How to Send Email to Any Cell Phone for Free

Did you know that you can send electronic mail to phones for complimentary ? Try this with any SMS-capable feature telephone and reap the benefits. You ‘re at your calculator, and your ally is out with their call. You want to send them a message, and your earphone is dead .
You could send an electronic mail, fire off a Facebook message, or hit them up on Twitter. They use iMessage, right ? All of these methods are available on a background. But if you ‘re talking to person who is n’t carrying around a smartphone, these options do n’t work. What then ?

Simple—send an e-mail to their phone count. This works with about any SMS-capable telephone, whether it runs apps or not, thanks to SMS gateways .

What Is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway converts an electronic mail into SMS, enabling you to send emails to a call from a personal computer .
A photo of a hand holding a nokia phone withouth smartphone features Sending an e-mail to a telephone count is the lapp as writing any other e-mail. All you need to know is the recipient ‘s gateway address. If you know which mobile network they connect to, finding out their address should n’t be a problem .
SMS gateways are typically release to use. But while you can send an e-mail for free, it may distillery cost money for the person on the receive conclusion. An master of science that originates from e-mail is n’t any different from any other equally far as cellular plans are concerned .

Uses for an SMS Gateway

free electronic mail to SMS gateways is n’t lone utilitarian for sending a text from your personal computer to a phone. certain, that may be technically all that a gateway does, but that ‘s not being imaginative enough. Before diving into how to email a call count, here are some other uses .

1. Notify Yourself When an Email Arrives

On smartphones, a notification appears whenever a new electronic mail lands in your inbox. On a telephone without this feature, forwarding an e-mail to your call is one way to keep pill on whose reaching out to you. The stallion message wo n’t fit in a single SMS, but you will at least know that the coveted software has shipped or that a colleague has pinged you about the current project .
Using filters, you can opt to only fore certain emails. If you use Gmail as your electronic mail overhaul, here is how to set up a Gmail trickle. This is beneficial even if you ‘re a smartphone exploiter. Receiving a text for the most crucial mail only is a dainty balance between always being on-line and disconnecting from the web wholly .
Forwarding e-mail to SMS for complimentary does n’t require anything special on your part. Forward to a gateway address the lapp way you would a standard e-mail cover .

2. Transfer Files

Sending textbook messages makes for an easy way to get files from your telephone to a computer. This method works for sending pictures that you take yourself or forwarding images received from others, allowing you to view them on a larger screen. This saves you the campaign of plugging your telephone into a calculator and figuring out how to transfer files that way—if you even can .
To make the magic happen, all you have to do is type in an electronic mail address alternatively of a earphone number when sending a photograph message.

3. Make a Feature Phone Smart Using IFTTT

many of today ‘s smart gadgets assume you have a smartphone. Some wo n’t even do anything without the ability to install a company app on your device. fortunately, in some cases, there is a workaround .
IFTTT is a world wide web serve that can perform sealed tasks in reaction to particular actions. With IFTTT, you can make your feature call ache or compatible with smart devices .
IFTTT recipes let you perform many actions simply by sending a text such as adjusting lights or playing music. If you ‘re working with circumscribed memory on your device, you can use IFTTT to back up SMS messages to a spreadsheet. Or you can receive an SMS message whenever a package arrives .

4. Send Bulk Messages

SMS gateways are n’t precisely here to make our lives more convenient. Companies turn to them as a way to message thousands of phones at once. Though this serve is n’t constantly free .
When you receive an impersonal message from a carrier wave, a company, or a political organization, they ‘re credibly using an SMS gateway. This is besides a way that employers in big companies can communicate with all of their employees, regardless of where they are in the populace .

How to Send an Email to a Phone Number

To email a phone numeral, you ‘re going to need to know the recipient role ‘s gateway address. Let ‘s say they use AT & T. In that font, equitable type in their ten-digit phone count followed by Do not use dashes .
The result should look like this : [email protected]. This is the lapp careless of which carrier or Mobile Virtual Network Operator ( MVNO ) you use. If you want to read more about MVNOs, this article on what APN settings you need explains what an MVNO is .

US Carriers and MVNOs

here is a list of gateway addresses for major US carriers angstrom well as MVNOs. Use the first address to send SMS and the second for MMS. notice : some carriers do n’t use separate addresses .

  • Alltel: |
  • AT&T: |
  • Boost Mobile: |
  • Cricket Wireless: |
  • MetroPCS: |
  • Project Fi:
  • Republic Wireless:
  • Sprint: |
  • Ting:
  • T-Mobile:
  • US Cellular: |
  • Verizon Wireless: | |
  • Virgin Mobile: |

International Carriers

Most people do n’t live in the US. We could undergo the feat of trying to compile a number carrier-by-carrier, country-by-country, but early people have already done the heavy lift. If you live outside the US, check out these links to see what your carrier ‘s SMS gateway might be .

When All Else Fails, Use SMS Gateways

bet on in high school, emailing friends ‘ mobile phones was one way to send SMS messages before you had a cellular telephone of your own. Thanks to those conversations, there were periods when your inbox had more call numbers than e-mail addresses. All of this took place more than a ten ago .
Since then, SMS gateways might occasionally be used to forward a picture message or web address from a feature earphone to a calculator. Despite most people using smartphones now, it ‘s hush a great flim-flam to have up your sleeve. Just in case you ‘re ever stuck in a situation where you need an hand brake manner to contact person, keep this in mind .

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