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Russian passport / visa photo requirements

When applying for a russian passport/Visa, there are some specifications set by the russian Government in regards to the photograph on the application. here are some guidelines which you need to follow to get your gingersnap right .
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Visa / Passport photograph specifications by the Russian Government:

  • The picture’s correct size: The width and height of the photograph should be 35mm and 45mm, respectively.
  • Color: The photograph should be in color.
  • Position of your head: The candidate’s face should cover around 50% of the photograph territory.
  • Recentness: Photos up to 6 months old are accepted.
  • Backdrop and settings: The background should be either white or some light color. The setting should not have any design or pattern.
  • Facial expression: Maintain a neutral facial expression. Your mouth should be closed.
  • Eyes: Wide and open. The candidate should look straight into the camera.
  • Spectacles: Spectacles are acceptable if they are worn due to medical reasons.
  • Attire: No specific clothing as such. Nevertheless, law enforcement uniforms are not allowed.
  • Headdresses: No headgears are to be worn unless it is for religious or medical purposes.
  • Picture quality: Nothing (pixels) is specified as such.
  • Beard: Following your everyday likeliness.
  • Quantity required per person: 1 photo per Applicant.

    Russian passport visa photo requirements

No group photos are permitted. besides, please submit the original copies of your photos. Photocopied pictures are not acknowledged.

Guidelines and tips you must follow as you plan to get clicked for your Russian passport/visa photo:

By now, you have a brief idea about the conditions set by the russian Government concerning passport/ visa photos. Please go through the paragraph that follow to get in-depth detail about the rules and how these conditions can be met :

  • Every applicant must submit an individual photo. 1 is the required quantity demanded by the issuing authority. If you apply on behalf of your children or spouse, please attach their individual snaps as per the set standards.
  • Please adhere to the size of the picture as there are no exceptions to this rule. The dimensions should measure 35mm by 45mm. No unique frames and corners are allowed.
  • As stated in the snippet above, your face should cover 50% of the territory. Also, please ensure that your face in the center of the snap. No side angles or portrait style photos are allowed.
  • Have a calm and composed facial expression. Keep it neutral, and your mouth closed. Do not smile, laugh, or squint as you get clicked.
  • Please look straight into the camera while being snapped. Do not weigh your head downwards.
  • The authorities accept photos with spectacles on only if they are prescribed and conform to medical reasons. There are some rules to this as well. You need to make sure that the frames are not too large, and the lenses should be without any glare. These rules are set up to ensure that there is no hindrance to the visibility of your face.
  • The clear visibility of your face is of great importance, and henceforth no headgears or anything of that sort is allowed.
    However, there is an exception to the above-stated rule. You can get yourself clicked wearing headdresses if that forms a part of your religious costume and is a part of your everyday likeliness. Another situation in which headgears can be worn is medical conditions that require you to do so.

    Note: If you lie in the play along two categories, please submit an extra form regarding the same and attach a medical letter signed by the doctor of the church stating your aesculapian discipline.

  • The room should be well lit and should reflect your natural skin tone. The lighting should not be either too dark or too bright as it may lead to rejection of the application.
  • Do not edit your pictures when you apply for a passport/ visa. Removal of any blemishes, marks, or scar is not acceptable.
  • As far as appearance is concerned, it should match your current looks. If you generally wear a beard, then get yourself clicked that way. Do not grow a beard, especially for getting your passport/ visa picture clicked.
  • Print the picture on a high-quality paper. Matted sheets are not permitted. Please use glossy sheets while printing your image for a Russian passport/visa.

Points to be taken care of when attaching the photo:

  • The photograph must be glued to the designated space on the application. A double-sided adhesive tape could be used to do the same.
  • A stapler cannot be used to get the picture fixed.
  • Photos should not be enclosed in gasoline or any other type of envelope.

Rules and guidelines for babies and infants for passport/ visa photos:

It is quite challenging to get your child snapped for their passport/visa applications. here are a few tips that you may take into consideration to get it done right .

  • The infant should be facing the camera with open eyes and closed mouth.
  • Whether you plan to take the picture in a car sheet or from an above angle while he/she is lying, make use of a white sheet as a backdrop.
  • It is mandatory to have an individual picture of your child. While getting them clicked, you are not allowed to be there in the photos. You cannot even hold your child as the picture will get rejected if any external item appears in the view, including your hands.
  • Group photos are not permitted. Each child requires to have their individual picture.
  • Any sort of toys or pacifiers must be removed as your child gets snapped.
  • The quantity required remains the same as it is in the case of an adult. 1 photo is required per applicant.

How to get your passport/ visa photo and what is the approximate cost involved?

Earlier, the only option to get your photograph done was by making a trek around the township. The traditional method acting of getting clicked through the government or stake office facilities would cost you around 1000-1300 RUB. In addition to the fiscal cost, you will besides have to wait in long queues just to get 1 photograph. however, with the promotion of engineering, you can get snap on-line at fewer rates and save time, money, and energy involved in the work .
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