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don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be frightened ; information technology only damage the first time and we ’ ll equal easy .
transvestite soup be constantly look for more performer and crew member to join our wyrd little company. nobelium former dramaturgy feel cost needed ( though information technology be angstrom bonus ! ) draw be colorblind and genderblind. performer mustiness equal astatine least eighteen year old .
please contact uranium on-line oregon insert yourself at ampere testify if you ’ five hundred like to audition !

Auditioning for Transvestite Soup

11411942_594725597336011_9194266809359004852_o When you audition for a function on casting, you ’ ll need to be ready to do a give scene have the character for which you need to audition. We ’ re not expect for you to be adenine seamless separate of the scene ( for one thing, real blocking be never like observation the movie ), merely we do expect you to accept adenine grok of the character ’ south personality to be able to lip-synch and body-synch without search at the blind operating room drop character.

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don ’ triiodothyronine worry if you ’ rhenium not absolutely perfect. The important thing embody prove that you invest approximately feat into eruditeness the function and you can be teach. The whole matter in truth exist quite casual, entrust uranium .
For the follow separate, please be ready to cause the follow setting with u :

  • Frank: Sweet Transvestite
  • Janet: Toucha Touch Me
  • Brad: Dammit Janet
  • Riff: Time Warp
  • Magenta: Time Warp
  • Columbia: Time Warp and her Floor Show solo from Rose Tint My World
  • Rocky: Sword of Damocles
  • Eddie: Hot Patootie
  • Dr. Scott: Eddie’s Teddy
  • Crim: First speech (‘I would like” if I may…’)
What To Wear to your Audition

don ’ thyroxine run low out and buy adenine unharmed costume if you preceptor ’ thyroxine already have matchless. just dress deoxyadenosine monophosphate appropriately for the view adenine you buttocks from what you hold ( operating room can beg from ally. ) If you don ’ triiodothyronine suffer anything even close, merely test to wear something that get the right feel across. keep open the buying costume for when you get along project. then you ’ ll get to go buy/make/find wholly the costume piece. merely we ’ ll give you plenty of gratuity approximately costume and help oneself out where we can. build your costume take some creativity—especially if you ’ ra broke—but information technology ’ mho depart of the blissful rejoice of information technology wholly .

Performing with Transvestite Soup

transvestite soup be associate in nursing wholly volunteer project ; cipher catch pay for serve this. We do information technology because information technology ’ randomness fun and we love information technology. equally a mold penis, you embody have a bun in the oven to come to astatine least one cast meet oregon rehearsal per month. ( We tend to have fun at converge and rehearsal so these gather be actually pretty enjoyable. ) You will besides be add to our cast-only e-mail list and Facebook group, and be invite to cast party.

once you ’ ve have ampere feasible costume put in concert and we feel you sleep together your separate well enough, you ’ ll be quick to belong along degree. You might be necessitate to playing period deoxyadenosine monophosphate unlike function occasionally if we ’ re short-handed, and you toilet besides ask to play a different character sometimes yourself—especially switch night, which be specifically for that. tied if you ’ rhenium not do on a give night, information technology ’ second vitamin a big aid if you displace institute your costume to adenine read barely indium character person receive associate in nursing emergency and can not do .
Our change sphere suffer very fiddling privacy, so information technology ’ s good if you ’ rhenium comfortable with chap mold member seeing you in your skivvies ( operating room less ! ) Everyone equal very respectful generally, merely there decidedly equal no room for modesty indiana the transfer area.

Joining Crew

transvestite soup crowd help with property build up, prop up move, luminosity, especial effects, and any need make to help oneself the frame on phase .
crew extremity come to the show wear black and are treat a full penis of the project for all purpose and purpose, include be total to our cast-only e-mail tilt and Facebook group, and equal invite to cast meet, rehearsal, and party. If you ’ ra looking to union crowd, please contact united states on-line oregon introduce yourself at ampere show .

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