No Picture on Your Plasma TV? Troubleshooting Common Plasma TV Problems

No Picture on Your Plasma TV

Have you turned on your plasma television receiver to find that you have sound but no visualize ? Or possibly not even any sound either ? Well, my friend, rest assured that it ’ south not just you. This is actually a fairly common problem with plasma television receiver sets. No matter the brand or the manufacturer, your picture is likely to disappear at some luff. therefore, why does it happen ? What causes this problem ? Read on to find out why this happens and how to fix it—that is, unless you yearn for a return to the old-timey days of sitting around the radio receiver !

Plasma TV Problems? How Your Plasma TV Works

The boards of a plasma TV. The boards of a plasma television.

Most plasma TVs are made by three manufacturers : Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. What makes them unlike from early TVs is the plasma flat display gore ( PDP ), which uses ionized accelerator ( or plasma ) to produce the images on screen. The first gear thing you ’ ll want to check is whether the PDP is cracked, which could cause the accelerator to escape and render the arrange pretty much useless.

A PDP besides comes with a number of electric boards including :

  • Y-buffer (sometimes in two parts, a Y-upper and a Y-lower).
  • Y-sustain. Names vary by manufacturer: Samsung calls it a Y-main while Panasonic calls it an SC board. You can find the Y-sustain board on the left-hand side of the screen when looking at it from behind.
  • Z-sustain. Names again vary by manufacturer: Samsung calls it an X-main while Panasonic calls it an SS board. You can usually find the Z-sustain board on the right-hand side of the screen when looking at it from behind.
  • Control board. Sometimes called a T-con (though not to be confused with LCD T-con boards). The control board is usually found underneath the main board.
  • X driver. Often integrated into the control board or fitted onto it.
  • Power supply
  • Main board/AV board/Tuner board. This board has all the input connectors, antenna, etc.

Tools to fix your LG, Samsung, or Panasonic Plasma television when there ’ s no visualize .

  • A Digital multimeter. NOT an analogue one.
  • A Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Optional: an oscilloscope with a minimum of 400V inputs and a 10x probe.

WARNING: Plasma TVs have a identical high voltage—in excess of 380 volts on some connectors, which is the same total of electricity that doctors use to defibrillate a heart ! sol, you should ABSOLUTELY not touch any of the television receiver ’ s electrical components either while it is still plugged in or running. If you do not have a lot know doing electronic repair work, you should hire a professional to do the work for you .

No Picture on Your LG, Panasonic, or Samsung Plasma TV: Identifying the Problem

check to see if there ’ mho sound when the television is plugged in. If there ’ s no sound either, then it ’ s likely there ’ s a problem in the baron supply. If, however, there is audio and the rig responds to commands from the outside and side buttons, then it ’ s probably a problem with Y- or Z-sustain .

If Your Plasma TV Has No Picture and No Sound:

here are the steps you need to take in regulate to troubleshoot your malfunctioning plasma television .

  1. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall.
  2. Wait 5 minutes so that the capacitors are discharged.
  3. Unplug the connector going into the Z-sustain and then plug the TV back in.
  4. Check for sound. If there’s sound, then the problem is with the Z-sustain. If not, then:
  5. Unplug the TV and wait another 5 minutes. Then disconnect the Y-sustain and re-connect the Z-sustain.
  6. Plug the TV back in and check for sound. If there’s sound, then the problem is with the Y-sustain.

If the problem seems to be coming from the Y-sustain, you besides need to check out the buffer. To do that, follow these steps :

  1. Unplug the TV and wait 5 minutes.
  2. Remove the buffer and see if you get a picture with sound.
  3. If your TV has two buffers, disconnect the upper buffer and see if you get a picture on the lower screen.
  4. Then disconnect the lower buffer and see if you get a picture on the upper screen.
  5. If, after removing one of the boards, you can see a picture, you know that the removed board is the problem.

You should besides check out the video recording below, which can guide you bit-by-bit through the procedure of repairing your plasma television receiver .

Plasma TV Has Sound but No Picture:

If your plasma television has no word picture but the sound still works, then the problem is normally due to a faulty Y-sustain. If you ’ re lucky, it could just be a blow fuse, which is well replaceable. But if not, you might have to replace the integral Y-sustain. To test the fuse, follow these steps :

  1. Unplug the TV and wait 5 minutes for the capacitors to discharge.
  2. Set your digital multimeter to 200 ohms.
  3. Touch the red and black together. The reading should be around 0-2 ohms.
  4. Connect the probes on each end of the fuse with the multimeter. If it reads “1” on the left-hand side, or “OL,” then the fuse is blown. If you get the same value on both sides, then the fuse isn’t the problem.

If the fuse blows again, you will need to repair or replace the Y-sustain. ( It ’ south often time much easier and cheaper to replace the board than to fix it—unless you have a lot of experience doing these repairs yourself ) .

Were You Able to Fix Your Plasma TV?

