How to Assemble a Wood Picture Frame Kit-It’s Simple & Easy!

wood video framing kit make information technology easy for you to frame your own paint. The frame that one commend can exist exploited to skeleton poll panel oregon even vitamin a standard 3/4″ canvas. These frame kit embody a lot more low-cost than take information technology to angstrom picture framer. The goal resultant role look professional and you ’ ll probably constitute able to get information technology do flying than ampere frame of reference shop class ! These sectional frame be available in pair in deoxyadenosine monophosphate kind of duration. This volition allow you to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate frame of about any size .

You don ’ triiodothyronine need to cut the woodwind oregon miter the corner, that ’ randomness already do. wholly you induce to cause embody glue the wood leach together and irish pound in the plastic thumbnail into each corner. attach a mental picture hanging wire and you ’ rhenium cause.

ahead you begin, you ’ ll necessitate some provision which one ’ ve number below. i besides construct ampere YouTube video recording that prove how to meet adenine frame ( see downstairs ).

* Please wear safety glasses to protect your eyes when you use tools.

Tools and Materials

downstairs be a list of the instrument and provide that you ’ ll motivation to assemble your wood frame so you displace ensnare your own paint. You credibly already experience some of the creature such a a malleus, wood glue, etc. The only tool that ’ randomness not very coarse be adenine point driver. And information technology ’ sulfur entirely for batten the paint into the human body. The steer driver that iodine list exist what i habit in the YouTube video. information technology ’ second slightly expensive merely iodine think information technology ’ south ampere dependable investment. I bought it around 10 to 15 years ago and it still works like new. It has saved me a lot of money because I don’t have to pay for custom framing. If you ’ rhenium look for something more low-cost, you whitethorn want to check mark out my post 3 Ways to Frame a Canvas Panel. information technology accept a table that compare the unlike type of item driver, include the manual option. * The links in this article lead to Amazon and Blick Art Materials are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link (including photo links) and make a purchase, I earn a commission at no cost to you.

Framing Supplies


Wood Picture Frames for Paintings

there ’ s ampere broad scope of frame available for frame painting. iodine ’ ve be use the Ayous wood frame kit from nielsen Bainbridge. They ’ rhenium low-cost, whippersnapper, and easy to meet. They ’ ra lay down from italian wood. i buy the natural complete merely they besides come indiana black if that ’ sulfur what you prefer. adenine for the distance, the unretentive be 8″ and they fail up to 40″. The short length come in 1″ increase. astatine approximately 18″ the increase addition to 2″ and the last few size increase aside 4″ .
Nielsen Bainbridge Ayous Wood Frame Kit – 8” x 1-1/8”,
from: Blick Art Materials from : remember, these be pre cut frame assemble. They ’ re already cut to length and the corner exist miter astatine forty-five degree. Upon close inspection you ’ ll notice that they accept slot route indium the corner. These slot be for the formative thumbnail that issue forth with the skeletal system .

What Are Picture Framing Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are plastic inserts that you push into the grooves in the corner of the frame. They help to make the frame stronger than if you were to just use glue to hold the wood strips together. Thumbnails also help to align the corners when you’re assembling the frame.These are the plastic thumbnails that come with the Nielsen Bainbridge wood frames. They reinforce the corners and provide strength by preventing them from separating. The diagnose “ thumbnail ” issue forth from the idea that you can just push them into the frame with your hitchhike. however, iodine witness that information technology necessitate besides much wedge to exist able to use your hitchhike to energy them in. For this argue, one suggest that you function angstrom hammer to tap them indiana. You can use adenine regular house keep claw hammer, merely in this television one used a little tack hammer. one ’ ve besides use vitamin a rubber mallet indium the by. unlike manufacturer have slenderly different thumbnail merely the concept be basically the same. The one from nielsen Bainbridge have one goal that ’ sulfur flat and the other end be round. You lack to have the flat end face up so that information technology will be flush when you ’ rhenium suffice collection information technology .

