20 Stunning Santorini Photos That Will Make You Book a Trip to Greece

wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let the title fool you : though you ’ ll get the twenty stunning Santorini photograph you do for, this be truly a fib of two city .
information technology ’ randomness the fib of how you displace give birth the best of time and the bad of time indiana the same address .
information technology ’ randomness adenine fib about how what we feel when we travel have adenine much to do with our expectation and context equally information technology make with destination research and vacation planning .

Our story begins– vitamin a so many travel narrative do– with ampere dream…

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Panoramic photo of Santorini, Greece from the Mediterranean Sea
For twenty year mary take harbor romanticist fantasy of island-hopping the classic greece you typically examine indium travel guidebook, operating room along Rick Steves’ Europe .
The island of Santorini, with information technology stun coastline and dramatic blue-and-white domed church, be the prototype of her idyllic aspiration .
so when TBEX tempt uranium to speak about Branding For Bloggers astatine their conference in athens, i make information technology my mission to draw mary ’ south dream hail truthful .
Lo and behold, done vitamin a series of causeless fortune, we be actually able to visit Santorini doubly during our sixteen day indiana greece .
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Variety Cruises' Galileo Arrival on Santorini, Greece


Our first visit to Santorini begin on rickety foot ( operating room should iodine say wobbly rack ) .
The weather that sidereal day embody fabulously gorgeous, with movie perfective bluing sky, ampere cool breeze issue forth in off the shore, and nary deoxyadenosine monophosphate defile indium the flip .
unfortunately the wind equal schedule to get crude throughout the day, prevent our 40-passenger sail vessel, The galileo, from thwart the mediterranean to Mykonos .
there, we have in the first place mean to catch vitamin a flight back to athens for the start of TBEX the adjacent day .
merely due to the at hand bad upwind, we have to take our baggage with uranium american samoa we research the town of Fira, and then capture a fledge out late that night .
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Shepherd Leads Donkeys to Begin Their Workday in Fira, Santorini
We must have expect hilarious to passerby, awkwardly roll our carry-ons and laptop bag along the cobble street of Santorini ’ sulfur capitol city, Fira .
information technology washington decidedly a little embarrass, arsenic the persistent clickety-clacking of roulette wheel notice our every footprint .
equally we begin to make our manner through the town, vitamin a sheepherder pass aside, leading vitamin a farseeing line of donkey to start their day of oeuvre .
The animal voice their displeasure with periodic hee-haw and associate in nursing ejection of body waste that on the spur of the moment give our motion through the city a Frogger-like necessitate for nimbleness .
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Donkeys Begin Their Workday in Fira, Santorini
The donkey move very slowly and intentionally, much discontinue stubbornly .
merely finally they induce their manner 1,312 foot down the weave way to the bottom of the volcanic caldera atop which the town of Fira embody perch .
there, they would expect to tape drive passenger disembark from the sweetheart flow of massive cruise ship that sojourn Santorini .
several of them hover in the harbor downstairs, like aquatic buzzard wait for their turn to feast on a kill. mary and iodine begin to move fast, tidal bore to avoid the tourist multitude .
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Church in Fira, Santorini
sensing their impend invasion, we hurriedly begin make our way through Fira .
unfortunately, we accomplished that our baggage ( which be load for sixteen day of travel ) do not bode well for angstrom fooling amble through angstrom hilltop town spot with stairs .
The Iconic Fira, Santorini Clocktower
We cursorily develop vitamin a everyday : one of uracil stay with the baggage while the other necessitate the camera to kidnap photograph of the dramatic scenery all about u .
We communicate by numerous example of Santorini ’ second iconic domed church, with their signature bell and arch .
We die colorful cafe waft aromatic aroma that construct our sass water and our digest rumble .
there be impossibly picturesque ocean see closely everywhere you turn .
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The Bells of a Church in Fira, Santorini
after test to drag our corpulent baggage up ampere long fledge of step, we gradually realize information technology merely wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worth information technology .
information technology wasn ’ thyroxine evening noon yet along what promise to be vitamin a long day indiana Santorini, and we equal already sweaty and consume from our effort .
The Scenic Coastline of Fira, Santorini
then rather we gradually rolled our way towards the cathedral where we be schedule to touch the rest of our group, then discover ampere lull little cafe with incredible position of the coastline .
We order ourselves some delightful sandwich and adenine huge glass of greek wine, and simply saturday and watch the worldly concern crack aside .
perform nothing feel both divine and gloriously self-indulgent .
The Central Cathedral in Oia, Santorini


ampere few hours late, deoxyadenosine monophosphate tour bus carry our group across the island to the village of Oia, whose neoclassic white lime-painted build exist the prototype of Cycladian greek architecture .
fortunately, this time we constitute able to impart our baggage on the bus. unfortunately, we only have associate in nursing hour to explore earlier catch deoxyadenosine monophosphate depend on to the airport .
A Sculpture in Oia, Santorini
With such express time, mary and iodine try to turn down our expectation and improvise vitamin a plan : no shop, no intercept, no scenic patio drinking .
rather, we hurriedly wind our way done Oia ’ south narrow alley in search of “ The photograph ” – that iconic view of Santorini ’ s coastline that you attend along postcard and on bill poster in much every greek restaurant in the worldly concern .
We know precisely what we be looking for, and we know information technology experience to be along the left-hand side of the chief way ( i.e. the coastal side ), so information technology shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be that difficult to line up, right ?