Arnil on April 18, 2020 : How to test Y-Sus has if it ’ s good or bad vitamin a good as gloomy and high buffer with my 2010 plasma television receiver ? pls and thank you.and how much your y-sus board ? Daniel on April 11, 2019 : My LG television receiver is blank but baron is on. George on September 01, 2018 : My 51 ” Samsung 3D Plasma television model PN51D490A1DXZA was showing vertical lines on the screen door for a couple of years. It ’ sulfur our extra television receiver in the basement so we never bothered to fix it. The other day I heard a loud pop phone as I was watching a platform then the screen went black. The audio from my serve silent comes through fine and I can change channels to “ listen ” to a broadcast but with no painting. What do you think the cause might be ? Linda on November 14, 2017 : WHERE do you get at Y Buffer. Is it show ecl expensive .. Have a 42in Samsung Plasma. Don deoxythymidine monophosphate have model # at time. television has sounds channel changes light on front .. when turn on .. 2006 television receiver. Can it be fixed. Greg Eaglin on October 04, 2017 : I have a 60 edge Samsung smart television receiver that I purchased in 2014 ( Model PN60F8500AFXZA ) ; the television is connected to an AV receiver/external speakers and cable box. several days ago, the visualize and sound began to disappear intermittently ; the photograph and audio would return after several minutes. This on-off interval has been increasing and now the picture/sound may return after the unit has been unplugged for several hours. Do you think I have a power provision issue or may the issue be something else ? Billy Vandervort on May 13, 2017 : I ‘ve got a 2006 Toshiba 42-inch plasma television receiver eminent definition 42hp66 my volume works I do n’t have a movie it flashes black flashes White is it worth fixing you can get back to me and my electronic mail is vandervortw74 @ Sam on April 24, 2017 : I have a Panasonic Plasma Model TC 54PS14, where the video and fathom just died while watching a movie. then came the 7 blink crimson light. I googled it and some say it ‘s probably the SC board. So what do you think ? Thank you for your answer. eke5s on April 14, 2017 : My LG 60PK750 plasma screen is blank. When I turn it on I hear the convention chatter I have always heard but now nothing shows up on the screen and I have no healthy. I tried to change the inputs with the outback and tried the menu button on the outback and nothing shows up when I push those buttons. In addition, I besides have the digital audio connected to a reasoned bar. Before when I turned on the television receiver the sound bar would come on automatically a few seconds by and by. now when I turn the television receiver on, the strait banish does not come on by itself. Please aid. Kevin on February 08, 2017 : 60 lg was watching the television and heard a pop sound from the television receiver, now precisely have a word picture That ‘s very hard to see please email me, ,kjfurey @ thanks Brad on January 29, 2017 : I have a LG 60PN5700, had top 1/3 of screen, the lie black, reseated ysustain board to buffers now i have nothing, is it the ysus board thats bad ? thriz on December 26, 2016 : one have an lg 42 inch 42PJ350 and it clicks on and off no display no sound but red light iodine disconnected the ysus and the set clicked once as it indicate coming on does it mean my ysus is defective and causing the might cycle ? ? ? Stone on December 18, 2016 : I have a 50 column inch plasma 3D the red light blinks none stop. I have tried unpluging it and that does nothing the remote control is working but does not fix the problem. what would cause this and can I repair it myself ? JayL619 on December 14, 2016 : I have a Samsung plasma television 50 edge. Model PN50B450B1DXZA. It has sound but no word picture. What do I need to do to fix it ? Raymond Bolen on September 11, 2016 : My television is a 60 ” 3 1/2 years old plasma PN60E550D1FXZA television receiver may work fine for several hours the visualize flashes then goes out but I distillery have sound. I can then turn it off and on and will have a video for about 3 minutes then it does the same thing all over. NapoleonTuazon on September 02, 2016 : Hi my Samsung Plasma 43 edge made actually forte popping sounds today and now no video or strait. I brought it to a trusted technician since it ‘s out of guarantee since I have it for 4.5 years the technician advised me to replace both YSUS and ZSUS. Per your recommendations this character of issue is related to the YSUS or Y Sustain board. Should I replace the ZSUS besides ? Harees on August 12, 2016 : Dear Sir, All of a sudden, my 42 ” Samsung Plasma TV ( model- PS42B430 ) has created a problem, no picture is coming but the sound is working perfectly. Could you please tel me what could be the causal agent of this trouble, many thanks. My e-mail address is harees25 @ many Thanks Harees Roy on July 26, 2016 : I have an 60PV450-UA LG Plasma, For the last 2 months my 60 ” television has been having an publish with light colors ( normally when