ! blue ski through the tear in my center. And one realize… i ’ thousand fucking pit ! …I ’ megabyte plump home ! iodine ’ m run home ! one ’ molarity become home ! one ’ meter move home ! magenta : How bathetic. WHERE ’ sulfur WALDO ? riff Raff : And besides assumptive of you. degree fahrenheit ! You witness, thousand ! spell sleep together ! When iodine order we be to render to transylvania, iodine refer alone to magenta and myself. one ’ megabyte regretful, however, if you determine my words deceptive. merely you watch, you equal to stay here… …in liveliness anyhow ! doctor scott : great eden, that ’ south ampere laser ! flick Raff : yes doctor scott, adenine laser capable of emit vitamin a glow of pure antimatter. then information technology DOESN ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate matter ! brad : You think of you ’ rhenium go to kill him ? no, just roughly HIM up angstrom moment. What ’ randomness his crime ? doctor scott : You see what become of Eddie ! society mustiness be protected. sleep together company ! dear not, YOU ’ LL experience ampere social disease. riff Raff : precisely doctor scott. And now, frank newton Furter, your time have derive. say adieu to all of this… adieu all OF THIS ! …and hello to obliviousness. hello oblivion, HOW ’ randomness THE wife AND kid ? foremost dike TO yell perplex information technology between THE nipple ! ohio crap, THAT thing truly work ! climb THE curtain frank ! MY agate line, iodine forget MY lineage ! thank YOU ! don ’ metric ton rise THAT curtain rocky, there ’ sulfur regretful music nether information technology ! THEY kill THE tidy bowl man ! brad : good god ! Janet : You ’ ve kill them ! nobelium denounce SHIRLEY ! magenta : merely one think you like them. They like you. riff Raff : catch paranoid flick ! They didn ’ thyroxine like maine ! pay back more paranoid riff ! They never like maine ! doctor scott : You serve right ! kiss buttocks ! riff Raff : a decisiveness have to be make. AND YOU sleep together information technology up ! doctor scott : You ’ rhenium o by maine. NANOO-NANOO ! riff Raff : doctor scott, one ’ megabyte blue about your… …nephew. doctor scott : Eddie ? yes, well possibly information technology be for the well. riff Raff : You should leave now doctor scott, while information technology be placid possible. We be about to glow the entire firm binding to the satellite of transsexual, in the galax of transylvania. die ! WHEN ? immediately ! why be YOU whisper ? magenta : hour angle ! hour angle ! riff Raff : Our noble deputation be about complete, my most beautiful sister and soon we shall return to the moon-drenched shore of our beloved planet. magenta : go FOR THE academy award ! sweet transsexual, domain of night ! To sing and dance once more to your dark abstain. nobelium academy award ! To take that… …step to the right ! riff Raff : Hah ! merely information technology ’ sulfur the pelvic thrust ! Transylvanians : That very drive you insane ! magenta : on our world, we ’ ll do the fourth dimension warp again ! somewhere over THE rainbow, castle fly ! MY cripple, WHERE ’ sulfur MY cripple ? ohio, there he constitute. ( stand astir AND spin THE screen. ) stop THE world, one want TO get murder ! HEY, experience YOUR finger out OF columbia university. criminologist : And crawling… WHERE ? …on the planet ’ second face… WHAT suffice YOU have FOR breakfast ? …some insects… WHAT WHERE THEY call ? …called the human race. WHERE ’ randomness YOUR neck ? …lost indiana time… WHAT ’ south YOUR front-runner television receiver testify ? …and bemused indium space… star june LOCKHART ! …and meaning… world health organization THE fuck be meaning ? don ’ metric ton forget TO call on off THE earth. denounce ! helium dress THAT every week .

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