The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has constantly been something of a guilty pleasure dating back to my days as a adolescent appearing in am-dram musical revues inspired by it because the perform rights were constantly strictly reserved for master productions until March 2000 .

The original stage testify opened in London in the summer of 1973 at the Royal Court ’ s Theatre Upstairs which ironically lone seated 63 people as the subsequent 1975 film adaptation has the record of the longest-running theatrical performance secrete in cinema history and now must have been seen by audiences of countless millions worldwide ensuring its ongoing cult following.

Having watched the film religiously as a child on wear out video magnetic tape and owning at least 3 versions of the soundtrack on vinyl by the clock time it came out on DVD marking its twenty-fifth Anniversary in 2001 I had turned 30 myself and immediately held it slightly in contempt, a dirty little secret from my past that I was ashamed to have invested so much time in ; Simon Pegg articulated my feelings precisely in the second base episode of Spaced – “ It ’ s boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and freshman play students ” and for the best character of a ten I have put it out of my mind .

however, my wife is an occasional Glee watchman and by chance I saw the recent Rocky Horror Show themed episode marking its thirty-fifth Anniversary and release on Blu-ray and I found my interest curiously reawakened enough to want see whether a hidef vamp would radically improve the notoriously low-budget, about home movie quality of the movie. I besides wished to revisit it to gauge whether it in truth was morally disqualify for the cloying dessert and virginal members of Glee Club as the series producers would have you believe or whether this was merely an affectation in an attack to preserve its ‘ kinky praise ’ for future generations of camp devotees .

I am happy to report that the 1080p MPEG-4 AVC encode is noteworthy, bearing in mind the last time I saw Rocky Horror was on video recording ; the thing that always strikes me most is the shock of the reds and Patricia Quinn ’ randomness now trademark lips in the opening credits have never looked so lush. The DTS-HD 7.1 soundtrack doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fare quite so well, whilst it wonderfully showcases the songs the dialogue in comparison seems dilute and tinny but fortunately there is besides a Dolby Digital 2.0 infectious mononucleosis track which I found to be preferable.

It ’ s worth noting the wealth of extras here, a fine comment from writer/star Richard O ’ Brien ( Riff Raff ) and all of the featurettes from the twenty-fifth Anniversary DVD are included, but the stand out hidef exclusive is the Picture-in-Picture ‘ shadowcast ’ who re-enact the entire indicate shoot in brilliant 1080p/24 HDCAM with the option to toggle the inset to fill the screen ; this is what the Glee episode should have been like alternatively of an insipid court that seemed to miss the stallion sharpen of the original by replacing the more risqué lines from the songs with banal alternatives .

I hope the Glee version inspires modern audiences to discover what it was about The Rocky Horror Picture Show that appealed to me as a adolescent, it encapsulates both a sexual awaken and a loss of innocence and if nothing more encourages young, inquiring minds to think outside the box and embrace diversity, in short to live by the pithy end refrain “ Don ’ t dream, Be it ” .

It besides captures Tim Curry ’ s outstanding charismatic star turn as the sex bending foreigner Dr. Frank-N-Furter and benefits from the inclusion of Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon as the naïve All-American pair, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss. I suspect it ’ second yet another symptom of hitting 40 but having spurned it for so long I did feel a actual warm gleam of nostalgia whilst watching but not enough to make me want to get up and do the ‘ Time Warp ’ again .

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