in a menu of sorts ) where it flickers a bunch of random colors. I procrastinated fixing the issue as it was hush working and was n’t big enough topic at the clock to fix. 2 nights ago we were watching a movie on netflix and it worked great. future dawn we turned it on and there was reasoned but no visualize, the screen normally lights up the tiniest bit before displaying the image on the screen, but did n’t do it this time. therefore iodine did some excavation and found it was a park write out with the shield flickering, solder points for the coils on the ZSUS were cracked, so iodine got out the soldering gunman and solder and fixed it up, in hopes to kill 2 birds with one stone ( flicker visualize along with blank screen when turned on ) … unfortunately that did n’t work knocked out. i ‘ve seen other people mention the exact lapp thing with no answers to the problem. i payed $ 2,000 CAD for my 60 ” LG Plasma in 2011. iodine refuse to give up on it. I hope person has answers to the black screen specifically, i do n’t have much money these days and would like to solve this issue directly. one will be checking the fuses as suggested by others to clarify the fuses are all right, I ‘m hoping i do n’t need a new YSUS and Y-Buffer .. Jamieaclarke on July 13, 2016 : Hi I have a 60PX950-AA LG plasma, I have sound when I disconnect the YSUS board and the like when I disconnect the ZSUS display panel, would this mean it ‘s the YBuffer ? Jamie on July 13, 2016 : I have a lg 60px950-aa consecutive numeral 011kcxm1g122 and I have sound but no visualize when I disconnect the ysus board and the same when I disconnect the zsus board could this mean it ‘s the y buff ? Doug on June 10, 2016 : I have a Visio MP50 Plasma. The machine stopped powering up. I found a blow blend and replaced it. It powers up now but I get no photograph. The screen is not darkness and I get audio but no video stimulation. I swapped HDMI inputs and cables but still no television remark. I have checked all fuses. Where should I check next ? none of the capacitors look deformed. dougguess @ to provide aid. sccu1971 on May 31, 2016 : Hello, I have the symptoms of no video with strait and acocording to your trouble-shoot I would need Ysus board. however some forums recommend that you change the y cushion boards besides when Ysus is replaced. I ‘d quite be convinced the beginning time but not sure what is necessary for my specific issue. If you have the fourth dimension, however, here is my symptoms and numbers I recorded with fiddling help from other sites but I never get a reply. No mental picture, but still Have Sound – Samsung Plasma PN60E550D1F history : past class found that after television receiver has been ON an prolong period will have no photograph if we turn off and then back ON. We would have to wait in the get down possibly 5 minutes but up until now a year by and by, we waited 20-30 minutes. however, we would always have healthy. even today I get fathom but no word picture at all … even waiting next day. I went through a forum on this web site for exact lapp model and similar symptoms but the other ridicule had no voltage when checking Vs and Va. hera is what I found answering the other forum questions : 1. According to electric potential poser inside : vanadium : 211, Va : 57, Vsc : -198, Ve : 98 2. Checking voltage at Vs after going from STBY to ON : spikes to 211V then within 1 min voltage drops to 10V 3. lapp thing with Va : spikes to 57V then quickly drops to 0V within 15 sec. 4. LED is blinking 5-sec ON, 1-sec OFF. 5. Disconnected Y Sustain and X Main from each early and from might supply then repeated footstep 2 and 3 with results equal to zero volts for both Vs and Va. 6. Found on-line direction from shop testing power-on sequence and logic board. 6A. While in STBY modality, cycle might ON and check Ps ON and Vs ON voltage. consequence : Ps ON : STBY = 3.3V, Power ON = 0V vanadium ON : STBY = 0V, Power ON = 3.3V ( spike heel ) then immediate shed to 0.0V. I did n’t get any further than that but decided to pull the PS, Y prolong and X chief the following day to inspect my best ability for cold solder joints, but all appeared to look adept when carefully moving components on opposite side. no swell caps either. I ‘m not indisputable but it looks like PS is putting out electric potential briefly but possibly the blame is not allowing restrainer to fire it up ( Safety mode ? ). Maybe it ‘s placid dear ? I ‘m nowadays at the point where I ca n’t find any far trouble-shoot cognition on-line unless person out there can help me further ? I tried to find a free fast lead or service manual out there but no luck besides. I appreciate you taking time to read and if you have prison term to spare me id be greatly appreciative. Thank you postscript : I can add photos if needed. Kind Regards, scott Rochester Hiils, MI Chris on May 19, 2016 : hawaii I have a Samsung LE40R73BDXXEU – when switch on works great for about 20mins, then the movie stops, however, the heavy stays on. You switch television receiver off, delay for about 2 hours and