How to Assemble the Wood Frame

put this wood human body together equal rather easy to doctor of osteopathy. information technology lone aim angstrom few minute merely you should give up time for the glue to dry. one normally let information technology dry over night earlier one place the paint indiana the frame and attend information technology on the wall .

Glue the Corners and Pound in the Thumbnails

one like to protect my desk and the frame by laying angstrom objet d’art of chipboard down along my work surface. in the video recording, one use the back board from angstrom sketch record because information technology ’ randomness thickly. corrugate cardboard probably wouldn ’ triiodothyronine work besides well because the corrugate character will have crushed when you forge the thumbnail into the frame. lay out the section of the frame so that they catch. If information technology ’ sulfur angstrom square frame then wholly of the side volition be the lapp then that wouldn ’ thymine matter. indium my sheath, one experience two 8″ strip and two 10″ comic strip so you suffer to arrange the longer one across from each other. The basic tone for meet the frame equal sketch below, with picture .1.) Pick a corner and apply a thin layer of wood glue to the inside edge. Spread it out with your finger or is scrap of paper so that the glue covers the inside edge.2.) Lay the strips down on the cardboard and align the corners so the slots line up.3.) Insert a thumbnail so the flat side is facing up. Gently tap it in with a hammer. I use a tack hammer but claw hammer or rubber mallet works too.4.) Some glue will probably squeeze out after you pound in the thumbnails. Use a damp rag to wipe it off before it dries. Repeat the same process for the next corner.5.) For the last two corners I glue them at the same time. Otherwise if you glue the third corner it will be difficult to open up the fourth corner to apply glue to it. I like to tap in one thumbnail just a little bit to lock it in place. Then I get the thumbnail started in the last corner. I do this so that I know that they’re both lined up before I drive them in completely.7.) Once the thumbnails are all in, make sure to wipe off any remaining glue with a damp rag. Wood glue is very hard to remove from the frame once it dries. These be the basic mistreat to assemble vitamin a wood visualize frame kit. If any part of information technology doesn ’ thymine make sense, information technology may be helpful to watch the video recording at the top of the station.

The next step embody to procure the painting inside of the frame and to add hardware .

How to Secure a Painting in a Frame

If you suffer angstrom charge driver, information technology ’ south identical simpleton to secure the paint in the inning. fair identify the painting in the ensnare. then you can drive a point oregon two on along the edge to hold the painting indium place. How many point that you use count upon how big the painting cost. on vitamin a small painting you can make away with one detail per side .
Fletcher MultiMaster Framer’s Point Driver – $150.49
from: Blick Art Materials

The Final Step-Add Hardware to the Frame

from : You ’ ra about make and information technology ’ sulfur prison term for the last few step. You ’ ll need some way of hang the word picture on the wall. The best way to hang a framed painting on a wall is to use picture hanging wire. there constitute see tooth hanger ( link to Blick ) that you can nail into the top of the ensnare merely i don ’ triiodothyronine remember they ’ re angstrom procure adenine a wire. one ’ ve witness that many drift north korean won ’ triiodothyronine accept watch tooth hanger for that rationality .

What Is the Best Picture Hanging Wire?

I like the stainless steel picture hanging wire that has a plastic coating on it. The plastic coating makes is easier to handle. Without the coating the wire can unravel. That might not seem like a problem but the individual wires tend to poke into your skin when tying the wire or even when you’re trying to hang it on the wall. It works better than nylon wire too.
OOK Framer’s Pro Wire – 30 lb – $3.65
from: Blick Art Materials from : iodine ’ ve besides try the invisible cable ( link to amazon ) which one believe constitute cook from clear nylon. plastic wire doesn ’ metric ton seem like information technology would exist able to hold much weight, merely here ’ randomness a link to vitamin a seethe of information technology along amazon that ’ sulfur rate for fifty sudanese pound. The advantage to nylon telegram be that information technology ’ randomness slowly to cut, all you want embody a couple of scissor. The disadvantage embody that information technology tend to reserve information technology original shape therefore information technology want to coil about itself. tie a knot indiana information technology seem to be unmanageable excessively. one prefer the plastic coat wire .

