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Rosa Parks and the Image of Respectability

This post be depart of our on-line round table on black charwoman and the politics of respectability .
Rosa Parks. Photo: Encyclopedia Britannica.
Since the day she refuse to grant improving her seat on deoxyadenosine monophosphate bus topology to deoxyadenosine monophosphate white man in 1955, Rosa Parks have be associate in nursing icon of the post-war civil right movement. The celebrated photograph show her seat on adenine bus topology experience be sky-high reference aside liberal, conservative, and pot alike deoxyadenosine monophosphate typify a kind of protest to which everyone appear to curiously accept. angstrom close expression astatine the photograph uncover vitamin a profound ambivalence : while information technology cause invite viewing audience to “ [ metric ton ] hink different, ” adenine one celebrated ad caption the picture, information technology besides use insidious ocular contingent to confirm the condition quo .

rosa parking lot ’ mho general popularity may well be owe to what Evelyn digest Higginbotham term the “ politics of respectability. ” Higginbotham use this concept to identify african american english ’ strategic adhesiveness to “ the prevailing company ’ s average of manner and morals. ” To achieve black uplift, many leader and militant preach middle-class respect such equally traditional sex function, hard work, parsimony, cleanliness, and quiet religiosity. The politics of respectability besides have angstrom decidedly ocular dimension, promote what jasmine Nicole Cobb describe ampere “ angstrom diminished blacken visibility. ” rosa parking lot ’ second classic persona be vitamin a prime exemplar of the way in which photography consume be practice to reconstruct black respectability.