switch on and the cycle repeats its self- dress you have an mind of what the trouble could be. Kind regards Chris Jg Lapointe on April 30, 2016 : I have a Toshiba 50 inches plasma 50hp66 ( about 10 yrs old ). The blind is white as white cloud. I see the picture identical lightly behind the white. The sound is good. Before the filmdom became blank, there were some colored shades on the faces of people. Any hint ? ? bilalraja on March 12, 2016 : and get more dealings Jamie Beedie on January 15, 2016 : Hey omendata ( or anyone else who could answer ). I have an LG 60PA6500 and am trying to troubleshoot picture problems. Would you happen to know what 2 pads I would need to short on my logic control circuit board for this arrange to get the test patterns ( and verify PDP is silent full ) ? here ‘s the retentive translation. primitively had sound and no movie. Found top y-buffer, 2nd chip gloomy shorted. Removed from television receiver and checked lower y-buffer ( no shorts ). Turn television on, lower one-half of screen entire of all sorts of color pixels moving approximately ( connected to video informant and am guessing they ‘re moving with the television ). I ‘ve purchased used componets off ebay ( purportedly 100 % working … trust here …. ) and replaced the y-sus ( same brainsick sum of color pixels across penetrate … ca n’t make anything out on screen ) …. replaced z-sus ( lapp resulting colored pixels covering entire lower half ) ….. I ‘ve even purchased another logic control dining table ( same resulting colors ….. but get a different D101 flash code on the logic control board ). I ‘ve got an upper y-buffer coming today so that now possibly I can have an entire broad screen entire of crazy colored pixels to look at until I can figure out what this problem is. By bypassing the chief television board by shorting those 2 pads on the logic control board ( and hopefully getting a trial form …. I ‘m guessing do this with it turned off and it will turn itself on ) I can verify my PDP is silent good ( which has me worried getting all this crazy looking pixels all over the screen door ) and possibly tell me that my main video recording board is bad ? ? ? ? Am I crazy or this heavy correct ? now, barely got ta know which two pads to short to get that pattern …. Stevie on January 13, 2016 : I have a Sony KE42M1 Plasma television with fathom but no picture. photograph will sometimes return after sitting unplugged for long periods ; however, if the television is turned off visualize disappears again. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated ! John on January 08, 2016 : I have a model PN60E530A Samsung plasma television. If I shut it off and try to turn it back on within 5 to 10 minutes all I get is a completely black screen with sound. The waiting fourth dimension seems to be getting farseeing now. It ‘s now about 15 minutes. It ‘s like something has to cool down before you get a picture. Any ideas ? Steve on November 27, 2015 : HI. I have a 2.5 class old Samsung 60 column inch plasma. It has started going black, but strait remains. When this happens, I can normally get it back by turning off the television and turning it back on. What do you recommend ? ? ? Mikko on November 04, 2015 : I have LG 50PK350 plasma with broken picture, after thunderstorm. Can U please check my pluck : hypertext transfer protocol : // … and tell from symptoms, what I should change … ? Mike Brett on November 04, 2015 : hawaii. I have a 50 ” Samsung plasma, a very black patchy double with black patches. Model num : PS50Q97HDX / XEU. think the X suffer panel is faulty num : BN9604573 A can you help and supply this panel. Thanks mike Ken Griffis on October 19, 2015 : I have been told that my Samsung Plasma T.V. can catch fire is that possible MALCOLM DRINKELD on October 10, 2015 : I have a LG Plasma 50 edge television receiver model 50 PS 3000 entirely have the picture is working the peak one-half is missing sound is all right bit did go off for a while How much would is cost for the parts Lee on September 28, 2015 : My Plasma television has sound but no video. May have precisely a blow fuse. My question is where is the fuse located ? Debbie Kinder on September 04, 2015 : I have a 3 year erstwhile 40 ” plasma Pansonic that I had repaired once & now doing the exact like thing again, no photograph, powers on, no fathom but I do have sounds from the television off as I am using the sounds thru a Bose surrounds systems and can hear the cable air but can not see anything, can not ability off the television receiver must unplug the television receiver. Any suggestions ann-maree on August 28, 2015 : My LG plasma television bad been repaired doubly under guarantee & its now died again Talla on August 24, 2015 : greetings sir please we have a 52 inches plasma samsung television at power on it flashes an picture on the sieve with a sound then goes off with the screen dack. We have tested the power add and found out that there is 5v and 3v but no 15v. please what can be the problem we will be gladiolus if you can help us out thanks.

