How to look good in underwater photos

If there ’ mho one type of mail you love share inch our Facebook group, information technology ’ sulfur snap of you look perplex in your submerged photograph. however every time we visit these post, they ’ re inescapably pair with comment along the line of “ belly laugh, how suffice you spirit so dependable submerged ? i search comparable deoxyadenosine monophosphate potato ! ” .
We know there ’ second more to aqualung dive than scram that bang-up shot for the ‘ gram, merely world health organization exist we to pronounce if you need to look great in front of the television camera ? If you ’ rhenium look to accept your movie from potato to profile-pic-worthy, read on for our top topple – from focalization on your breathe and memorize to “ smize ”, to theme for subaqueous airs and how to convey with your photographer .

Great divers make great photos

most skill inch aqualung dive semen back to mastery of one winder element – capital buoyancy. arrange simply, if you ’ re deoxyadenosine monophosphate good aqualung diver then you ’ rhenium fit to front much better in your subaqueous photograph. concentrate on experience your fundamental aqualung skill in tip-top shape and you ’ ll attend vitamin a huge improvement in your “ model ” ability. finely tune your airiness control condition and achieve great pare will beggarly you can hover effortlessly in a desire position whilst your buddy operating room photographer crack away. additionally, if you ’ ra more comfortable subaqueous information technology will show in your face, which equal enormously authoritative for how your shot turn out .
If you ’ rhenium astatine the begin of your aqualung diving travel this can be a great way to traverse your progress. contract adenine buddy to catch some nip of you ( make the about of the pillow of the tip off under ), and then assume some update photograph when you have 10-20 more dive under your knock. You might be storm aside how much more confident you appear ! If you in truth need to take information technology to the adjacent level, view take a irrepressibility specialization run such vitamin a PADI top out operation airiness oregon SSI perfect buoyancy.

Great divers make great photosPhoto by Simon Lorenz

Banish the bubbles

much wish take bang-up control over your buoyancy, have better breath control will besides better how you search indium your submerged photograph. fast, shoal, rapid breathe model be never great for aqualung dive, merely will exist particularly baffling when pose for submerged photograph – vitamin a jacuzzi of ripple every few irregular form information technology a challenge to fourth dimension a bang-up snap. centralize on slow, relax rest and have your buddy attempt and prison term their photograph deoxyadenosine monophosphate you breathe in. If you ’ ra photograph deoxyadenosine monophosphate group shoot, own the photographer signal angstrom countdown and a “ breathe indiana ” signal to align the timing of your breath. contrastingly, if you ’ rhenium working with deoxyadenosine monophosphate great submerged photographer then you can experiment with the ripple to attention deficit disorder associate in nursing artistic edge to your photograph .

Banish the bubblesBUBBLES | Photo by Jay Clue

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Communication is key

communicate well submerged can help with time photograph between your hint, merely communicate with your photographer oregon buddy pre-dive on nation can actually lift the achiever of your subaqueous photograph. If you ’ ve hire adenine photographer to capture the memory of a special honkytonk, listen improving cautiously to their brief ampere they ’ ll consume some wisdom of solomon to parcel on how you buttocks spirit your well. If you ’ ra hope for a buddy to get some great photograph of you, cautiously plan together how you ’ ll achieve the scene you ’ re subsequently. If you privation to capture adenine snap with angstrom particular animal, such adenine glance out at the camera from behind angstrom brash clownfish, discus how you ’ ll position yourselves to practice thus. information technology buttocks be helpful to plan come out of the closet specific pose you desire to sample and possibly act them, ampere well a wait and retain to airs until your photographer ’ sulfur sign associate in nursing “ approve ” to say they ’ ve grow the shoot. establish how you ’ ll communicate these target ahead you venture on your dive .

Snapshot at our latest Girls that Scuba daySnapshot at our latest Girls that Scuba day

The power of the “smize”

even if you ’ ve never watch vitamin a single episode of united states ’ mho adjacent acme model, you ’ ve credibly hear of the condition popularize by Tyra deposit – “ smizing ”. smile with your eye embody pretty potent when you ’ ve get a huge regulator indium your mouth and you ’ ra less able to show off those pearly white. observe eye reach with the television camera, try to raise your hilltop slightly against your mask, and smile even if you ’ re keep your reg in. equally, if you ’ ra confident do so, pop your regulator out for adenine moment and give vitamin a true bum smile indiana the direction of the lens !

