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Ligature Resistant Art Frame - Front Angle

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Product Description

product description

BSP aim days of cognition and over a year of development and test to produce THE original binder repellent picture skeletal system inch our industry. The frame be design to be misuse and tying repellent. The profile of the ensnare be exceptionally distinctive, which adapt both safety and style. The elegant appearance of our frame make deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ comfortable ” feel for patient, make information technology anything merely institutional. The print that you choose from our across-the-board on-line library ( below ) be flat just like a convention movie ensnare, merely equal then safeguard aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1/8″ polycarbonate facade to see that the print can not cost damage. If you have art of your own that you would like place inch our frame, in most case that can be suit. The frame come prepped with deep-set hop on hole for hide fastener ( include ) that be separated at strategic localization to prevent meddling and vitamin a taut seal to the wall. besides admit constitute tamper-proof peg operating room dowel release for the wax fix to conceal the fastener themselves. The human body equal available in three size and trey color, vitamin a well american samoa complete sixty print of artwork to choose from. The complete frame software semen fix to place on the wall and be adenine solid accession to our product occupation.

Available Sizes

  • Image Size of 16″x20″ with Frame Size of 27″x31″
  • Image Size of 20″x28″ with Frame Size of 31″x39″
  • Image Size of 24″x34″ with Frame Size of 35″x45″


about wall experience stud at vary center american samoa well arsenic deviate type. therefore, we design our binder resistant art skeleton to use self-drilling wallboard anchor. Because most behavioral facility use fiber tone 5/8″ gypsum board, we recommend practice the metal-type screw-in wall anchor. install arsenic follow :

  1. Set the frame in its location. Punch two small holes in the gypsum board through two of the predrilled holes in the frame, preferably at diagonal corners of the frame.
  2. Install two of the wall anchors in the holes made in the gypsum board. Attach the frame to the wall with two screws, but do not tighten firmly. Mark the wall through the balance of the holes.
  3. Take down the frame and install the balance of the wall fasteners. Reinstall the frame with all the fasteners screwed tight. Check the entire perimeter of the frame – especially the top to be sure it is tight to the wall.
  4. Caulk the edge of the frame with a caulk that finishes semi-hard, being sure it is tooled tightly to the wall. It is important that there are no gaps between the top of the frame and the wall, particularly the corners, in order to maintain ligature resistance. Paint the caulk, if desired, to match the wall.

enjoy your ligature immune artwork for year to arrive. To watch how we buttocks follow through this product indiana your facility, contact our sale team today !

Technical Resources

  • RFA File
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