omendata on August 05, 2015 : Unlike the honest-to-god days tvs are like computers – you jus swap in a new board to replace the faulty one – the difficulty comes in pinpointing which board is faulty – After reparing my LG Plasma i barely bought substitution boards for every separate in my television in case they arent available in the future and it still cost less than it would have to put it into a shop class. I am a calculator electronics engineer but i had never opened up a plasma television receiver until mine went a few weeks ago – 2 weeks of researching and watching youtube television and I now understand how the things work – its all on the internet – if you have the needed skills and the internet you need never employ a shopkeeper again – In 30 years one have alone had a shopkeeper out once, the rest my father taught me ( cable car mechanics, plumb, build up work – one ‘ve repaired and learned most of it from google ) – its all there and the parts on ebay or shopjimmy – then there are the forums where the experts hang out – is the best imho for elecronics repairs – all it takes is campaign and clock time there are no agile fixes. Susan on August 04, 2015 : Hi, I went to turn on my LG plasma this dawn, the t.v went on however no filmdom and no reasoned, took out the spark plug, removed from t.v fur a few hours and it ‘s even not went on, do you have any idea what the problem is and if it ‘s fixable myself, thanks ….. omendata on August 03, 2015 : Haha iodine know how it is im unemployed people myself so have to fix everything myself – fixed my car doubly thi syear, washing machine, cooker – good matter about being broke is you are forced to learn new things out of necessity. foremost remove the lvds cable television from the control board to the main control panel. There are two point near resistor p104 they are the only places on the manipulate ( logic ) circuit board you can bridge. If you get test patterns on the screen then you are halfway to fixing your television receiver as it means the most expensive character the screen is o and the buffers. Patterns on screen besides mean the independent logic board is ok. Which means z-sus, control board, y-sus are truly all that is left to test. My problem was the z-sus and botch psu but its all sorted now and monetary value less than £50. Watch what you are doing swapping boards – if your y-buffers are gone and you plug in a new ysus board you can blowe the new ysus board. You truly need a multimeter and to measure the output of the psu labelled volt, department of veterans affairs and standby – 200v,93v,5v respectively. then measure the actual v, virginia and understudy on the boards that use them y-sustain, z-sustain, control circuit board. You can remove the y-buffers to test em but first thing one would do is check and see if you can get a movie with the two trial points on the control display panel. Jeremy on August 03, 2015 : Omendata, which spots do you jumper with a composition clip ? I ‘m low on disposable income, so the television is just sitting apart presently till I can find the following board to swap for cheap. I did the ten and y sus. following I ‘m going to try the main office board and logic board. And possibly get some extra ribbon cables to test if cables are badly. omendata on July 31, 2015 : Yes Sarah precisely the lapp happened to me. Check youtube My cook was to resolder the top 22ohm 5 watt resistor. actually one replaced both as the top one had blown but best to replace both but as you are getting baron it soundslike your psu is o – what happens when you press the power clitoris on the distant does the television receiver come on or do you hear a pawl and the television switches off. If it doesnt switch off your power supply is apt to be very well. then the television powered on all right. Unofortunately no movie but legal. Its either your y-sus board and/or y-buffers or in my casing the z-sus board had gone – got some help oneself with a new board and hey presto fixed. contrary to popular impression television is immediately like a personal computer and trade boards is cheap way to do it – zsus circuit board on ebay £19.99. Save yourself a fortune equally farseeing as you are familiar with removing screws and plugging cables. There are videos on youtube showing you how to test each board – y-buffers etc – remove the y-sus board and see if you get a painting – if not then remove zsus and reconnect y-sustain board. You can bridge two points on the control condition dining table with a paper clip and if you get a visualize your manipulate board is ok. Dont give up its a good television receiver and its slowly to fix adenine long as you know how – you could probably buy every display panel for it and replace them all and it would distillery cost less than a denounce will charge. Sarah on July 31, 2015 : LG plasma 50inch. model 50PN6500 The television is not even 18 months erstwhile I was watching it and the picture precisely went off there is hush sound but the screen is merely black any help oneself would be awsome thanks omendata on July 29, 2015 : check the voltages on the ysus and zsus boards test connections and the outputs of the psu check if department of veterans affairs volt and standby are at adjust voltage. Hurl3yboy22 on July 29, 2015 : 50PC5D 50 ” LG Plasma television receiver Plugged in, rebuff clicking make noise on the PCU circuit board. I noticed that D1 and D2 on the Controller control panel are n’t literature. Faint single flash of the led on the AV dining table. Does n’t look like any caps bulging or blown but could be wrong. Screen turns on to only a night blur, no lines, no sound. All voltages check out on the power feed connectors, and I ‘ve checked a few resistors but not certain of the ( O ) mho of each. Any thoughts ? omendata on July 27, 2015 : Y sustain display panel possibly – there are so many possibles. Sounds like defective capacitors ! Thisblows on July 26, 2015 : I have a Samsung model # PN64E533D2F. healthy is there, no word picture. My wife would turn the television on and off respective times before getting a picture. nowadays, we just get heavy .. Anything would help. Thanks .. omendata on July 25, 2015 : Hi I have a like problem to Jeremy. 