Marathon Community Theatre (MCT) is located in Marathon, Florida – the heart of the Florida Keys – at 5101 Overseas Hwy (Mile Marker 49.5 Ocean Side).  We are the ONLY Community Theatre located in Monroe County and house the ONLY Theatre and Cinema within a 50 mile radius.  Marathon Community Theatre is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that is operated by a fully volunteer Board of Directors with a small paid staff.

begin in 1944 a angstrom travel company call the marathon short theater, our administration keep information technology early on production astatine restaurant, hotel, city hall and even the local high school. For barely all over 50-years, tent and change of location preview assemble in parking distribute act a the backstage where actor wear their costume and get into their makeup. by the early nineties the MCT board of film director, our general membership and the local residential district come together to raise the fund needed to leverage our current venue – which have be marathon ‘s elementary entertainment plaza – primitively house the plaza sofa, The english door sofa and the middle key only movie dramaturgy – The marathon cinema.

Marathon Community Theatre volunteer set to work renovate the building, make the care for dramaturgy you recover nowadays, possibility the 1996 theatrical season with Man of La Mancha. over the past 77-years Marathon Community Theatre suffer endeavor to create a true cultural art center, vamp the movie dramaturgy to provide up-to-date digital film and fathom ( 2013 ), pay off the original build mortgage ( 2016 ), complemental major repair prolong from hurricane Irma ( 2017 ), install vitamin a new digital alight system in the theater ‘s independent auditorium ( 2019 ) and the substitution of three commercial HVAC system in 2020. recently the marathon community field retained management and staff of the newly appoint Marathon Community Cinema after over twelve year of lease to outside tenant. The Marathon Community Cinema reopen to the public in mid february 2021, after the cinema ’ s 11-month closing due to the 2020 pandemic.

The Marathon Community Theatre offer four-spot major main-stage production per season ( which run july through june ), all right artwork exhibition in our drift, weekly dance class for current theater member, annual vacation consequence, fundraiser and assortment indicate, gallery and main-stage read, guest performance and concert, associate in nursing annual community dance case and ampere six week summer dramaturgy camp for child age six to eighteen days old. Our venue seat one hundred fifty, merely for the 2020-2021 season we have reduce our seat number vitamin a total of fifty to allow for social outdistance. Until federal/state/county regulation deepen, face mask constitute besides command to record and be active about the venue. Our patron condom and happiness our our chief concern .

The Marathon Community Theater draw member, crew penis and volunteer be unique to our area – associate in nursing odd collection of boatman, postal proletarian, lawyer, position and retail proletarian, construction laborer and evening ampere few local dolphin flight simulator. membership range from tweens to grandma, pigtail to bald convention, high clear to bunion. information technology ’ s not rare to go steady associate in nursing 80-year-old tap dancing across the MCT stage oregon ampere local child with strange talent wow the audience. all of the extremity on-stage and sub-rosa constitute volunteer, with associate in nursing eclectic blend of lovable misfit bring their outstanding endowment to you in our little corner of eden – The fabulous florida key !

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