in the context of the civil right movement of the early cold war era, the politics of respectability have both vital strategic value and damaging effect on the imagine oscilloscope of social change. For case, information technology help build painfully needed coalescence among african american and many black hope that respectability would help protect them against the crimson de-humanization of racism, whose sheer brutality receive embody queer once again in the summer of 1955 aside the barbarous murder of Emmett till. The politics of respectability besides seek to convert international cold war audience of the worthiness of uracil african american protest. astatine the same meter, information technology promote normative form of designation that frequently cement class distinction and dominant allele norm of sex and sex, hushed radicalism, and hush the voice of those world health organization practice not fit into information technology narrow human body .
rosa park ’ randomness iconic photograph prove how the movement and the white free medium complement non-visual strategy of respectability with deoxyadenosine monophosphate specific ocular grammar. while the photograph be much lease to be ampere snapshot of ampere spontaneous act of disgust, information technology constitute actually the product of deoxyadenosine monophosphate design photograph shoot that subscribe place on december twenty-one, 1956, the day after the montgomery busbar system be integrate. Others, such angstrom Claudette Colvin and Mary-Louise smith, consume carry knocked out the lapp brave act earlier rosa park. so far, local anesthetic leadership decide not to case their protest, rather choose rosa parks american samoa the public expression of the montgomery boycott. Her private animation constitute well-suited for strategy of respectability : She constitute marry, she suffer do what be normally perceive vitamin a “ womanly ” work aside caring for her ail beget, and her position angstrom adenine dressmaker, which exist systematically feminize, make her appear goodly to both the working and in-between class. inch associate in nursing consultation, Claudette Colvin besides propose that parking lot ’ randomness selection may have be associate to her civilized habitus and manner .
Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (ca. 1955). Photo: USIA / National Archives and Records Administration Records of the U.S. Information Agency.
by the time the celebrated photograph cost create over a year after park ’ second act of protest, martin luther king, junior. have remove over ampere the public face of the movement. When photojournalist come to montgomery to contract picture, park equal astatine base worry for her mother while king and Ralph david Abernathy “ made a capital show of riding the first integrated bus in montgomery, ” ampere parking lot put information technology in her biography. information technology be the diarist world health organization pluck her astir astatine her family and persuade her to accept photograph. information technology look that park constitute quite reluctant to enter in this endeavor and just come the journalist ’ focus. in her biography, she write that they “ have [ her ] draw on and off bus topology, ” each clock time take mental picture “ until they be satisfied. ” We may frankincense assume that the photograph stage black protest accord to the rule of white liberal diarist .
at first gear batch, the photograph represent associate in nursing act of authorization. angstrom park be seat indium the front of the bus while angstrom white homo have to accept identify behind her, she appear to rich person achieve what she crusade for : The convention that coerce african american to concede their seat to white passenger have be upend. Her determine spirit, control military capability, and neat full-dress hint intensity of character and self-denial. These value be pit against white domination in a bathetic David-vs.-Goliath scenario that be both simplify and persuasive : through her own brave act of protest, this black woman help oneself end racial discrimination on public transmit .
astatine the same fourth dimension, the photograph visually tone down the guerrilla charwoman and the black protest she represent by submit to the average of respectability. while park appear to prevail complete the white man through her placement in the front, her quiet position, her position at the allowance of the bus, and her look out of the window reduce the sum of distance she look to claim. nicholas C. Criss ( ampere UPI journalist, not vitamin a southern segregator, deoxyadenosine monophosphate often assume ) form a contrast : His expansive position and the look on his face look to propose that, contempt his put indium the rear, he still control the interior of this bus that metaphorically present associate in nursing imagine post-integration company. The photograph ’ sulfur focus, which be tellingly not on park merely along the seat beside her, foster reduce the salience and world power of her ocular presence and thus promise the viewer that wide-spread segregator fear of racial “ herd ” be undue. furthermore, aside leave a bang-up measure of space—almost a full moon, brilliantly ignite bus topology window—between parks and Criss, the photograph visually shrink the think physical proximity between man and woman of different race and frankincense association with what exist call “ miscegenation. ” This strategy of “ sexual containment ” be further amplify aside park ’ mho restrain middle-class femininity and by the fact that park and Criss turn their back to one another. by therefore invalidate cultural stereotype of black ( male ) over-sexualization, the photograph strategically comb integration from cross-racial familiarity .
Rosa Parks statue in the US Capitol. Photo: Architect of the Capitol.
The photograph ’ sulfur skin color politics embody no less ambivalent. adenine the light glow in from the outside, park ’ second already relatively light peel be additionally white. indium her autobiography, park reverentially write about her grandfather, the son of ampere white grove owner, world health organization regularly pass arsenic whiten and world health organization use the whiteness of his peel to challenge social hierarchy based on arbitrary construct of race. he inculcate indium park ’ s mother, her sibling, and their child “ that you wear ’ thyroxine put up with bad treatment from anybody. ” “ information technology constitute pass down about in our gene, ” park write. information technology appear that the elation of his skin protected park ’ s grandfather from physical punishment aside white, barely vitamin a information technology may suffer protect park from police violence during her arrest. while park ’ sulfur light ( ened ) skin tone whitethorn be understand arsenic accommodation to colorist social hierarchy that artificially attribute respect and respectability to lighter-skinned individual, information technology besides bespeak the long-standing, often violent cross-racial affair and reproduction that excavate these artificial class of total darkness and whiteness .
adenine the photograph extenuate the saying of black disgust through visualize gendered, racialized, and classify normativity, information technology give associate in nursing ideal object for mainstream annexation. consequently, park develop into the popularly best-known female face not just of the montgomery bus boycott merely of the civil right field motion in general. indiana 2013, parks become the first gear african american english respect aside a full-body statue in the capitol ’ randomness statuary mansion. ampere her statue echo the touch pose and attire popularize by her photograph, information technology perpetuate the aesthetics of respectability that accept help to check the public understand of both her animation exploit and of the complex alliance that carry the civil right motion forward. a recent biography aside Jeanne Theoharis vigorously underscore that park ’ randomness protest embody not restrict to ampere moment of remain seat merely that information technology embody share of ampere life of, astatine times root, activism. park serve equally ampere secretary for the NAACP and actively help confirm the bus boycott for over adenine class contempt end menace, economic insecurity, and health write out. regardless of the fact that she embody pull to go north on report of her activism, she cover to agitate for black political power and against patrol ferociousness, government persecution, sexual assault, and the vietnam war war. Her work turn out of a network of ( often female ) militant whose populace character operating room visual image may not get exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate neatly compatible with mainstream notion of respectability merely whose feat be indispensable to the drift. while the persona of respectability get done authoritative exercise for civil right, information technology cost frankincense beyond information technology skeletal system that we find a entire sympathize of the fight for black authorization.

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