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Image Date Craft or mission Event Small Steps Panorama.jpg March 7, 1947 First panorama of Earth from outer space.[9] [ image needed] February–March 1959 Vanguard 2 First attempt of a scanner, in which a single photocell mounted at the focus of telescope would scan Earth due to the satellite movement; resulting images were poor.[10] First satellite photo - Explorer VI.jpg August 14, 1959 Explorer 6 First image of Earth from orbit, showing a sunlit area of the Central Pacific Ocean and its cloud cover.[11][12][13][14] [ trope needed] 1959 Explorer 7 The first “coarse maps of the solar radiation reflected by the Earth and the infrared radiation emitted by the Earth”, from a mission launched on October 13, 1959.[15] TIROS-1-Earth.png 1960 TIROS-1 First television image of Earth from space and first weather satellite picture.[16] CORONA first image.jpg 1960 CORONA “[F]irst space-based Earth observation system”;[17] its first successful mission was Discoverer 14 on 19 August 1960 with the recovery of photographic film from an orbiting satellite.[17][18]
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] August 6, 1961 Vostok 2 First image of Earth from space taken by a person, first color images and first movie of Earth from space, by cosmonaut Gherman Titov – the first photographer from space.[19][20] FirstSpaceWalk.png March 18, 1965 Voskhod 2 First image and video of Earth with a human (Alexei Leonov) floating in space (the first ever EVA).[ citation needed


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[ image needed] December 11, 1966 ATS-1 First picture of both Earth and the Moon from the Earth’s orbit.[28] ATS-1 (Earth full disk), 1966.jpg First full-disk pictures of the Earth from a geostationary orbit.[28] [ image needed] January 1967 First movie of Earth from space made without a human camera operator (contrast to Titov’s 1961 movie)[28] First-color-photo-of-earth-from-the-moon.png April 30, 1967 Surveyor 3 First image of Earth from another astronomical object’s (the Moon’s) surface.[29] First color image of the earth from outer space (Dodge Satellite).png September 20, 1967 (released November 10th)[30] DODGE First full-disk black-and-white filtered[30] color picture of the Earth.[6] AS08-16-2593 remastered.jpg December 21, 1968 Apollo 8 First full-disk image of Earth from space taken by a person, probably by astronaut William Anders.[34] AS8-13-2329.jpg December 24, 1968 The first photograph of Earth taken by a human (Frank Borman) from another astronomical object (the Moon).[35] NASA-Apollo8-Dec24-Earthrise.jpg The Earthrise image is the first color image of Earth from the Moon by a person (William Anders),[26][6][13], moments after Borman’s black-and-white photograph. Aldrin Apollo 11 original.jpg July 21, 1969 Apollo 11 The much reproduced full frame image AS11-40-5903 of Buzz Aldrin, happens to be the first indirect image of Earth taken by a person from the surface of another astronomical object (from the Moon), having by accident in his visor a reflection of Earth.[36] AS11-40-5923 (21669280451).jpg First direct image of Earth taken by a person from the surface of another astronomical object (from the Moon), (AS11-40-5923).[14][37] Earth Eclipses Sun-ap12-s80-37406.jpg November 24, 1969 Apollo 12 Black-and-white images and 16mm color film of a solar eclipse with the Earth, when the Apollo 12 spacecraft aligned its view of the Sun with the Earth.[38] AS17-148-22725 (21692959852).jpg December 7, 1972 Apollo 17 First fully illuminated color image of the Earth by a person (AS17-148-22725).[39] Soon after, the second shot after this, having the same perspective, became cropped and processed the widely used Blue Marble picture (AS17-148-22727).[40][41] First Picture of the Earth and Moon in a Single Frame - GPN-2002-000202.jpg September 18, 1977 Voyager 1 First full-disk picture of both Earth and the Moon.[28] Pale Blue Dot.png February 14, 1990 The Pale Blue Dot is the first image of Earth from beyond all of the other Solar System planets. It is part of the first picture of the full extent of the planetary system, known as the Family Portrait.[13][43] December 11, 1990 Galileo First movie of a full rotation of Earth.[44] Earth and Moon from Mars PIA04531.jpg May 8, 2003 13:00 UTC Mars Global Surveyor First image of Earth and the Moon from Mars (in orbit); notice South America is visible.[26][6] PIA05547-Spirit Rover-Earth seen from Mars.png March 11, 2004 Spirit Mars Exploration rover First image taken of Earth from the surface of Mars and any celestial body other than the Moon.

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