50LGPK590 Problem initially was baron provision – coarse issue with LGPK range – 22ohm 5 watt resistor ( top one ) always goes so replace both and television receiver nowadays comes on. No motivation to replace diode or smps transistor that besides sometimes go popular ! ! ! How depress – sound but no video. Are you certain about z-sus test as i removed it and there is still good but no video recording. Z-sus seems fine to me electrically. Can not change impart or stimulation selector it stays on hdmi 1. Going to do a test of the y buffers – ordered a newfangled y-sus but didnt fix the write out. Removed buffers individually and office on – no leave. After talking to repair guy he reckons its the t-con. Any ideas before one get the oscilloscope out ? eliasp9 (author) on July 11, 2015 : Hi Tom when the television receiver shuts off and the blue abstemious comes on does it blink if so how many time ? Tom R on July 04, 2015 : I turned my Pioneer Plasma PDP 5060 HD television on and I get a message on the bottom that says “ starting please wait ” and “ Plasma expose ” I have unplugged but no transfer. After about 5 minutes it shuts offand light on dominance box blinks blue continously. I can get the “ home Menu to come up thus picture is still there. Any suggestions ? Lisa W on July 03, 2015 : I have a 50 ” LG Plasma television about 4 years new. Anyway, I was watching it, then suddenly it went off. It is get in touch with the besiege fathom through my DirecTV box therefore I still hear the television. I disconnected it from the power in the wall for the stallion night but nothing. The world power luminosity in the front does not come on …. what should I do ? Did it fair play out and a new one is needed ! If so, can u recommend a stigmatize for my adjacent investment, if necessary ? Jeremy on June 19, 2015 : ive double and triple checked the connections. I do n’t have cable, just fresh boxes. I would n’t be able to tell if it changes channels. Unless there ‘s an easy way you can think of. alsoto007 on June 16, 2015 : Hi, I have a Samsung Plasma model # PN60E530A3FXZA interpretation # TS02. occasionally, when the television is turned on, I get sound with no visualize. The painting normally returns after powering off the television and waiting 5-10 minutes. While the television receiver is on with sound and no movie, I can change channels. I have tried swapping out the hdmi cable and the input, but nothing changed. Please propose. If parts need to be changed, please advise on where to purchase. Thanks, aluminum eliasp9 (author) on June 14, 2015 : Hello Jeremy o can you change channels while on no video recording ? besides please check all connections on connectors from the Y board and X board thank you. eliasp9 (author) on June 14, 2015 : Hello Daniel56 blue to hear this about your television receiver fit. The trouble that you are having is called Mal fire this could happen due to a bad Y hold drive board, a bad connection or association ( less likely ), a bad Y suffer board or a defective control board. The voltages on each one of this boards would have to be measured and tested to see which one is faulty. Once the defective board is discovered it will have to be replaced, thank you for your question and promise this helps. Jeremy on June 12, 2015 : I have a Samsung pn60e530 and its having the issue of sound, but no video. therefore far, I have purchased an adam sustain and a yttrium confirm board that are ‘100 % tested and working ‘ and it distillery has n’t fixed the trouble. Any ideas ? eliasp9 (author) on June 11, 2015 : Hello Mary thank you for the question. Ok the problem is located on your Y prolong board. The IPM in the board is faulty, due to a part that has giving up. The cost actually depends on the television compensate shop class that you take it to could n’t truly say it all depends. But that it can be fixed yes it can. Mary de Stefano on June 09, 2015 : Pioneer Plasma TV PDP 6010ED – visualize goes black every 15-20 minutes. I must turn on television again to retrieve the word picture. Can this television receiver be fixed ? Range of costs please. eliasp9 (author) on June 07, 2015 : Hi PJGMAG questions. How long have you had the television ? besides when you turn on the unit can you hear anything, like if the unit is on ? Does it have a light in the front of the television receiver that tells you if the unit is on or off ? I am trying to pin point if the television receiver turns on but no picture or sound or if the whole is not doing anything at all thank you. PJGMAG on June 06, 2015 : Panasonic TH-42PZ85U started cutting out for seconds at a time such that I thought it was the cable television bespeak ( no picture no legal ). then last went blank for good. Checked another television to confirm it was not the cable signal. Any idea what went wrong and if I can fix it ? macatdow on April 18, 2015 : We have a 50 ” Panasonic plasma television ( probably 6 yrs old at least ). once every so frequently it would not turn on, but after a few times of turning on and off it would come on. today it does not come on. No strait or picture. Any ideas ? Thank you ! Ntinos on April 12, 2015 : I have an LG 50PC3D that has a flash mental picture at times but the legal continues. For some time prior to this I had noticed that the mental picture would go slenderly bleary and then refocus every 10-15 seconds. What do you recommend for a fix ? ann on March 23, 2015 : Hi my bush 40 ” television powers on but has no good or picture can u give me some estimate of what it could be. Thanks Doug on March 09, 2015 : I have a LG 60PA6500. It has no painting and no legal. When it ‘s plugged in the index abstemious comes on and never changes. Screen scantily glows a little. Hitting the baron button does nothing. I ‘ve tried unplug for a while. Holding the office release. even replaced the office provide board. inactive no luck. Any suggestions ? Ever Andujo on March 07, 2015 : hello i have a 50 edge plasma 50PJ350-UB. I have no mental picture but i have sound. One day one turned on the television receiver and sudenly a loudly toss off came from the television receiver. It placid turns on and has sound but the screen is black. What can i do to fix it. ghetto boss on February 13, 2015 : I have samsung 50in plasma. .. no picture but have sound.plunged in television bolshevik light flash several times and waited 10 min inactive no painting. .. melanie on February 02, 2015 : hawaii, I got a sinotec 40 inch liquid crystal display television receiver there is strait but no mental picture. when I switch the television receiver on the screen goes on and says sinotec but then goes back off. I can still see the screen saver moving about on the television if I look closely or use a flashlight but other than that it does n’t show. brimike on February 01, 2015 : i have a 2006 samsung 50 inch plasma television receiver. iodine turn it on and after a few mins the bottom third gear of the screen door goes black. and some times it comes back and sometimes it does n’t. The television receiver seems to get truly hot is that normal ? Its a great television courteous video iodine would truly like to fix it. model- hp85053x/xaa please help Ric on January 22, 2015 : i have a 42LG Plasma ‘, and when it get ‘s Hot ‘, the movie goes darkness, merely sound remain …, i think it ‘s the Y-sus board …, any ideas ? Paul on December 02, 2014 : I have a vizio 57 edge plasma 8 years old, and have been having difficulty turning it on and getting the picture to come on. It has sound however I either have to turn it on and let it about if you will warm up, then turn it off and on, to get the white flare which means photograph comes on. typically if we do n’t let it warm up for at least 5 minutes and do the on off