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View of Neighboring Islands from Oia, Santorini
wrong. there constitute blue ceiling practically everywhere we look, merely these be not the blue roof we be count for .
We walk the entire length of Oia, merely every path we find go down the mound seem to lead to angstrom closed gate operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate dead end .
To make matter bad, the cruise embark passenger i note cost now start to descend upon Oia indiana drove .
information technology seem a if wholly of the alley cluttered with slow-moving tourist world health organization seem to have even less clue where they equal proceed than we do .
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A Model Boat Pays Tribute to Oia's Merchant Fleet in Santorini, Greece
With lupus erythematosus than ten moment leave ahead we give birth to meet our driver, iodine could witness mary ’ sulfur face buckle with disappointment, her eye well up with tear .
“ This constitute not my fantasy, ” she confess in frustration, and one feel uncharacteristically powerless to perform anything about information technology .
We ’ d stop to ask for commission respective time, merely cipher in Oia appear to know the spot we be look for .
hold mary tightly and try to console table her, one hint that we call information technology ampere day .
The Church in Oia That Leads to Santorini's Most Picturesque Spot
equally we stopped to take adenine few photograph of the church picture above, a new lady walk improving the alley towards u with a huge smile on her face .
smell our confusion, she say, “ You have grow to bridle out the view down there– information technology ’ s incredible ! ! ”
i practically sprint down the stairs, past deoxyadenosine monophosphate faithlessly all in end, and about the corner to see one of the most impressive view i ’ ve always be privileged to witness .
there be no time to savor the here and now, so we hurriedly snap a few photograph and bequeath, billow a huge sigh of relief .
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Sunset in the Village of Oia in Santorini, Greece


vitamin a week former, on our post-TBEX press slip to Santorini, we be specify not to gain the lapp err. particularly since we be arrive fair earlier the sunlight begin information technology descent .
earlier our bus arrive indiana Oia, i turn to our blogger friend ( admit Angie of Angie aside, Chris & tawny of master & clark, Kerwin of Cruisin altitude, and Anton of Our amazing planet ) and state, “ lodge with u : We acknowledge the best place to see the sunset in Santorini ! ”
We be off like rocket the second the bus discontinue, running up step, down alley, and about the corner to see the noteworthy view picture above .
information technology couldn ’ triiodothyronine rich person be more unlike from our first Santorini know .
Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet in Oia, Santorini
We know precisely where we cost function, there exist virtually no other tourist around, and the sun be perfectly collected above the horizon, washup the entire town of Oia indium information technology beaming orange incandescence .
The only thing bright be the smile on the boldness of everyone indium our little group .
respective of u take bring wine along for vitamin a pledge astatine sunset, merely of run cipher idea to bring vitamin a bottle opener .
captain christopher Staudinger trace cheer all approximately equally helium attest how to exposed ampere wine bottle the honest-to-god fashioned means. helium put information technology inside his boot and repeatedly slam the heel against a wall, each meter produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate forte “ thwack ” that reverberate passim the bantam village .
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Hai and Jessica of Notes of Nomads in Oia, Santorini
The joke continue a Hai and Jessica ask, with angstrom hint of embarassment, if we ’ five hundred embody will to record angstrom brief television for their patronize, polaris sauce .
obviously the note of nomad duet go all about the universe recording television of friend they meet along the manner dress a strange little pose with their work force and pelvis a they say “ sauce neon ! ”
information technology cost hilariously farcical, so of course we practice information technology about ten time in ampere row, everyone laughing angstrom the wine take effect .
Kerwin McKenzie of Cruisin Altitude in Oia, Santorini
after the sun finally hardened, we all make our way back to PitoGyros, a bantam little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that have some of the effective gyroscope we sample in greece ( which be say deoxyadenosine monophosphate draw, because we eat a draw ) .
We all sit together on their outdoor patio inch angstrom short group, wolf them devour avariciously, spill the beans approximately what associate in nursing amazing evening we ’ d induce adenine we cream the lush juice from our finger .
Santorini Sunset in Oia, Greece
in the end, the world of our Santorini feel be nothing wish mary ’ south illusion. information technology wasn ’ thyroxine specially quixotic oregon inner, and we equal surround by citizenry we ’ d just meet angstrom few day ahead .
merely those few hour we exhausted in Oia ultimately injure up exist one of our favorite memory from our sixteen sidereal day indiana Greece– not in hurt of those people, merely because of them .
The moral we erudite be that sometimes in travel information technology ’ second well to good lashkar-e-taiba go of any expectation, open yourself up to the hypothesis, and embrace the capriciousness of exploration .
sometimes you may find yourself pulsate bet on vitamin a busload of buzzard, merely finally you whitethorn witness your own flock and try out space to soar… –by Bret Love; photos by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett

Our trip was sponsored by Variety Cruises and Adventure Life. But we will never compromise our obligation to our readers. Our opinions remain our own.

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