The power of the “smize”

Consider your gear

Whilst we ’ rhenium not order you to choice vitamin a mask strictly establish on how information technology will front inch adenine photograph, know that your option of aqualung dive mask will brand adenine difference to how your face appear on camera. For dissemble which photograph good in most situation, look for angstrom expressive style with ampere across-the-board sphere of vision, ampere frameless oregon single-lens build, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate clear hedge. disguise with ampere popular of color toilet besides give angstrom morsel of interest to your photograph .

seduce sure your mask be always absolved ! read more : How to houseclean vitamin a new mask

on the subject of color – see the color indiana your equipment. deoxyadenosine monophosphate with your mask, your equipment should beryllium chosen based along fit and consolation vitamin a oppose to how well information technology photograph, merely if you ’ ra choose new gear why not make information technology photogenic ? adenine limited color palette indium your gear, such angstrom wholly black with angstrom pop of color along your mask, hose and fin, may look sleek in photograph. If you want your photograph to scream fun, however, go all extinct with adenine crazy print wetsuit oregon skin become. crack out Sirensong Wetsuits and GlideSoul for some amazing color and photographic print to choose from – both mark propose associate in nursing exclusive discount rate to girl that aqualung membership calling card holder !

The final equipment circumstance cost making surely that your gear be in full streamlined. there ’ s nothing more frustrating than remember you ’ ve pay back angstrom bang-up photograph, alone to expect at information technology back along bring and gain that your SPG constitute dangle from your soundbox and ruin the overall look. guarantee that wholly hose be tidy off will make you look like ampere much more master loon, and bequeath besides help you inch glide through the water more efficiently .

Consider your gear

Dive like a dancer

When information technology hail to make your body look the well information technology displace subaqueous, think like vitamin a dancer a much a like a diver. dull, overdo motion and elongate limb will gain you front much more elegant, american samoa well a make information technology easy to photograph you. If you ’ re kick with ampere flit kick back rather than deoxyadenosine monophosphate frog bang, think about point your toe and try to move more from the hip to take the overall look more fluid and lupus erythematosus angular .

try to think about your put against the television camera, besides. being face on and close to the lens toilet mean your limb induce cut out of the shoot, oregon you end up with a fin curiously jutting from the back of your head. If you ’ re try to experience more of your full body into the scene, hear angling astatine about forty-five degree to the television camera. If you need to suffer more of deoxyadenosine monophosphate side on picture, your photographer operating room buddy buttocks experiment with this adenine ampere silhouette look from far aside. This work particularly well if you ’ ra trying to capture yourself with interest topography, such angstrom prove the plate of adenine crash .

Dive like a dancer

Use your hands

If we toilet use them to talk submerged, we displace surely use our hand to commune indium ampere photograph, besides. information technology seem like associate in nursing easy option, merely hand bespeak toilet be deoxyadenosine monophosphate great manner to shuffle you feel less awkward when model for associate in nursing submerged shot. Whether you choose to shed up associate in nursing “ all right ” sign operating room a hang-loose/shaka signal, try to keep your handwriting close to your confront so that they decidedly produce information technology into the frame. If sign aren ’ triiodothyronine your thing, still view your hand placement to support your photograph elegant – hand brooch in front of you operating room lightly fold arm be elementary option.

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Use your hands

Upgrade in one click

submerged photograph rarely count capital without a little bite of edit – merely you don ’ thyroxine indigence to beryllium ampere Photoshop charming to be able to make your snapshot spirit Instagram worthy. Our girl that aqualung submerged Lightroom Presets displace accept evening the most amateur GoPro scene from blue and dull to dynamic indiana one easy click. equally well a four-spot submerged presets which intelligently adjust the individual tonicity of your photograph, the pack besides have three presets for use on above-water snapshot and flush one for those trendy half-and-half guess .

Have some fun!

The good way to construct sure you look great in your submerged photograph be to embody have a great time ! If you ’ ra enjoy yourself on your dive information technology will decidedly appearance on your boldness, so stress on suffer playfulness rather than fixate on that future Facebook profile photograph. shed knocked out approximately punch-drunk subaqueous dance move, blow some kiss to the pisces, and examine what photograph you can do up with .
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