thing, we have to click on off for like a minute before we get the white flash which means the photograph will show up on the filmdom right after. Does this mean the television receiver is coming to the end of its life span or do you have an theme what could be causing this that I can repair. Thanks for your time. Paul Michael on November 19, 2014 : yttrium or z, deplorable mel on November 11, 2014 : shield keeps going digitally mixed up, like a bad puzzle … is that the control panel or my cogeco military service ? LG Plasma approx 4 years old greg on November 11, 2014 : hello, one replaced the power add on my HP-T4254 Samsung Plasma because it would not stay on, but when it did baron up the picture was very well although it would shut off once strong. AFter replacing the world power provision, now I have sound but no movie. I ‘ve checked and rechecked all connections and can not figure it out. Any help would bu a lot appreciated. unnikrishnan on June 24, 2014 : I bought 109.22cm ( 43 ) H4900 Cricket Mode 3D Plasma television on 1st April 2014 for FIFA universe cup 2014. After six weeks ( May 20-2014 ), try to power on the power red clean blinks, but does not might up the sieve need to click several times to turn it on. I called Samsung Customer Care one technician came and take the might board inside the television to service kernel. first gear watery they told me to replace power control panel and took the television receiver. moment week they told might board was replaced and needed to replace mother board. Third workweek they told mother board was replaced and needed to replace display Panel.Every day one called the Tech for my television, he replied he would call back in 5minute.But he never called me.This work continued for two weeks.Once I visited the Service center he told me about refunding.But immediately i cant contact him because he put my number in call cull number. ( His no is 9946006499 Samsung Service Center Pathanamthitta ). Anyway World cup is on half way stage my NEW television is in Samsung Service Center. PLEASE give me my money and blue for buying a SAMSUNG television I will never repeat this. For a small common ailment they replaced motherboard, display panel, and hold my television for 30 days, and now he want 10 more days. shikira on June 12, 2014 : Some inadequate brand name digital LCD television sets such as Technika ; Bush and even Samsung, are often apt to malfunction well before their actual estimated life-span. The pixilation issues such as passing of healthy or picture, are significantly more to do with the identical hapless standard of technology that goes into making these television ‘s rather than it be a defect with external sources – once leads and Ariel ‘s are replaced, and there is still no movie or sound, or both ; you can guarantee it is precisely due to the fact that, the versatile components such as HV X main circuitry boards ; transistor parts etc. all come from diverse countries before being installed into a new television located and purchased by retailers at low-price banal prices. It costs approximately 10 penny or less for a HV/X Main poster with all the circuitry applied in a alien factory, however to buy one in the UK, obviously will cost importantly more, and you run the hazard of electrocution if you attempt to service your own television by replacing the previous menu for a newly one, if you have little or no feel in the field of electronics and where the advice in the article is not recommended. It is far better to purchase a industry refurbished one at half the cost of a new one, if it comes with at least a 12-month undertake as I have done. In addition, no television receiver located, including brand-new ones are wholly modern – they are often refurbished in shops and sold as new because many are ex-display ; customer returns – retailers just refurbish and sell them at brand-new prices, and why if you are on a tight budget, recommend simply buying one pre-owned and refurbished from a retailer that offers a class ‘s guarantee. eliasp9 (author) on May 12, 2014 : it should be around if your handy and know about capacitors, how to measure them, read them with the ohm meter etc …. it should be around 50 bucks or then depending on the service manual, where you get it from and the repair kit out for your television receiver. If you are buying the wholly ysus dining table I suggest trying ebay see if you can get an original board from there if not do a google search see if you can find it there, remember to get a service manual of arms for your television receiver s make and model identical authoritative thank you. christopher on May 05, 2014 : oklahoma thus how much would it cost to fix the trouble with the ysus and the xsus boards ? my sounds works but the picture is not wokring therefore iodine think this is what i need to do to fix it but ouw much and i looking at ? fikret senem on April 27, 2014 : Hi I have lg 42pg3000 za plasma has sound but no video. Psu heatsinks hot but early boards heatsinks are cold. Which one defective ? Thanks Denish on April 10, 2014 : please, one have a sony television receiver fructify that the power is not reaching the flyback but when i power on it makes some sound and shows no understudy light Ann on March 08, 2014 : Got alba plasma sou.d no word picture getussrsa on March 02, 2014 : I have samsung 42 edge PLasma television receiver. There is no video / Audio ffrom this television. Should I replace FETs mounted on X-main card and Y-main calling card. Should it show blue screen if there is no connection to the these boards from logic control panel. Please suggest. Lillian Rangi on December 10, 2013 : my lg has no sound 4 no reason Karen on December 07, 2013 : my toshiba plasma television has no picture or sound, when you push the power button it flashes loss jang342 on November 23, 2013 : my led liquid crystal display devant 40 column inch television is less than 1 year erstwhile. recently, it has been intermittently shutting off the picture every 15 to 30 seconds but sound is okay. this happens largely in the evening. then it becomes more frequent such as every 2 to 3 seconds and even less. in the dawn, it operates sometimes normally, but you can not expect it to be trouble dislodge all the time. one dont like having to guess when my television stage set is o and when it will not be. when one have meter, one will bring it to the haunt shop. in the interim, iodine would welcome any suggestions, hints or advice. eliasp9 (author) on October 26, 2013 : Hello Juan can you explain what is going on with your television receiver set in a little more thank you. Juan Pendon on September 28, 2013 : I gota LG 50pj550 eay60968701 plasma with visualize & healthy. The problem still overindulgence even the voltage regulator was transfer doubly. Can you pls provide solution to this proiblem ? Joanne w. on May 14, 2013 : My 50 edge Samsung Plasma Tv is news bulletin the words “ All Share Clear Image Panel ” across the sieve. What does that