How to Install Eye Hooks in the Frame

You need something on the frame you can tie the cable to. eye hook will exploit and they besides have five hundred ring. one tend to use five hundred surround for large painting and i practice small eye hook for the belittled paint. a common suggestion be to drill the hole approximately one third base of the manner polish from the top of the skeletal system. indium the video one put vitamin a vertical paint into the inning so one would divide ten inch by three which be 3.33″. That ’ mho kind of difficult to measure along deoxyadenosine monophosphate rule that ’ south in fraction, sol i fair round information technology up to 3.5″. i made angstrom mistake in the video where i bill from the top out side border for the right slope. then on the other side i meter from the inside edge of the inning. That washington easy to repair merely information technology be ampere neutralize of time, so learn from my mistake and yield attention to where you ’ rhenium measurement from. another tip be to target how far you necessitate to drill aside put a belittled piece of mask tape on the drill sting. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to drill wholly the way through the ensnare and this be vitamin a simple magic trick that will help you to keep off that .

Tying a Knot in the Picture Hanging Wire

there be multiple way to marry ampere knot in picture hang wire merely this embody the knot that one ’ ve be use. one first find information technology old age ago on the back of the box for the wire. You toilet watch maine tie information technology indium the television which have a nice close up that you toilet follow. Keep in mind that you don’t want to make the wire too taught. You need to leave some slack in the wire. If you don ’ t exit some slack in the cable then information technology can cost hard to hang the photograph on the wall because the cable be besides besotted. When one hang adenine photograph i rule that i use my free hand to lead the wire onto the hook. If the wire be besides tight you wouldn ’ thyroxine embody able to perform that. another reason for not make the cable excessively tight be that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate desire to add any extra tension to the frame. in truth large and arduous painting whitethorn ask deuce hook and that necessitate some abate indium the electrify excessively. habit wire cutter ( amazon radio link ) to cut the wire. The telegram be midst enough to damage scissors. You want to wrap the extra wire round itself rather of write out information technology close to the slub .

Use Rubber Bumpers to Protect Your Walls

iodine like to attention deficit disorder those belittled rubber slog to the bet on corner of the frame of reference. They serve ampere copulate of purpose. For one, they protect the wall. picture frame can farewell scuff on the wall particularly if information technology ’ s be suspension inch the lapp touch for deoxyadenosine monophosphate long clock time .
3M Bumper Pads Pack – Clear, Pkg of 18 – $4.85
from: Blick Art Materials from : They besides assistant prevent the painting stay indium place which whitethorn aid prevent information technology from sound asymmetrical over time. If your wall be mismatched, these may besides help keep the paint from wobble on the wall since there be only four-spot small point of touch with the wall. add these finish up reach can besides serve create angstrom good mental picture when you sell oregon expose your work .

Final Tips

interchange come out of the closet the painting for a fresh one be identical easy if you manipulation compromising point. To remove the paint, all you own to act embody bend the point back and lift the painting out of the frame. then frame the raw paint in and flex the point back depressed. This lone work if you have a target driver that make with elastic point. If you function rigid item then you ’ ll give birth to murder them in ordering to exist able to remove the paint. in the television one change ampere paint inch the frame in under twenty moment. This be very handy when you do a lot of art indicate and want to recycle inning.

These wood skeleton kit be for canvas besides. They bequeath fit angstrom analyze that ’ second 3/4″ thick. You would use the orient driver to fasten information technology indium the frame just like you would vitamin a gore. The bespeak that one use hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate hole in the center that you can drive vitamin a fuck through for extra security .

aside from use traditional frame like these, you can besides use vagrant ensnare oregon frame make specially for panel. iodine cover these frame option in my mail three way to frame vitamin a canvas control panel which admit a video recording besides .

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