How to Send MMS Picture Messages from an Email?

Multimedia Picture Messages or MMS is a tone far than a short message service or SMS. SMS are short, text-only messages from one mobile call to another while MMS is longer business textbook messages and it supports pictures, television, and audio. SMS has a limit of 160 characters only, while MMS has a limit depending upon that imposed by the cellular mailman or mobile network Provider Company .
To see the MMS play on your phone when person has sent an MMS on a group text or on your phone ’ second texting app like WhatsApp, you need to click on that message. But the message will be played only if you are in a full cellular reception area. You do not get an MMS like a normal SMS, rather, you are foremost given a notification of an incoming MMS, so that you ensure that you are in the full network coverage area, else you might not even receive the full MMS message .

MMS Limitations and Requirements

A mobile phone can receive an A mobile telephone can receive an MMS message the same way it receives SMS messages. sometimes, if the MMS message has large images or videos, it will require the internet to play. An MMS message may count for your monthly data allowance in your internet plan. The video clips have a length limitation of 40 seconds. similarly, the ringtones, sound recording clips, and contact cards besides can play for 40 seconds entirely. Some cellular carriers allow only 300 kilobytes for MMS messages, but there is no standard protocol by which the cellular carriers must abide.

Better Alternatives

To send MMS messages or long text market, you might have to access some different alternatives. These alternatives are easy to use because they enable you to send the MMS without having to leave the texting app or crop through a different menu to send a video recording to person. There are some apps made specially to send media messages or long text messages. These apps require an internet data design on your smartphone or Wi-Fi to send the text and media files.

A big manner to do this is to upload photos and videos on an on-line file-storage app or service such as Google Photos. The app should be compatible with io and Android platforms. Using Google Photos, you can take upload the video to your Google Account and from there, share it with your know people.

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Snapchat is one such popular image-sharing app that enables you to share photos and short videos only between Snapchat users. It is like video recording texting. The app supports texting alone over the internet. But if you want to send video recording messages or text messages which are longer than 160 characters, then you can use text messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook .
here are Steps to Send MMS Picture Messages from an Email
MMS messages can besides be sent from an e-mail. It is very commodious if you know how to send pictures or videos to another person ’ second cell telephone from your own e-mail. You can besides send an MMS to the recipient ’ s mobile from your e-mail address. mobile carriers provide every cellular telephone phone with an e-mail address through SMS gateway. These gateways can be used to send an MMS through e-mail. But there are some steps that you should know :

Step 1

First, create a new

Step 2

Now in the ‘To’ field for email, add the SMS gateway for your recipient’s mobile phone. Ensure that these are 10 digits of the mobile number followed by an address provided by the mobile phone carrier. Next, check the wireless provider for the correct domain. For example, for Verizon the domain is So, to send a video or picture via email, you will enter ‘

Step 3

Do not leave the subject blank as some carriers may reject it. Enter a subject and click ‘send’. The recipient will receive the picture or video as an MMS message. first, create a newly e-mail message. Go to the navigation menu and chatter on the clitoris to add or insert an picture. next, find the painting or video you want to send on your calculator and cluck ‘ OK ’. By doing sol, the trope will get inserted into your e-mail. This image can not be a very big file. You should not add this file as an attachment because then the recipient role will not receive it on his phone.Now in the ‘ To ’ sphere for electronic mail, add the SMS gateway for your recipient ’ s fluid earphone. see that these are 10 digits of the mobile number followed by an address provided by the mobile phone carrier. adjacent, check the wireless supplier for the right knowledge domain. For example, for Verizon the domain is sol, to send a video recording or visualize via electronic mail, you will enter ‘ [ e-mail protected ] ’, in the ‘ To ’ side of the email.Do not leave the capable blank as some carriers may reject it. Enter a capable and pawl ‘ transport ’. The recipient role will receive the visualize or video as an MMS message .

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