mean ? Bob marley on March 29, 2013 : Smoke a bowl Glen E. on January 18, 2013 : well, this is a bang-up article, and the Y-Sustain board is a bang-up answer, but, another common cause for a Plasma television to give legal but no word picture is for one of the buffer boards that are connected to the Y-Sustain board to fail. A fail buffer board will cause the same symptom, and replacing the Y-Sustain board will not fix the trouble if you have a failed buffer circuit board. eliasp9 (author) on November 24, 2012 : Hello kay deplorable for the belated answer to everyone that commented. Ok kay if you bought a fresh television iodine am identical happy for you hopefully led, hdtv something like that, if you did n’t just be careful it will give you the same problem again an at the end of the day you ll spend more to fix it then the new laid. kay on November 02, 2012 : I have a 50inch hitachi just over 4yrs, it just turned off and looks like its stuck on standby.Its in the denounce at the molybdenum and apparently the main display panel and the adam and y confirm boards have gone aswell, dose anyone know how much it would cost or am one better off buying another ? wil on July 10, 2012 : MY LG 60 ” PLASMA television WAS ACTING FUNNY ONE TIME I WAS WATCHING A MOVIE ON MY DVD PLAYER WHEN THE VOLUME STARTED GETTING LOWER AND MY REMOTE CONTROL DID NOT WORK AND THE REST OF THE FETURES FROM THE television receiver WAS MOVEING BY THEM SELF IN THE SCREEN WITH OUT ME CHANGING OR USING MY REMOTE CONTROL THE TV WOULD NOT EVEN SHUT OFF OR NOTHING SO I UNPLUGED IT FROME THE WALL THEN IT WENT BACK TO NOMAL. WHAT COULD HAVE CAUSE THIS TO HAPPEN ? THE TV GUY on July 05, 2012 : IF YOU ARE PISSED OFF AND WOULD RATHER JUST SELL YOUR television WE WILL BUY IT FROM YOU PICK IT UP AND HAPPILY TAKE IT OFF YOUR HANDS … CALL THE television receiver GUYS @ 4402421753 barb on June 11, 2012 : blind gets very hot, and throws off heat Mark on June 09, 2012 : My lg television – 42LE5500-CA has clear picture when connected to aeriform but no voice, fair imported it recently .. No other connection other than world power & aerial aid Ronnie on January 27, 2012 : well the article sort of speaks about television ‘s that are bound to break down over time, which is quite apprehensible. But I am sitting down here with a Samsung PDP43D490 which is a mere 27 days old as of today with the same problem. The only difference is there is neither sound nor video recording. It just sits with a deep black shield and does n’t even turn itself off with the distant. I am ace pissed off with Samsung now. eliasp9 (author) on January 07, 2012 : Thank you very much for all the comments.Glad one was able to help person. bostondann on December 26, 2010 : Thank you for this information ! After 13 months of ownership ( fair past the guarantee exhalation ) my LG Plasma TV developed a serious problem. These include mental picture abasement, shutting down at random, screen lines, semblance abasement and others. We systematically applied solutions such as switching cable locations, using different cables, trying a diverseness of world power supplies ( basic strips to battery accompaniment ) and nothing seemed to help. We observed the television receiver in unlike modes and kept having the lapp problems whether we were using the Set Top Box ( cable ), the DVD player or the bet on system. One notice stuck out form the rest – the trouble did not occur when we were watching a black and white movie. But equally soon as the film ended and we switched to a tinge movie, the screen popped and went blank. I started researching the issue on-line ( thank you Google ! ) and after some trial and error with search terms finally discovered other plasma television owners with alike problems – some have been kind adequate to post pictures and videos that allow me to see the lapp problems as my plasma television. further investigation revealed that a common perpetrator appears to be the Y and Z Sustain Boards. These circuit boards are akin to the upright and horizontal deflection circuits of older televisions and are at the heart of creating a movie on the screen. unfortunately, the Y and Z Sustain Boards ( more simply called the YSUS and the ZSUS ) are a serious weak point in ALL plasma televisions. Do a Google search for problems with plasma televisions or problems with these boards and your search results will light up with hits ! information about problems with these components span years of plasma fabrication and cover a wide variety of trade name names. The worst wrongdoer seems to be LG – specially since they manufacture these boards as components for many other brands and have been doing indeed for many years. doubly inauspicious is that this trouble seems to be rampant in the plasma television industry so far no one seems to know about it. It does not seem to be a safety issue ( no fire venture, etc. ) so the Consumer Product Safety Commission has no information on it, it is a standard component of larger items with no particular brand involved, so the Better Business Bureau has no records on it, and the topic is spread out and technical foul enough that the average consumer seems to be unaware that it is such a large emergence. How many plasma television owners have to have this problem before it becomes general consumer cognition ? In early words – this is a KNOWN ISSUE with plasma televisions yet it has somehow fallen through the cracks of consumer cognition and the plasma fabricate industry is surely not be\ringing to anyone ’ mho attention. A call to LG customer confirm was less than helpful. The customer service example on the other end of the cable had no information on this topic ( even though it is quite common ). I knew more about the inner workings of my television receiver than he did. The LG guarantee does cover the “ Panel ” for a two year menstruation – and these components would appear to be core to the “ Panel ” – but the servicing rep I spoke with could not provide me a definition of what is included as part of the “ Panel ”. To put this in perspective, my class once owned a Sony Trinitron for about 20 years before it was replaced and our former elementary television ( still in service ) is a closely ten erstwhile Sharp CRT unit. Neither of these units developed the trouble this LG Plasma is having and neither ever needed to sort of repairs ( both dollar and undertaking wise ) that this plasma whole needs. therefore yea – this is big deal. When I spend the kind of money necessity to purchase a product such as a television, I expect to get more than 13 months of service out of it. I intend to get this unit repaired or replaced and I do not intend to be the one paying for it ! James on December 25, 2010 :

Please get a transcript editor program : I was excessively distracted by the poor write style to in full understand the article. AL B on October 22, 2010 : THERE ARE KITS YOU CAN BUY TO REPAIR THE BOARDS THEM SELF

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