Senior Portrait Hair & Makeup Guide


  • Stay true to you! Don’t try a hairstyle, cut or color that you’ve never worn!
  • If you aren’t into styling your hair, at least make sure it is dry and brushed for your photos. Knotted, tangled hair does not photograph well!
  • Feel free to bring your hairspray with you to touch your hair up in-between outfits. *This doesn’t include the drier, or irons, please have your hair styled before you arrive*
  • If you come with clips, barrettes, or headbands in your hair, please know that we cannot retouch those out!
  • If you’re blonde and using bobby pins, get the blonde ones! If you have darker hair, use the brown pins.

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We cannot stress this enough: If you color your haircloth make certain to have that done at least a workweek before your school term, this will give your color fourth dimension to settle in .
I wouldn ’ thyroxine recommend making any drastic changes right before your photograph. Just encase you hate it ! We ’ ve all been there… .
Products, products, products. Don ’ t evening get me started on the importance of effective hair products ; I could go on for hours ! As a license cosmetologist, I have seen the world power of full products ! so I am going to list a few that I love, and that function very well, vitamin a well as how and when to use them ( or something like them ! ). I am going to show you all from Redken ( because I love Redken, but you can find comparable products ! ) The numbers on the products go from 0-28, to show how firm the harbor is. It gets your hair ready to hold the style you want.
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I recommend always putting something in your hair BEFORE you blow-dry. It ’ s like the basecoat of breeze through polish. We all know the deviation that makes !
so here are a few favorites :
Extreme Anti-Snap – This is something I use day by day. It goes in your hair’s-breadth when it is wet ( 1-2 pumps ) and then you blow-dry, or atmosphere dry.
It will strengthen your hair and assistant with fall. And it smells like an Air Head sugarcoat .
Extreme Anti-Snap Extreme Anti-Snap
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Satinwear 02 – This is something you can use in place of the Anti-Snap, it does the same thing, you use it the same manner, but it adds some heat protection. That means when you blow-dry your hair the estrus of the dry won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be damaging. You know the steam you see when you blow-dry or tidy and curl ? If you don ’ t have any protect product on your hair…the steam is literally your hair burning. But, if you use a heat protecting product, the steamer is the merchandise working to protect ! Isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that big !
Satinwear 02 Satinwear 02
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Aerate 08 – This merchandise is like a Gel, Mousse all in one. It is super light weight, so it will work in any hair type. I have thin, fine hair and this doesn ’ thymine weigh it down, but I have used it on clients with massive amounts of hair and the goal result is just a beautiful. Use a “ stern sized ” come, rub it into your hands then run your fingers through your hair, starting from the ends and up to your roots. This goes in wet, and then you blow-dry. You can besides you spray Mouse, any kind of Gel, or even Paste ! My favorite paste is Mess Around 10, you can use it in wet hair for blow-dry or on dry hair for texture !
Aerate 08 Aerate 08
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immediately that you have the products in your haircloth, its time to dry it ! I only use cycle brushes, they give volume and help get your hair smooth and create reflect, who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate love glazed hair ? There are a short ton of brushes out there, so use what you know ! Section your hair from the bed up, and work your way up to the top. The more control you have of your hair the better it will turn out. Start at the roots and work gloomy, try to keep the publicize blowing DOWN your hair alternatively of up. This will help to cut down on frizz and fly-a-way. Practice makes perfective !
Blow Drying Blow Drying Round Brushes Round Brushes
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so nowadays your hair’s-breadth is all dry, and gorgeous I am certain. You can either leave it how it is, just put a little hair spray and walk out the door ; you can use the Flat Iron to straighten, or Curling Iron/Wand. so many options ! The products you use next will depend on what you want your finished look to be.

Iron Shape 11 – If you want to Flat-Iron or Curl, make certain you use a product that will protect your hair from the heat. I would hate for you to come in for your seance with little electrocute ends ! This is a bang-up product because it is lightweight and habit leave your hair’s-breadth crunchy, it has good halt though, and it smells good ( the scent is just as authoritative ( : ) I spray it over my head then flip top down and spray the bottom, besides spray a short in-between the exceed and bottom. You don ’ t need a batch, if you spray besides much your haircloth will get wet, that ’ s not what you want ! If you know your hair doesn ’ t hold coil well, but that ’ s the look you want for your photos use something with more style delay, like Hot Sets 22. once you curl your haircloth, while it ’ mho hush warm, run your fingers through it. This will make indisputable your curls and delicate and crunchy !
Iron Shape 11 Iron Shape 11
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I told you I love products. There is one for everything ! These final 3 are ones you can use to set everything and keep it looking well on your means hera !
Wax Blast 10 – I love this one, and it smells sol dear. Just use a little bite to give your haircloth some texture and volume.
You can spray it in and then mess your hair up, or spray it and smooth it down. It ’ s a actually versatile product !
Wax Blast 10 Wax Blast 10
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Quick Dry 18 – This is a authoritative hairspray. I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine recommend anything stronger than this for your photos. Why ? Great question, you want you hair to move with you in the photograph ! Don ’ thyroxine spray so much hairspray that your hair stays completely still ! We equitable want to tame the fly-a-ways !
Quick Dry 18 Quick Dry 18
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Shine Flash – If you know your hair international relations and security network ’ metric ton naturally glistening, this product will be your best acquaintance. I believe it smells citrusy, who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate love that ? Just use a fiddling at the very end ! You ’ ll love it !

Shine Flash Shine Flash
Most importantly, with hair and constitution, just be dependable to you ! That is what we want to photograph !

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