How to Change Samsung TV Picture Size?

Samsung TVs are well known for their graphic persona quality. however, if you are not satisfied with what they offer, you can easily change the mental picture size and watch the television receiver as per your preferences .
Changing picture size is essential to fit your video depending upon what you are watching. You can easily change the picture size through your distant or television settings. furthermore, if you see the picture settings are grayed out on your television, we will guide you on how to fix it .
therefore, without further delay, let ’ s get straight into the topic .

How to Change Samsung TV Picture Size?

Changing visualize size on your Samsung television is a pretty easy job. Most of the remotes have an integrated button to change the picture size. You can easily change painting size settings using that particular key. If not, you can use the television receiver settings alternatively.

Below is a bit-by-bit template on how you can change the mental picture size using the television receiver outback or the built-in settings .

Using TV Remote

It is an easy process to change the visualize size on your Samsung television. But remember, you can use this method acting if merely you have the P.SIZE or PIC.SIZE button on your outside. Original Samsung television remotes come with the button but you may not have it on the universal outside .
Locate the button at first gear and then follow the steps below :

  1. Power on your TV.
  2. While on the home screen, press the P.SIZE button.
  3. It will show a pop-up with a list of picture-size options. Select your preferred picture size.
    picture size popup

Using TV Settings

If you don ’ t have the P.SIZE key, you can use the television receiver settings and change the picture size. Please note that the settings interface may vary depending on your television model. But the steps are a lot exchangeable .
Follow the steps below :

  1. Take your TV remote and press Home button.
  2. Navigate to lower left part of the home screen and tap the gear icon (Settings).
    samsung tv settings
  3. On the Settings window, choose Picture.
    picture settings
  4. Move to the right and select Picture Size Settings.
    picture size settings
  5. Tap Picture Size. It will show available picture sizes for your TV, like 16:9 Standard, 4:3, and Custom. Choose your preferred one, and you’re done.
    picture size popup

After changing the painting size, you can besides run a picture test if you start facing problems like deform pictures. It helps to determine if the trouble is with the image or the television receiver itself .
hera ’ s how to run a mental picture test :

  1. Open Settings from the lower left of your TV’s home screen.
  2. Move down on the Settings window to Support.
  3. Then move right and select Self Diagnosis.
  4. Under Self Diagnosis, choose Start Picture Test.
    picture test

Picture Sizes in Samsung TV

While choosing the visualize size, you may have seen different options like 16:9 and 4:3. If you are confused about which one to choose, you should know beforehand what they are .

  • 16:9 Standard: It is the aspect ratio for widescreen or full-screen viewing. Select it if you want a High Definition experience on your TV. But remember that selecting the standard only will not give you an HD experience. The content you are viewing should be in HD format as well.
  • 4:3 Size: 4:3 aspect ratio is suitable if you are viewing non-HD content on your TV. It does not occupy the full screen and prevents the distortion of the images.
  • Custom Size: With this option, you can choose the aspect ratio depending on your preferences and the content you are watching.
  • Fit to Screen: You can choose this option if you want to view the picture on your entire screen. But if the picture quality is low, it can stretch and degrade your visual experience.
  • Zoom and Position: This option is grayed out until you select Custom picture size. You can easily zoom in or zoom out the picture after you activate this mode. Further, you can also set the position after performing the desired zoom in or out.

Picture Modes on Samsung TV

once you change the picture size, you can besides foster choose the picture mode for an enhance ocular experience. You can choose one from the Dynamic, Standard, Natural, or Movie. You can change the visualize modality from the same settings window you used to change the visualize size.

  • Standard: This mode is enabled by default on your TV. It fits for most of the things you watch on your TV.
  • Dynamic: When this mode is enabled, pictures on your TV are vibrant and clear.
  • Natural: This mode promotes a realistic view of the images. It offers you pleasant viewing by reducing strain on your eyes.
  • Movie: You can activate this mode if you are watching a movie at night. It will enhance your movie experience.

What to Do if the Picture Size Settings Option is Grayed Out?

If you tried changing the Samsung television receiver picture size but saw the settings are grayed out, you don ’ t need to worry. It is very normal, and you can get back the settings easily .
Make sure you don ’ t have any background apps running on your television receiver. Some apps have their own mental picture size settings that are unchangeable. furthermore, these settings are available on HDMI and USB mode only. then, if your source is set to television receiver and your cable hustler does not support changing the word picture size, you can not use those settings .
Follow the steps below to change the source on your television :

  1. Press Home button on your TV remote.
  2. Then use the directional pad on your remote to move to the lower left of the screen and select Source.
  3. Choose your preferred source, and you are set. You can access the picture size settings afterward.
    source of tv
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